Full release of Prison Architect to occur in 2015

Prison Architect, which first surfaced in 2011, will finally be released at some point this year.


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  • Full release of Prison Architect to occur in 2015

    Prison Architect, which first surfaced in 2011, will finally be released at some point this year.

  • Prison Architect passes 250,000 players, hits $8 million in revenue

    Prison Architect developer Introversion’s paid-alpha model seems to have worked a treat. It’s only gone and made them $8 million across some 250,000 players.

  • Introversion Humble Weekly Sale includes plenty of goodies

    The latest Humble Weekly Sale is from Prison Architect developer Introversion. No, Prison Architect isn’t in it – but buy in early to get a discount on the popular alpha.

  • Prison Architect alpha 10 adds Steam Workshop & Linux support

    Prison Architect developer Introversion has launched the game’s 10th alpha build, bringing Linux and Steam Workshop support into the fold, as well as violent riots.

  • Introversion, Obsidian Entertainment, Red Thread Games sessions added to Rezzed

    Introversion, Obsidian Entertainment and Red Thread Games sessions have been announced for Rezzed as part of the preliminary schedule for the event.

  • Steam page now offers paid-Alphas, Introversion says such sales are “way forward” for indies

    Steam now developers to sell Alpha access through the system, such as with Arma 3.

  • Prison Architect Alpha 5 version now available

    Introversion has announced the availability of Alpha version 5 for Prison Architect. The build includes new features such as staff-only zones prisoners are not allowed to enter, and emergency service callout which includes firemen, and improvements have been made to the foundations tool. The firm said the tool improvements are now “much more intuitive and […]

  • Prison Architect reaches Alpha version 3

    Developer Introversion has announced that Alpha version 3 of its prison simulator, Prison Architect, is now available.

  • Prison Architect interview: putting the triple-A market on trial

    Prison Architect is the grim new sim title from indie studio Introversion. VG247′s Dave Cook speaks with the dev about death row, shanking and the poor treatment of indies in the console market today.

  • Introversion launch paid alpha version of Prison Architect

    Would you exchange cash for the chance to play an alpha version of Prison Architect? Introversion wants to know, and is tempting players with early access to its intriguing title.

  • First Prison Architect trailer released

    Darwinia developer Introversion has given a first look at its next project, Prison Architect.

  • Humble Introversion Bundle reaches $500,000 in sales, new game added

    A wild rogue-like appears in the Humble Introversion Bundle as a bonus for pulling in half a million dollars.

  • Humble Introversion Bundle on sale now

    The latest Humble Indie Bundle packs in four award-winning games along with two bonuses for those who beat the average price.

  • Indie city heist sim Subversion shelved

    Subversion, the game once touted as Darwinia developer Introversion’s magnum opus, has been put on hold – indefinitely.

  • Thursday shorts – part deux: Christian videogame explosion, Yakuza 4 locations, PS Twitter

    As if one Thursday shorts post wasn’t enough for you, we now offer you the sequel. Read on about Left Behind games and Sony offering customer service through Twitter.

  • Friday shorts, part 1: Fruit Ninja acquiring “next big thing” status, John Romero’s still hardcore, much more

    If we tried to write up all the little stories, all we’d do is write all day. What?

  • Steam stopped us going bust, says Introversion

    If ever one needed proof Steam was a good portal for independent developers, Introversion, of Defcon and Darwinia fame, is it: the company has credited the digital distribution service as actually saving the company.

  • Intoversion: Chronometer, Defcon DS, Multiwinia were all “failures”

    Introversion’s Chris Delay has written up an account of the company’s “truly terrible” 2008 in the firm’s blog, claiming that everything he worked on last year was a “failure”. “It’s hard for me to look back, because I see Subversion on hold so much of the time, and I see my major time sinks (Chronometer, […]

  • DEFCON for DS in Q3

    Introversion just announced a DS SKU of DEFCON, which is a pleasant thing to happen on a Monday morning. It’s out in the third quarter. “With the DSi flying off the shelves recently, we believe that there will be particular interest in a finished DS product with such a great track record, especially as the […]

  • Introversion gives in-depth look at how Microsoft approves games

    Defcon developer Introversion’s posted up what looks to be a highly-detailed run through of how Microsoft greenlights XBLA games. Darwinia+ is the subject, obviously, a title that apparently had “unprecedented approval” from the platform holder. From Offworld, via Kotaku.

  • Multiwinia gets new demo, Steam special offer

    Introversion’s released a new demo for Multiwinia and announced a special offer for the game on Steam this weekend. Buy before tomorrow and your $10 purchase will include the original Darwinia for free. And why the new demo? The first one didn’t include any multiplayer options, apparently. Go to the official site for the download.

  • XBLA games have to run on a 14″ TV

    According to this CVG story, all XBLA games must run on a 14″ TV. “Microsoft has extremely strict technical certification requirements that you have to get right. One of the biggest challenges is that your game has got to be playable on a 14-inch CRT television,” said Introversion boss Mark Morris, currently working on the […]

  • Multiwinia pre-orders go live

    Introversion sent word this afternoon that its site is now taking pre-orders for Multwinia: Survival of the Flattest. “There will be a three-tiered pre-order menu; digital download, digital download plus boxed unit, or customers will be able to treat themselves and purchase our limited edition special pack presented in a beautiful custom-made Darwinian tin,” said […]

  • Multiwinia to be amBX-ified

    Philips announced this afternoon that Multiwinia is to be amBX-enabled, meaning the multiplayer strategy follow-up with flash and fan along with all amBX kit. “Our agreement with Introversion builds on a hugely successful relationship between amBX and Introversion through DEFCON and Darwinia,” said amBX marketing boss Jo Cooke. “amBX will produce an exhilarating gaming experience […]

  • Multiwinia site goes live

    Introversion’s put the official Multiwinia site live. There are links there for both a demo and video of the multiplayer RTS, but neither are in place yet, unfortunately. There are some pretty screens, though, and that’s all you can hope for. Go see.

  • Introversion working on Channel 4 game

    According to this IGN report, Darwinia developer Introversion is currently working on a game project with Channel 4. Apparently the title’s called Chronometer and has been confirmed as real by Introversion. We’re just waiting for comment now.

  • New Multiwinia shots show flat explosions

    Introversion sent over some new shots of upcoming RTS Multiwinia, and very nice it’s looking too. The game’s an update to the much-loved Darwinia, which saw little computer men fighting for survival against virus types. We’ve just got a preview build of this, so we’ll knock up some impressions and new shots this week. No […]

  • RPS goes hands-on with Multiwinia, shots included

    Nice, genyoowine exclusive here for the RPS massive, with Gillen getting a good go on Introversion’s Multiwinia. There are plenty of screens included, and a heap of detail on a bot-match on the Holy Tree map. This pretty much sums it up: “I’m dominating the left of the battlefield, and there’s plenty of computer-guy-corpses to […]

  • Multiwinia testing begins

    According to Introversion’s forums, Multiwinia testing is starting now. “Finally after years of development we are finally in a position to start the testing of Multiwinia,” said a staffer. “This is a massive achivement for us and we’re really looking forward to finding out what the rest of the world thinks of our next game.” […]

  • Multiwinia beta sign-up open now

    And here it is. Apparently beta testers are being accepted in batches of 50. The multiplayer version of Introversion’s strategy oddity Darwinia will be ready for release this summer.