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  • Sony: Arrogance from recent years “has now gone”

    Remember “RIIIIIIDGE Racer!” and “$599“? Those arrogant days are over, according to SCEA VP of Marketing, Peter Dille.

  • Watch Kevin Butler’s Move video from the future

    Sony’s VP of Everything, Kevin Butler, has a new video up on YouTube chatting about Move, which was fully revealed at GDC last week. It’s below the break, and makes you smile at least – maybe it also gives you a reason to buy it even if you already own a Wii. We have no […]

  • US GoW III TV ad is very ignorant

    We’re being ignored, children. Kevin Butler just wants to play God of War III.

  • Sony goes for comedy in US PS3 Slim ads

    IndustryGamers has posted up some stills from an imminent SCEA PS3 Slim campaign, featuring “Kevin Butler, Director of Rumor Confirmation”. Not quite an upside-down bleeding pig wrapped in Sellotape as directed by Charlie Chaplin, but there we are. Hit the link.