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  • Modern Warfare 2 launch – Invites arrive for London shindig, only include 360 logo

    Our invitation for the November 9 London Modern Warfare 2 launch turned up yesterday. See pictures of the invite and wrist band after the break. There’s going to be a Leicester Square cinema screening following by a midnight opening at HMV Trocadero, which starts at 9.00pm. The invite includes the words “camouflage carpet” three times. […]

  • Pre-order Tekken 6 in the UK, get hats, lapel pins

    Admit it. You’ve always wanted a Tekken hat. Fortune smiles on you this morning, then, thanks to the announcement of Tekken 6′s pre-order bonuses for the UK. For the early fight adopters in the audience, Game has special collector cards (PS3, 360); HMV has t-shirts (PS3, 360); has lapel pins (PS3, 360); Blockbuster has […]

  • HMV sales up 12.5% for the past 18 weeks

    HMV has revealed that UK and Ireland sales were up by 12.5 percent and like-for-like up 1.7 percent, for the 18 weeks leading up to August 29 with sales up 4.4 percent across the whole group. “In a tough consumer environment, the Group has made a solid start to the new financial year,” said CEO […]

  • Play lists DJ Hero at £90, Game and GameStation stuck at £110’s now listing DJ Hero at £90, a significant climb-down from initial pre-order levels of £108. HMV’s still punting the game for £100, while GameStation’s got it up for an amazing £110. So has Game. Still no word at all on the Renegade Edition‘s pricing.

  • Modern Warfare 2 NVG pack to cost £120

    HMV’s priced the Modern Warfare 2 Prestige edition at £120. Yep: this is the one with the night vision goggles. It’s out on November 10. Why would you not want it?

  • HMV reports sales of £1.95 billion for end of fiscal year

    HMV has reported sales of £1.95 billion for fiscal year ending April 25, with profits up £63 million. Escalating profits were attributed to its Re/Play branding, and Gamerbase concessions in the Trocadero, with more pay-to-play locations planned for the next fiscal cycle. “At the end of the second year of our three-year transformation plan the […]

  • GameOn! London delayed to November

    HMV-sponsored GameOn! London has been postponed to November 14-15. The show was originally planned to run this weekend. The event has been moved so it can be “bigger and better,” explained a HMV spokesperson, and will now be held at the London Earls Court Arena, a far bigger venue than the originally intended Olympia National […]

  • HMV and UK eSports date Game On! London

    HMV today announced that the gaming expo and eSports event Game On! London will be held at the Olympia Exhibition Centre June 20-21. It’s expected to draw more than 25,000 attendees. “Game On! London represents a superb opportunity to create a memorable landmark event that will enable us to get even closer to the game-playing […]

  • HMV has already recieved loads of DSi pre-orders

    The senior games buyer for HMV says the chain has received “substantial pre-orders” in-store and online for DSi, and expects more over the weekend. “We’re all really excited about what we can do with this product in store and are working closely with Nintendo on some great launch day plans”, Toby Burton told “The […]

  • Lich King claims prize for biggest launch event in UK

    Of all the World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King launch events in the UK, we’re pretty sure we picked the right one. According to a report by Eurogamer, the midnight launch at HMV’s Oxford Street location was the most jam-packed ever seen – smashing the UK’s previous record of 1,500, held coincidentally by […]

  • HMV enters pre-owned market, Re/Play launches in UK and Ireland

    HMV has announced that as of Friday 24 October trade-in service, Re/Play is launching meaning you will be able to trade in your games for credit for anything the store has to offer, writes MCV. “Re/Play will launch in 160 stores across the UK and Ireland, including regional flagships in London’s Oxford Street, Birmingham, Manchester, […]

  • HMV to open multiplayer gaming centres across UK

    HMV has acquired multiplayer gaming outfit Gamerbase, with plans to expand its in-store gaming concept across the UK. Gamerbase has been running as a concession in HMVs Trocadero store in London’s Piccadilly Circus since late last year. “Where we roll them out, we’ll be looking to locate the Gamerbase centres next to our games departments […]

  • Zavvi: Games may beat DVD within a year

    Speaking to MCV, Zavvi CEO Simon Douglas has said that games my lead DVD in terms of sales in as little as a year. “DVD still leads the way but games are catching up quickly,” he said. “It is possible that games will eclipse DVD in a year, although if Blu-Ray progresses as the industry […]

