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  • Konami reports increased earnings due to social games sector

    Konami has released its financial results for the first half of its fiscal year, and the firm reported double yoy profits thanks to social game sales tripling. Compared to the same period last year, sales were up 6.3% to ¥123.1 million ($1.5 billion), with net income up 173.4% to ¥11.5 million ($146.5 million).

  • OPM UK teasing Metal Gear Solid related reveal for next month

    This month’s issue of Official PlayStation Magazine UK is carrying a teaser page which hints at a Metal Gear Solid related announcement for next month.

  • Awesome MGS and Zone of the Enders figures debut at TGS

    TGS is about more than just the best upcoming video games. It’s also about semi-useless-yet-totally-awesome gaming paraphernalia.

  • New Suikoden announced for PSP

    Konami made a surprise announcement at a Tokyo Game Show stage event for tri-Ace’s Frontier Gate by disclosing that a new entry in the Suikoden RPG series titled Genso Suikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki is in development for the PSP.

  • Silent Hill Downpour director says they're doing fine without composer Yamaoka

    Silent Hill fans were worried when the latest project lost its long-time, greatly respected composer Akira Yamaoka, but the game’s design director says that they’re getting along just fine without him.

  • Konami reveals Teammate system for PES 2012

    Konami’s revealed the Teammate Control system for Pro Evolution Soccer 2012, which will allow users to move two on-field players at once.

  • E3 2011: PES 2012 gets first gameplay trailer

    Konami’s released the first gameplay trailer for Pro Evolution Soccer 2012.

  • Friday Shorts: Kevin Butler returns, some mental poisoned frog game announced

    The pre-E3 triple A madness has begun, but don’t let that stop you from catching up on the smaller news stories. News or no news: there is no try.

  • Konami releases monster 11-minute Castlevania trailer

    Still trying to make up your mind about Castlevania: Lords of Shadow? Watch this. Then cancel your pre-order, because you’ll have just watched the entire game.

  • It's possible to beat MGS: Rising without killing anyone, says producer

    When your goal is to be the second most invisible person in the fictional world (number one goes to the Invisible Woman for, well, obvious reasons), it’s actually not all that difficult to avoid sullying your hands by snapping some necks. But when you’re a one-man army/watermelon-dicing machine, being discrete about who you do and […]

  • Konami rides strong sales of Peace Walker, PES 2010 to Q1 profit jump

    Step 1: A handheld Metal Gear game that doesn’t somehow involve card games or evil puppets. Step 2: Anything even tangentially related to football during World Cup season. Step 3: A creepy Japanese girlfriend simulator. Step 4: Question marks – many of them related to Japan’s societal well-being. Step 5: Profit.

  • Metalocalypse: Dethgame officially declared dead

    Fictional metal band/world superpower Deathklok has climbed the highest mountains and descended the darkest depths of the sea, all to deliver its headbang-friendly, amp-blasting brand of music to every corner of the earth. But there’s one place so metal that you won’t even find Deathklok’s spike-encrusted boot-print there: Xbox Live Arcade.

  • Konami E3 2010 Press Conference - What we're doing

    Pat and Nathan are buried under a pile of interviews somewhere in Los Angeles, so we will not be bringing you a live blog from the Komani event this evening.

  • Ninety Nine Nights 2 gets official NA release date

    Does the idea of beating up earth’s entire population five times over in the span of five minutes have your money practically leaping out of your wallet and into a nearby cash register? Would you like nothing more than to do so while wearing a impractically tiny chainmail bikini? Well then, you kind of scare […]

  • Castlevania: Lords of Shadow to be mainstream-friendly, says Konami

    Much as we enjoy games like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, we have to admit that the concept of pale, feminine-looking male spooks duking it out is a bit esoteric. (OH WAIT.) So this time around, Konami’s decided to cast its net a bit wider.

  • Solid Snake's voice actor explains what happened to Metal Gear movie

    Featuring a gruff, macho main character, over-the-top action, sabotage, and more twists than a bag of Twizzlers, all Metal Gear needs is a few blue people and it’s pure Hollywood gold. So, what’s the deal? Why hasn’t Hideo Kojima’s stealth-action odyssey infiltrated movie theaters yet? While guest-blogging over at MTV’s Movies Blog, Solid Snake voice […]

  • Rumor: Six-player co-op Castlevania coming to XBLA

    Dracula can scarcely stave off one Belmont at a time, so we can’t imagine he’s too pleased that six members of vampire-slayin’-est family around will soon be banging down his doors. There are going to be so many broken wine glasses. But enough intro; have at this post!

  • Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker suffers UK delay

    You know what’d be really great? If this was an April Fools joke. It isn’t.

  • Climax voices interest in developing another Silent Hill

    Climax, developer of the out-in-America, en-route-to-UK survival-horror remake Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, isn’t done popping out and shouting “Boo!” at gamers just yet. Speaking with ONM, the developer said that it’s more than willing to take another crack at the spectacularly spooky series.

  • Kojima wouldn't mind if a "foreign developer" remade the original Metal Gear

    Not the original Metal Gear Solid, mind you. That sort of already happened. No – Kojima’s all for a remake of Metal Gear’s humble, comparatively cutscene-free beginnings. One teensy problem, though: Kojima’s booked solid for – oh – the rest of his life at the moment. “It doesn’t have to be me who makes it,” […]

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