Lucas Pope

Papers, Please makes others wait in line at IGF Awards

Lucas Pope’s paper-pushing piece, Papers, Please, picked up several wins at tonight’s Independent Games Festival Awards, including the Grand Prize.


Lucas Pope headlines

  • Papers, Please has sold over 500,000 copies

    Papers, Please has sold over 500,000 copies, the BBC notes in a profile piece on creator Lucas Hope. The lauded border control sim won a BAFTA Award in the strategy and simulation category this week. We spoke to Pope in the aftermath, with the former Naughty Dog staffer expressing mild terror at meeting fan expectations […]

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    Lucas Pope discusses his career, from Quake mods to Naughty Dog, the success of Papers, Please and why there won’t be a sequel.

  • Papers, Please creator wants to do PS Vita version

    Papers, Please creator Lucas Pope has said he wants to see the game come to PlayStation Vita, but is in two minds over who should make the handheld version of the game.