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  • Planetside Next delayed, dev team possible expanded

    Planetside Next will see a delayed release, but benefit from increased investment – contrary to current trends at Sony Online Entertainment.

  • Free Realms PS3 delayed by technical difficulties

    Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley has explainhed why free-to-play MMORPG Free Realms has only just arrived on the PlayStation Network.

  • Smedley: DC Universe Online is SOE’s “fastest selling game ever”

    SOE president John Smedley has said on Twitter that DC Universe Online is the company’s “fastest selling game ever”.

  • Smedley outlines monthly DCUO content updates, promises “absolutely” no charge

    Following confirmation last year that DC Universe Online would receive monthly content updates, SOE boss John Smedley has promised new raids, “graphics” and more.

  • Rumor: Planetside reboot to be revealed in March

    SOE’s John Smedley has added more fuel to the Planetside reboot fire today, thanks to recent comments he made regarding the MMOFPS.

  • Report – The Agency releasing in second-half 2011

    SOE will release action MMO The Agency in the second-half of next year, according to Kotaku.

  • SOE considering a “Cataclysm ” of its own for EverQuest II

    John Smedley, president of Sony Online Entertainment, has said the developers of EverQuest II have been considering a a game-wide reset for the game for quite some time now.

  • Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures logs one million players during week one

    Sony Online Entertainment and LucasArts announced today Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures has registered one million users just one week after the free-to-play MMO’s launch on September 15.

  • SOE reveals working MMO title EverQuest Next at Fan Faire

    SOE has announced details – although scant – on its new MMO in development at its annual Fan Faire event in Las Vegas.

  • SOE: The Agency playable “within weeks”

    Waiting a long time for SOE MMO The Agency? If new comments from president John Smedley are to be believed, your pain is almost done.

  • Free Realms passes 8 million sign-ups

    SOE MMO Free Realms is entering scary-large territory, with more than 8 million users now signed up.

  • Planetside Next is only internal name for next Planetside

    The “REALLY MASSIVE” [sic] Planetside follow-up SOE’s John Smedley was rabbiting on about this morning probably isn’t called Planetside Next, according to Massively. “We spoke to SOE and confirmed that this is an internal working title, not the official one, so we may be hearing about a new title in the future,” said the site. […]

  • Free Realms to hit PS3 during middle of 2010, likely to have Eye support

    During the Q&A session following John Smedley’s keynote at GDC Austin, the SOE president informed attendees that Free Realms should land on PS3 sometime during the middle of 2010 and may also support the PS Eye. “It’s next year sometime, toward the middle of the year,” he said. “For the PlayStation 3 version, it’s very […]

  • Free Realms officially hits the 5 million users mark

    Free Realms has officially hit the five million users mark, according to SOE’s John Smedley. Speaking during GDC Austin, Smedley revealed the number during his keynote. The free-to-play MMO has been live since April 28, and back in July Smedley told Gamasutra that the game was close to the five million account mark then. Looks […]

  • SOE says cancellation rumors for The Agency are rubbish

    SOE president John Smedley has told Joystiq that rumors regarding the cancellation of its PS3/PC MMO action game, The Agency, are pretty much just that – rumors. “We’re not going to release it until it’s right, said Smedley, “but there’s this rumor going around that we’re going to cancel it — that’s ridiculous. “We’re going […]

  • SOE prez John Smedley to keynote GDC Austin

    Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley will be delivering a keynote at GDC Austin. The event starts September 15 in Texas and runs through the eighteenth. More than likely Smedley will be talking up Free Realms and the millions of players it has accumulated since launching on April 28. Other keynoters include Blizzard’s J. Allen […]

  • Free Realms hits close to the 5 million registered mark

    Sony Online’s Free Realms has close to 5 million registered players and the game has only been live since April 28, according to SOE president John Smedley, During it’s first ten days, the game hit 1 million subscribers and has steadily grown by leaps and bounds each week. Smedley attributed the popularity and success of […]

  • GDC: DC Universe Online and The Agency pushed to 2010

    Oh dear. SOE’s John Smedley’s told a GDC lecture this morning that DC Universe Online will now release in 2010. The PS3 and PC MMO was originally intended to hit this year. Worse, SOE’s other big-name MMO, The Agency, has also been pushed back into next year. Not so great. Thanks, Joystiq.

  • All SOE MMOs to appear on consoles from now on

    Speaking to MTV, Sony Online Entertainment boss John Smedley has confirmed that all SOE MMOs will appear on consoles from this point on. “Yes,” he said, when asked if this were the case. The firm’s next biggies, DC Universe Online, has been confirmed for PS3 from the off. Smedley said recently that SOE was looking […]

  • SOE considering MMOs on PSP

    Sony Online Entertainment boss John Smedley has told MTV that the publisher’s considering PSP as an MMO platform. “I think PSP is something that we’re definitely looking at; 34 million [sold] worldwide really opens your eyes, and they’re all connected,” he said. “We started to get very interested in [the PSP] when we switched over […]

  • Console MMOs to have “massive advantage over PC” says SOE boss

    Speaking here, Sony online entertainment president John Smedley said that consoles are the perfect platform on which to release MMOs. “I think by having a stable platform where every customer has an online capable box is a huge, huge potential advantage in building an MMO because you’ve already got an online userbase,” he said. “It’s […]

  • SOE boss to keynote ION, will discuss The Agency

    John Smedley, Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) president, will keynote Seattle Game Conference ION on May 13. According to this, he’ll be talking about SOE’s dealing in the MMO market – the company publishes EverQuest II – and the development of anticipated online spy title, The Agency. “John Smedley and SOE have had an indelible impact […]