Nintendo launches ‘recommended software’ 3DS XL promotion in Japan

Nintendo of Japan has launched a new promotion that packages in a ‘recommended’ game download when customers buy a new 3DS XL. The first recommended titles are Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Level 5’s Yo-kai Watch.

Japan headlines

  • Playstation 4 to launch in Japan on February 22nd 2014: games, details here

    The Playstation 4 is set to launch next year in Japan, signalling a shift in Sony’s regional priorities. Sony announced that the delay compared to the western release was to ensure that western titles were all localised prior to the console’s release.

  • Japanese PS3 Super Slim advert knows where you live

    Sony has taken a novel approach to promoting its Super Slim PS3 in Japan. Wait a minute. That’s just a normal advert right? Wrong!

  • Dragon Quest X sells 420,000 copies in first week

    Dragon Quest X, the first MMO entry to the popular RPG series has shifted 420,00 copies in its first week on sale in Japan, Famitsu reports.

  • Assassin's Creed III confirmed for Japan

    Ubisoft have formally announced Assassin’s Creed III for Japan, confirming that a localized version of the title will arrive in the country some time this year.

  • Kojima argues that Japan is acting locally instead of thinking globally

    A lot has been said recently about the impending doom facing the Japanese game industry. Now, Hideo Kojima has weighed in on the matter.

  • Vita not sold out in Japan, some users report problems

    Vague sales reports are coming in from the front lines of Vita’s Japanese launch, and while apparently things are going fairly well, they’re not going quite as well as Sony could have hoped. The Vita has not sold out according to Japanese retailers, but memory cards have.

  • Uncharted: Golden Abyss most anticipated Vita title according to Famitsu readers

    According to a poll conducted by Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, Uncharted: Golden Abyss is the most anticipated PS Vita game.

  • Itagaki chalks up Japanese game dev woes to lack of action, "social skills"

    If there are two things former Team Ninja head Tomonobu Itagaki knows, they’re action and talking. And hey, it just so happens that he thinks most Japanese developers are miserable at both.

  • PlayStation Store officially returns in Japan

    Our incredibly large Japanese reader base will be thrilled to hear that their magical portal to the PlayStation Store has finally re-opened.

  • Xbox 360 sells just 6,000 units in Japan

    The Xbox 360’s troubles in Japan are obviously still continuing as Microsoft managed to sell just 6,000 units in all of Japan from May 16 to June 12.

  • The Last Story gets Wii Bundle and Special Edition

    Nintendo’s announced a special Wii bundle and limited edition for The Last Story in Japan.

  • Inafune tears into Japanese game dev business, calls it a "communist state"

    Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune may have gotten the hell out of Capcom so fast that his office chair’s still spinning, but that doesn’t mean there’s not time for one last parting jab. Actually, make that six or seven parting jabs. And then maybe a baseball bat to the face.

  • Nintendo pegs Metroid: The Other M for for "summer 2010" release in Japan

    What are your plans for the summer? Road trip? A little R&R at the beach? Some time with the family? Well, your plans pale in comparison to Samus’. She’s going to hunt aliens. In Japan.

  • Nintendo DSi LL sells more than 100,000 units in first two days

    Apparently, a whole mess of people thought bigger screens and a fatter stylus were just the tweaks the DSi needed in order to attain portable perfection. Case in point: Japan. After a mere two days, the DSi LL has already done its uber-popular family of handhelds proud by selling 103,524 units, according to Enterbrain’s estimates. […]

  • Dragon Quest IX sales climb to 3.2 million

    Dragon Quest selling well in Japan? Naaaah. But somehow, that’s just what it’s doing. According to Famitsu (via andriasang), the latest installment in the ultra popular franchise continues its rampage around Japan, surely giving Godzilla a gray hair or two in the process. The game has, as of July 26, sold a total of 3,217,502 […]

  • Nintendo pays biggest summer bonuses in Japan

    The hot summer sun isn’t the only thing that’s making people sweat at the moment, what with the burning question of how to handle the economy on everyone’s minds. Fortunately, Nintendo still seems to be in good financial spirits, seeing as how it recently handed out the biggest summer bonuses in all of Japan. Japanese […]

  • Japanese game sales see 24% drop in first half of 2009

    Game sales in Japan are currently in a freefall, it would seem — with a 24.4 percent year-on-year drop in hardware and software sales since the beginning of 2009, according to GI.biz. More specifically, hardware sales have fallen right off Mt. Fuji, losing 27.6 percent compared to 2008, while software sales have taken a 21.8 […]

  • GTA: Chinatown Wars trying its luck in Japan

    After sales unbefitting of a GTA game in both Europe and North America, GTA: Chinatown Wars is taking its cel-shaded, dual-screened brand of automobile thievery to Japan. Cyberfront’s publishing, but hasn’t announced a release date yet. Here’s hoping the game’s plight fills Japan’s gaming population with sorrow, giving rise to a new influx of sales. […]

  • Nintendo teases internet with Metroid Prime content

    Earlier today Nintendo launched a new Japanese site for Metroid Prime, featuring a peek at two Wiimakes and Metroid Prime Corruption. At the bottom of the page there is some text stating “Another Side Story coming soon” and, “The Metroid Prime history followed from the perspective of a space pirate”. IGN thinks that the new […]

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