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Second Life: Linden Lab CEO departs company

Second Life developer Linden Lab has lost its CEO Rod Humble after the parting ways with the firm.


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  • Linden Lab CEO Rod Humble announces departure in order to start a new company

    Linden Lab CEO Rod Humble has announced on Facebook he’s leaving the Second Life company after joining the firm in 2011. Humble said in the post he was “starting up a company to make Art, Entertainment and unusual things,” and that more would be revealed in a few weeks. Before joining Linden Lab, Humble was […]

  • Second Life developer offers Desura distribution to IndieCade finalists

    Second Life developer Linden Lab has teamed up with LA festival IndieCade to offer a special publication and distribution deal. All eligible finalists – nominees and winners alike – will be offered publication through Desura. The prize is only available to Linux, mac and PC games, unfortunately, but those who manage it won’t have to […]

  • Second Life developer Linden Lab has purchased digital distribution service Desura

    Second Life developer Linden Lab has purchased digital distribution service Desura. Linden Lab CEO Rod Humble said the acquisition, the terms of which were not disclosed, is a “great fit” for the company and will provide it with a “global platform for serving creative developers of all kinds.” The firm plans to invest in and […]

  • Second Life at ten: a decade of expression - part two

    Second Life just turned ten. VG247′s Dave Cook continues his discussion with some long-time residents about what happens when residents die in real-life, and the the divide between a person’s Second Life and reality.

  • Second Life at ten: a decade of expression - part one

    Second Life turned ten this month. VG247′s Dave Cook explores the legacy and misconceptions of Linden Lab’s virtual world, and asks long-time residents why they’ve lived there so long.

  • Linden Lab has four games releasing within the next month

    Second Life developer Linden Lab has announced four games will be released within the next month.

  • Second Life and Linden Lab may be getting its second wind

    Think Second Life is dead? Think Linden Lab can’t score another hit? Not if their new CEO has anything to say about it.

  • Linden Lab buys LittleTextPeople

    Linden Lab has announced its acquired experimental game studio LittleTextPeople, set up by ex-Maxis vet Richard Evans and writer Emily Short. The buy is the first since ex-Sims boss Rod Humble took over as CEO of the Second Life company, which plans to launch new standalone products at some point this year. Thanks, Gamasutra.

  • Second Life expands to 1.5 billion square metres

    Linden Lab has announced that Second Life has now passed the 1.5 billion square metre mark, having grown 44 percent in the second quarter of this year alone. Said the company, “Our growth was due to the popularity of our newly launched Openspace land product along with a change in pricing to make the purchase […]


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