Atomic Indie Bundle includes Section 8, Tropico Trilogy, Dino D-Day, more for $5

Bundle Stars has launched the Atomic Indie Bundle which comes with 12 standalone PC games for just $5.


Legendary headlines

  • Get Burnout Paradise Legendary cars from Big Surf Island - here's how

    If you were undecided on whether or not to shell out for Burnout Paradise’s Legendary car DLC a way back, you’ll be pleased to know you can unlock Toy versions from Big Surf Island. You just have to do stuff. Like hit all 45 island billboards. Stuff like that. Full details on Joystiq.

  • Legendary release dates announced as Atari confirms schedule

    Atari has just issued its release schedule revealing that the Spark Unlimited shooter, Legendary will release on Xbox 360 on October 31. PS3 and PC dates are simply listed as “November”. Other titles on the release list are: What’s Cooking: Jamie Oliver – October 24th Tamagotchi Connexion: Cornershop 3 – November Neverwinter Nights 2: Storm […]