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  • Save the last humans: Resogun and its neon afterglow

    Housemarque has created an essential arcade shooter in PS4’s Resogun. Patrick Garratt is having a terrible, brilliant time.

  • Resogun and Knack trailers tout North American launch on PS4

    Resogun and Knack are both available for PS4 today in North America and below the break we have three videos for you: the launch trailer for Knack, and action trailer for Resogun, and an accolades trailer for the Housemarque shooter as well. You can catch up on review scores for both games here and here.

  • Resogun PS4 reviews begin, get all the scores here

    Resogun PS4 reviews have started ahead of the console’s launch this Friday, November 15. As ever we’re collecting all of the scores here for your convenience.

  • Prepare for lift-off: Resogun shoots to save PlayStation 4’s launch

    PS4’s first must-have digital release is Resogun, a new schmup following in the footsteps of Super Stardust. Dave Owen has stars in his eyes as he chats with developer Housemarque.

  • Resogun PS4 uses Sony's GPU to offload the visual grunt work, CPU mostly focused on gameplay

    Resogun PS4 developer Housemarque has discussed the shooter’s technical nature, and has confirmed that it offloads much of the visual calculations to the console’s GPU, leaving the CPU free to focus on handling gameplay.

  • Resogun videos explore the worlds and explosions of Housemarque's latest

    New footage for Resogun has been released by Housemarque along with a video taking you behind-the-scenes with its development. According to the developer, Resogun was constructed from “gazillions” of voxels which was challenging to how “difficult and time consuming” it was to build intricate structures with them. The team also discusses how many, many things […]

  • Resogun EG Expo 2013 livestream: Housemarque to present its PS4 launch title at 3pm UK

    Resogun is the “spiritual sequel” to the Super Stardust games, and today during the Eurogamer Expo, developer Housemarque takes to the stage to present its PS4 launch title. Watch it below come 3pm UK.

  • Dead Nation sequel teased by Housemarque in latest video

    Housemarque is teasing a PS4 successor to its zombie shooter Dead Nation. “You may be looking for a another zombie shooter from Housemarque,” said studio boss Mikael Haveri in the video below. “But the next one is not going to have zombies in it. But it’s going to have a lot of cool things, like […]

  • Housemarque releasing Resogun on PS4

    Super Stardust team Housemarque is bringing its new shooter Resogun to PS4.

  • Super Stardust dev to make a PS4 announce at gamescom

    Housemarque will have PlayStation 4-related news to share at gamescom this month.

  • "Only a handful" of downloadable games broke 1 million sales, says Stardust dev

    The glorious variety afforded by smaller downloadable titles on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live may be under threat; the creator of the excellent Super Stardust HD has said that there’re simply not enough consumers to support the rising costs of development and lower price points.

  • Super Stardust spiritual successor in development for PS4

    Housemarque has announced a spiritual successor to Super Stardust is in development for PS4. The firm said the console enables it to “do things that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.” According to a post on the studio’s official website, the architecture of PS4 will allow the developers “to create incredible visuals with direct impact on the […]

  • EA Partners founder launches mobile funding initiative

    Industry veteran Tom Frisina has poured $40 million into a new publishing initiative called Tilting Point. The company aims to publish the best mobile developers, with the whopping initial investment intended to last just three years; it will provide development funds, marketing and consultancy with industry partners like EEDAR. Frisina has some serious chops, having […]

  • Housemarque issues Superman, Dead Nation 2 and Walking Dead statement

    Last week we reported on concept art that surfaced for Dead Nation 2, and tie-ins for The Walking Dead and Superman, rumoured to be in development at Housemarque. The studio has now issued a statement confirming development of the games and quashing rumours.

  • Housemarque: Dead Nation 2, Superman and Walking Dead concept art appears

    Dead Nation developer Housemarque may be working on Dead Nation 2, as well as tie-ins for Superman and The Walking Dead. Concept art for all three titles has appear on artist Amar Djouad’s personal site.

  • Super Stardust HD and DLC on sale for €5

    As you may have noticed in this week’s US PlayStation Store update, Super Stardust HD and all its DLC are on sale. Although the European update didn’t mention it, the PS Blog assures us it applies to other territories, too – and all because the game just turned five. Oh bless, it’s old enough to […]

  • Quick shots - Angry Birds Trilogy shots show close ups of Rio monkeys

    Activision has released a set of screenshots for the Housemarque-developed Angry Birds Trilogy. Have a look below. Angry Birds Trilogy will be available in Q4 on Kinect for Xbox 360, PlayStation3 with Move capability and Nintendo 3DS. The collection will include Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio. The game will run you […]

  • Arcade expansion pack available now for Dead Nation: Road of Devastation

    Housemarque has announced a game mode for Dead Nation: Road of Devastation called Arcade, which tasks the player with surviving the longest against ever increasing odds. Players can choose their difficulty level, checkpoints will revive you, and completing the mode with different difficulty levels will also unlock new Road of Devastation concept art. The content […]

  • Housemarque confirms, teases new projects in the works

    Finnish developer Housemarque has confirmed it’s working on several new projects, as well as posting images of teams working away on said new titles on its blog. The studio released Super Stardust Delta for PS Vita and Furmins for iOS earlier this year.

  • Scandimania: Adventures in Finnish games, part two

    The second part of our tour of the Finnish games industry, in which Patrick Garratt sees Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, travels from Helsinki to Tampere and tries to navigate a blizzard using a game on an ancient Nokia phone.

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