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  • Just Cause 2 review embargo lifts, we round 'em up

    The review embargo for Just Cause 2 has lifted and the results are starting to trickle-in. General consensus? Rather good.

  • Just Cause 2 gets a new video, demo coming soon

    A new video for Just Cause 2 has been released by Square and Eidos. Posted below the break courtesy of GameTrailers, the movie shows you some nice male bonding over an arm-flexing man-shake reminiscent of the Predator film. Oh, yeah – there’s loads of shooting too. Eidos tweeted earlier that there’s a demo for the […]

  • Just Cause: The Movie - why not?

    Parachuting, shooting, and parachute-shooting? Sounds like it’d make a decent popcorn flick to us. Adrian Askarieh thinks so too, which is why he recently acquired the rights for a Just Cause movie. “Hitman was a very successful movie for Fox, and I wanted to find a similar project in terms of its genre, international appeal […]

  • Lifetime Tomb Raider, Kane & Lynch, Deus Ex and Hitman sales revealed

    More from Square’s “let’s take over Eidos” presentation has been posted up on GameFront, showing lifetime sales for all of Eidos’s “big” franchises. Ever wonder why you get endless Hitman games? Want to see just how big Lara was back in the day? Hit the link. Thanks, GoNintendo.

  • GameTap adds more Grimm, Just Cause is free until March 26

    American McGee’s Grimm Volume 3 is starting to wind down, what with only two episodes left after this week’s offering of Sleeping Beauty. In Grimm’s sordid version of the fairy tale, a socially awkward witch puts a kingdom to sleep for 100 years. This promises to be the longest episode yet. Also, Just Cause has […]

  • Eidos gets legal over Just Cause 3 domain

    According to this MaxConsole post, Eidos has sent one of the site’s readers a legal letter trying to force him to sell his ownership of JustCause3.com. We’re just checking this now.

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