Leslie Benzies

The GTA 5 producer just bought a church

Grand Theft Auto 5 producer Leslie Benzies has bought a church in Rockstar North’s home of Edinburgh, Scotland.

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  • Rockstar's Houser Bros. and Benzies inducted into AIAS hall of fame

    Rockstar Games continues to dominate the world with its Grand Theft Auto property, and the immovable object the Houser brothers have constructed over the past 16 years is being recognized by the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences. The Academy will induct founders Dan and Sam Houser and Rockstar president Leslie Benzies into its hall […]

  • GTA 5: Rockstar's level of perfection not seen or understood in the majority of the industry - Benzies

    Grand Theft Auto 5’s pre-release polish helped bring the game to a level of perfection rarely seen or understood by the majority of the games industry, Rockstar North boss Leslie Benzies has suggested.

  • GTA Online detailed, has over 500 missions, ideas for it in the works since GTA 3

    Grand Theft Auto Online details have been posted in the October issue of Game Informer magazine via a six page hands-on preview.

  • GTA 5 multiplayer to redefine open world games, Rockstar teases

    Grand Theft Auto 5’s multiplayer is said to do for open world games what 2001’s GTA 3 did for single player, according to Rockstar North head Leslie Benzies.

  • Take-Two signs GTA talent up to 2012

    Take-Two’s resigned Rockstar’s big bosses into contracts lasting to 2012, with the new agreements involving elements of profit-sharing. Sam Houser, Dan Houser and Leslie Benzies have all inked the new deal. Unsurprisingly, the publisher has also agreed to fund future GTA games. “The entire Rockstar team has always been dedicated to making groundbreaking games with […]

  • GTA IV may have cost $100 million to make

    According to this Times interview with Rockstar North president Leslie Benzies, GTA IV may be the most expensive game production of all time. “It’s like making a theatre production, a few movies and an album all to fit into one package,” he says. He hasn’t a clue how much GTA IV has cost to make […]

  • Rockstar North boss puts anti-GTA sentiment down to "fear factor"

    Rockstar North president Leslie Benzies has pinned the media furore over violent videogames in recent years on a simple resistance to social progress. “There is a big fear factor here. It’s the coming of the railways, it’s Elvis shaking his hips. It’s cars going over 25 miles per hour and making people explode,” he said, […]