Microsoft says popular Xbox 360 title Blue Dragon will become backwards compatible on Xbox One

It’s about time Xbox One players were introduced to Shu, Kluke, Jiro and the others.

JRPG headlines

  • What new project could Square Enix be working on?

    It appears that Square Enix is currently hard at work on a brand new title that isn’t a new Final Fantasy adventure, remake of a current game, or anything familiar for that matter. Kotaku has brought a recent supposed Famitsu article link to our attention (via CS Blog) in which Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda […]

  • Tales of Zestiria will get a western launch by summer 2015

    The localisation of the latest Tales JRPG could be the fastest yet.

  • XSeed announces Wizard of Oz JRPG

    Four party members? Magic footwear? Flying monkey creatures? Why didn’t the Wizard of Oz get turned into a JRPG sooner? Well, at least XSeed and D3 Publisher have teamed up to finally realize author L. Frank Baum’s true vision. Titled The Wizard of Oz: Beyond the Yellow Brick Road, the game’s a fairly straightforward JRPG […]

  • Microsoft to hold "Xbox 360 RPG Premiere 2008" on Tuesday

    According to this IGN Blog post, Microsoft is holding what it calls the “Xbox 360 RPG Premiere 2008” in Japan on Tuesday. The “RPG Title Announcement Media Event” will take place between 4-5:15pm Japanese time, or 8-9:15pm BST. The announcements – yes, plural – are for Japanese eyes only but as we all know, “you […]