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  • Ready at Dawn dishes storyline, mechanics on GoW: Ghost of Sparta

    God of War: Ghost of Sparta’s creative director Ru Weerasuriya and game director Dana Jan have sat down and explained a bit about what to expect in the game. When released later in the year, it looks like you’re going to see another side to Kratos than just the brutality.

  • God of War III bests God of War II launch by 32%

    NPD’s Anita Frazier revealed her industry analysis for March 2010 that God of War III has bested the launch of it’s predecessor, God of War II, by 32 percent.

  • GOW3's "zipped up" too tight for certain types of DLC, says Asmussen

    Stig Asmussen has revealed to D’toid that as far as DLC with God of War III’s concerned, there is really not much the team at Santa Monica could do in terms of content since the game’s “zipped up so tight”.

  • Sony and Jaffe prevail in God of War lawsuit

    Back in 2008, a couple filed suit against Sony and David Jaffe, claiming that God of War was a blatant rip-off of their screenplay – which saw Athens attacked by Spartans and the gods of Mount Olympus trying to restore peace. Well, a California federal judge has decided that there was no copyright infringement involved […]

  • GoW III producer: "Don't do anything just to be controversial"

    Steve Caterson, senior producer at Sony Santa Monica, has told Gamasutra that the violence in God of War III was all part of Kratos’character and the storyline, and had nothing to do with being sensationalist or controversial just for the sake of it.

  • God of War games to get Move support only if it's not "hokey"

    Sony has said in the past that some of the games already present in the PS3 catalog will get PS Move support. Will this include the God of War games? Only if it’s not a “hokey” thing to do, says design director Todd Papy.

  • God of War III DLC and more Kratos a "possibility" says Sony

    The God of War team is talking about DLC right now, or at least the possibility of it – but don’t expect to be seeing it next week, Spartans.

  • God of War III soundtrack now available for $1.99

    Remember last week when AOL Radio gave you a taste of the metaltastic God of War III inspired tracks that are included with the game’s premium edition? Well, today, Sony has announced the release of the Blood & Metal EP and to kick things off, the US PS Blog has posted the video to Trivium’s […]

  • Listen to metalriffic songs from the God of War III Ultimate Edition

    In the mood for a bit of metal? Sure you are! You’re always in the mood for some, and now you can hear some that is God of War III related.

  • ESRB describes God of War III and its sex mini-game

    Those who thought that God of War III would not contain another sex mini-game have probably never played a title starring Kratos in their life. That’s okay though – the ESRB has a lovely description of the latest one for you, and all the sexy details are posted below the break.

  • GoW artist: Kratos was almost a "little elf character"

    Lead environmental artist for the first God of War game, Ken Feldman, has revealed that the first design concept for Kratos had him depicted as this “little elf character”. Thank Hades that didn’t happen.

  • God of War III pre-orders net a 17 x 24 poster signed by Andy Park

    GameStop has announced that customers who pre-order God of War III in-store will receive an exclusive 17 x 24 poster signed by Andy Park, Concept Artist for God of War III.

  • God of War III gets 9 in world-first review in OPM UK

    OPM UK has given God of War III a nine in the game’s first ever review in its latest issue hitting subs now.

  • 7-Eleven to give away God of War III goodies with Slurpees

    As if you didn’t already have an excuse to walk into 7-Eleven and get a Slurpee or a Big Gulp, Sony and the convenient store are teaming up in the US to give gamers a better reason than just a sugar rush – God of War III codes for armor, dynamic themes, and more.

  • Things don't go so well for minions in new God of War III video

    Want to see Kratos slash a bunch of evil minions with his Blades of Chaos? Sure you do, and thanks to Gamespot you can. On passed the break, there is a new video featuring just such a thing. It’s lovely, delicious and brutal. Come on March 2010. Hurry the hell up.

  • Sony will announce a UK God of War 3 demo "in due course"

    Sony has confirmed that the God of War 3 demo included with the Blu-ray release of District 9 is for US only. “That’s for the US only,” a Sony spokesperson told StrategyInformer. “We’ll announce our plans for the [UK] GOW 3 demo in due course.” Looks like you’ll have to wait a bit longer, UK. […]

  • Trophies for God of War Collection listed, game's golden

    The God of War Collection for PS3 has gone gold, folks, and to celebrate – Sony has listed all the Trophies you can acquire in the games. This extensive list is a bit big to be posted here, so head on over to the US PS Blog to check it out. If you have never […]

  • God of War III: Third batch of fankit goodies land on the net

    Those looking forward to God of War III can get a bit of a fix while they wait, thanks to another fankit landing on the official site. In it you will find a cyclops render, artwork, a series of high-res screens, etc. One can never get enough Kratos, in our opinion at least. Get yours […]

  • God of War inspired cutlery arriving in October

    We knew about the novels, and the comics, but it looks like you can soon own your very own God of War inspired cutlery. Hitting in October, United Cutlery’s Blades of Chaos will create a scaled replica of Kratos Blades of Chaos. The weapon will be a total of 20-13/16 inches long and have a […]

  • Report: Ending in God of War movie differs from the game

    Looks as though an entertainment reporter got some hands on time with the God of War movie script, and after reading it came to the conclusion that it’s like “Clash of the Titans on steroids and methamphetamines”. Oh yeah, and the ending differs from the game. Apparently, instead of taking over as “god of war” […]


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