  • Games may overtake CD music sales at HMV

    Speaking to the Sun, HMV CEO Simon Fox has said that games may overtake CD sales in the coming years. “Within the next 12 to 18 months, it’s possible games will be bigger than music for us,” he said. “Music is in our DNA and we are totally committed to it. But the fact is, […]

  • Will Wright appearing in Oxford Street tomorrow for fan Q&A

    Will Wright’s going to be on hand to answer fan questions and HMV’s Oxford Street store tomorrow, if you fancy popping along to worry the poor old sod. The event, rather obviously, is in honour of Spore’s launch this week. Details: Event will be wristbanded to 200 fans. Fans can pick up free wristbands at […]

  • HMV to offer VAT-free games in-store

    According to this GI report, quoting British news paper the Guardian, HMV is to start selling VAT-free games on the UK high street. The retailer already sells VAT-titles on its online store, as does Both companies exploit a legal loophole to do so, that allows VAT exemption for products under £18 that are imported […]

  • VG247 Bourne HMV special edition competition winners announced!

    You lucky, lucky people. Thanks to everyone that took the time to enter our splendid The Bourne Conspiracy competition. The following posters get a copy of the game, a limited edition CD and DVD with Paul Oakenfold music on it, and a t-shirt. Do not say we never do anything for you. SplatteredHouse (PS3 version) […]

  • HMV to sell pre-owned games soon

    Sorry, missed this earlier. In HMV’s financial results today, the company confirmed it’s to start selling pre-owned games soon. “We continued to enhance our credibility with customers and suppliers in the fast-growing games console and software market, and are planning to launch a pre-played games offer in 2008/09,” said the firm in a statement. So […]

  • Games and tech accounts for 21% of HMV’s overall business

    HMV’s fiscal 2008 results have shown that games and technology now accounts for 21 percent of all revenue for the retailer. The figure is up from 14 percent in the previous year, which saw total revenue hit £1.87 billion, up 11 percent from last year’s £1.68 billion. More on MCV.

  • Win Bourne HMV special edition on PS3, 360, t-shirts, THE RESPECT OF YOUR FRIENDS

    Sierra’s very kindly stumped up six copies of the HMV special edition of The Bourne Conspiracy, each with a t-shirt, to give away to VG247 readers in celebration of the fact the High Moon Studios game is out today. This edition includes a extra CD and DVD of Paul Oakenfold music, so it’s well definitive. […]

  • Pics from Hideo Kojima London signing posted

    PS3F’s posted shots from today’s Kojima signing in London, showing why 8/10 scores don’t mean a fig to this bunch of people. The site got an MGS Collection signed by Kojima, artist Yoji Shinkawa and “Beauty and the Beast model Yumi Kikuchi”. No idea why she was there, but one in the hand’s worth two […]

  • Konami: London Kojima signing “very well attended,” world tour detailed

    Metal Gear boss Hideo Kojima appeared at HMV in Oxford Street today, alongside long-time Snake art-man Yoji Shinkawa, to sign stuff for fans, and a Konami UK rep told us the event was “very well attended”. We’re getting pictures tomorrow morning, apparently. The London signing was the first step in a global promo tour to […]

  • Rumour: HMV to announce Rock Band discounts today

    We’ve been told that HMV will announce a decent Rock Band discount in the UK today, putting the game and instrument kit on sale well below the RRP and offering free MS Points to those willing to take the plunge. Accoding to our tipster, Rock Band will be on sale as a bundle of the […]

  • Buy Ninja Gaiden II at HMV, get 1,000 MS Points

    HMV’s announced another of its Microsoft Point deals, giving away 1,000 of them if you pre-order Ninja Gaiden II on its website. The Tecmo action game releases for 360 on June 6. Buy it. You may as well. Update: Or you could get it from, buy yourself 1,000 MS Points and save money over […]

  • More UK GTA IV stock “in time for the weekend,” says HMV and Toys R Us

    Speaking to videogaming247 this morning, HMV and Toys R Us have both confirmed that more GTA IV stock is expected at retailers throughout the UK today. From what we can gather, the game is largely sold out nationwide, following a huge first day on the British market. “It should be in time for the weekend, […]

  • GTA IV: PS3 outselling 360 3:1 at UK’s Asda

    According to this MCV piece, Asda’s seeing the PS3 version of GTA IV being pre-ordered three times to every one 360 copy. “Both titles have generated great interest on the Asda website, with strong pre-orders, and the PS3 version is selling three times that of 360, which is surprising and not in line with what […]