YouTubers paid up to $30,000 for “false and misleading” Xbox One promotion

Machinima paid YouTubers tens of thousands of dollars to promote the Xbox One launch positively without declaring their work was the result of an advertising deal.

Machinima headlines

  • Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist video is a 54 second teaser

    Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist has a teaser trailer available and you can watch all 54 seconds of it below. Assassin’s Fist will debut in its entirety on the Machinima network. The release date is listed as “coming soon”.

  • Xbox One: paid Machinima videos to be labelled as adverts, says Microsoft

    Microsoft has confirmed that it asked Machinima to label its paid Xbox One video content as adverts, after it was revealed that YouTubers would only be paid a higher rate for saying nice things about Xbox One in their videos.

  • Xbox One YouTube paid promotion "typical", Xbox team "does not review" content - Microsoft

    Microsoft and Machinima have responded to concerns over a paid Xbox One promotion that came to light yesterday, describing it as nothing out of the ordinary and denying any skullduggery.

  • Xbox One promotion offers financial return for positive coverage only - report

    YouTubers are abuzz today over a paid promotion permitting no negative coverage of Xbox One, Xbox One games, or host Machinima.

  • Xbox One launch media partners confirmed, see the list of apps here

    Xbox One will launch in the UK, Europe, North America and other regions with a slew of media partners and third-party apps coming between November 22 and Spring 2014. Microsoft has just revealed the full list of services and brands coming your way in the first wave. See it here.

  • Machinima expands to UK with localised video content

    Machinima has expanded its game video empire to the UK. The company has revealed plans to create localised content for the UK and deliver a new schedule of programming for the country.

  • Valve opens voting for 2012 Saxxy Awards

    Celebrate the best in Valve-inspired Machinima with the second annual Saxxy Awards, this year given a significant boost by the recent release of the Source Filmmaker. Log into Steam to view and vote on this year’s entrants; you start with a queue of 12, and voting works in a similar way to Steam Greenlight, with […]

  • Gaikai announces content deal with Machinima

    Gaikai’s announced it will host content on the service from YouTube games channel Machinima.

  • Machinima raising $30 million with help from Google

    YouTube network Machinima is set to raise $30 million in its latest round of funding thanks to help from Google, AllThingsD is reporting, with its value now set to be around $190 million. Both Google and Machinima have refused to comment on the story.

  • Dynamic Mutators featured in latest video for Nexuiz

    THQ and Machinima have released a new video for Nexuiz, showing just a few of over the 100 Dynamic Mutators or power-ups featured in the game, which can change the way you play. Developed by Denver-based IllFonic and powered by CryENGINE 3, the game fast-paced arena FPS will be released as part of Microsoft’s House […]

  • Machinima highest-viewed YouTube channel in 2011

    YouTube’s announced that Machinima was the highest-viewed channel on its website this year. The company provides machinima videos as its speciality – naturally – but also publishes video news wraps and trailers. It also hosts the Inside Gaming Awards, held the evening before Spike’s Video Game Awards. The second biggest channel besides Machinima was IGN‘s. […]

  • Epic 20-minute Halo fan film made in-game

    If you’ve got twenty minutes to burn and you’re a Halo fan, then you could do a whole lot worse than spending it with this Halo machinima. The voice acting can get a little spotty in place, but for a fan film with presumably zero budget this is a fantastic work. Full video after the […]