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  • MGS: Peace Walker playable at TGS

    Metal Gear games – which count fat men on rollerskates, ancient wheelchair-bound snipers, and immortal vampires among their standout features – have never exactly been “normal.” However, Peace Walker’s even got Metal Gear devotees doing double-takes, so you’ll be happy to hear that Peace Walker will be publicly playable at TGS. According to Kotaku, you’ll […]

  • Rumor: Konami working on exclusive “new title” for Xbox 360

    Metal Gear Solid composer Norihiko Hibino’s website has revealed a new Konami title for the Xbox 360. The site lists the game under 2009 projects, and has it as a Japan release only so far: Bayonetta is listed as a PS3 only title on the site, when it clearly isn’t, so an Xbox exclusive is […]

  • Kojima Productions: What would you do for a new Zone of the Enders?

    Would you comment on a recent Metal Gear Solid Integral Podcast? Because, unless the sometimes maddeningly crafty tricksters over at Kojima Productions are yanking our chains, your input might just be enough to save the cult-favorite mech series from rusting away in the scrap heap. “How many people really want Zone of the Enders a […]

  • Konami picks up Saw where Brash left off

    Looks like everyone’s favorite psycho, Jigsaw, is back from the videogame graveyard thanks to a quick rescue by Konami, says Variety. A Konami deal with Lionsgate Films will see the Saw game released this fall when Saw 6 comes out in theaters, reports the site. The title was seemingly destined for death when Brash when […]

  • Kojima has three “concepts” for MGS5, doesn’t want them to see light of day

    In an interview with 1UP, Big Boss’ papa Hideo Kojima expressed his great hope to finally be free from the MGS series; and then proceeded to sigh his way through a few details on – you guessed it – MGS5. “I have three concepts for MGS5 already,” he said. “What would be ideal for me […]

  • Konami sees good profit off small revenue rise in third quarter

    Konami’s issued third quarter financials in Japan, showing a 3.4 percent revenue increase to 95,987 million yen (£459 million) and a profit rise of 22.7 percent to 11,622 million yen (£56 million) for the three months ending December 31. “Sports games played the most significant role in Konami’s third-quarter performance, with the publisher calling out […]

  • Silent Hill V scans show new screens

    Looking good. Some scans from the latest issue of UK mag GamesTM can be found here, showing decent quality images of the as yet undated Silent Hill V. There’s actually quite a bit of visual stuff on the scans, showing seven screens as opposed to the two official shots released so far. Via N4G.

  • Silent Hill Origins for PS2 in May

    Konami’s to release a PS2 version of Silent Hill Origins following “enormous success” as a PSP title, says this press release. The horror game is a prequel to all the other Silent Hill titles, following “trouble truck driver” Travis Grady as he blunders into torture town and can’t find his way out again. Apparently the […]

  • 32 pages of Castlevania screenplay leaked

    Kotaku’s got its hands on the first 32 pages of the Castlevania movie screenplay, and has kindly posted them on the internet. The film was in production but put on hold due to the US writer strike in December.

  • MGS collection rumoured for PS2

    So says this. If teh internets are to be believed, an Asian version is slated for March 18 release for $29.99 and will contain all previous MGS titles, including the Substance and Substinence versions of the latter two. No confirmation – or otherwise – from Konami as yet, but we’ll let you know when there […]

  • Terrible Metal Gear Online video unearthed

    It’s only the quality that’s bad. The game looks cool, as you’ll see if you squint your way through the video below. Metal Gear Online’s a bit of an unknown quanity at the moment, with only a handful of shots and videos released since the title was announced last July. This new movie shows a […]