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  • Retailers list Hitman: Absolution for September release

    Various UK retailers are hosting place holders Hitman: Absolution, pegging it for September release – although one retailer doesn’t agree on the date. Zavi and HotUKDeals have all three versions landing on September 17, which is a Monday, while ShopTo has September 24 down as a place holder – which is also a Monday. Square […]

  • Agent 47's the culplrit behind a deadly "prank" in these Hitman: Absolution screens

    Square and IO have sent over two new screenshots for Hitman: Absolution. You’ll be familiar with one of these, as it was posted yesterday in the latest edition of the game’s Hope Times newspaper. Game’s out sometime this year on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. We really wish Square would announce a release date for […]

  • Agent 47 could be the cause of this "reckless prank" in Hitman: Absolution

    Square has released a new issue of the Hope Times, and this time, the virtual newspaper is reporting how a “reckless prank” has resulted in the death of one of the town’s inhabitants. Could Agent 47 have had anything to do with it? It looks that way. Have a look below. Hitman: Absolution is out […]

  • New Hitman: Absolution shots once again set in Hope, South Dakota

    It’s Friday, and Square has released a new set of Hitman: Absolution screenshots along with a new issue of  Hope News times. Looks like the news is full of barbecue goings on and increased train traffic. Wondering what all of this has to do with Agent 47? Join the club. Game’s out sometime this year.

  • Hitman: Absolution - Agent 47 slips unnoticed into Hope, South Dakota

    IO Interactive has sent over a Hitman: Absolution tease which reveals the first edition of Hope News times, the local newspaper for Hope, South Dakota.

  • Hitman: Absolution video shows Agent 47 taking down criminal scum

    Square’s released a video for Hitman: Absolution which finds Agent 47 at a Rosewood Orphanage in Chicago overrun with criminals. Having just killed his handler, Diana Burnwood, he is at the orphanage to fulfill her dying wish – she needed him to find someone for her. It just so happens that the criminals are looking […]

  • Square Enix is throwing a massive Steam sale

    Square Enix has apparently gone a bit bonkers, as it’s throwing a ridiculous Steam sale. Basically, you can buy any Square Enix or Eidos Interactive game at 50% off, or you can grab the Hit Collection of all the best ones at 76% off. To prepare for the upcoming release of Hitman: Absolution, you can […]

  • This video takes you behind-the-scenes of the Hitman: Absolution London event

    Gamespot has posted a behind-the-scenes video of the Hitman: Absolution press event at the Sanctum Soho Hotel in London. It’s below. In it, the developers chat about getting the event ready, what it hoped to accomplish with it, it’s aspirations for how the game would be received by those attending, and just how much hard […]

  • Hitman: Absolution videos dig into Agent 47's "handler" Diana Burnwood

    Square Enix has released two new videos for Hitman: Absolution which are part of the “The International Contract Agency Files” video series for the game which introduces its main cast. The first video focuses on Diana Burnwood, who is the “long-time handler” of Agent 47 and the video is also dotted with bits of art […]

  • Square launches 'Barcode Society' Hitman community

    Square Enix has today announced the launch of a new Hitman community portal, known as the Barcode Society. The website will provide the latest news on the franchise, as well as a behind-the-scenes glimpse to those working on the series, insight looks behind the development of AAA games and “cool assets, exclusive competitions and other […]

  • Square Enix trademarks Hitman Sniper Challenge

    Square Enix Europe has trademarked something called Hitman Sniper Challenge, a filing discovered by Siliconera has shown. This is the second such trademark registration in weeks following the discovery of Hitman Profession, leading speculation that particular name was linked to the Hitman title being made as Square Enix Montreal’s debut title. Square also has IO’s […]

  • Hitman: Absolution sends 47 on stealth-action flip-flop

    Previews for IO Interactive’s Hitman: Absolution have started popping up online, and it looks as though players will be able to choose to be the classic, stealthy Agent 47 or a more gun-happy man in a suit.

  • Hitman: Absolution video shows Agent 47 in hospital shoot-out

    IO Interactive released a new Hitman: Absolution trailer during the VGAs pre-show, featuring Agent 47 going into a hospital with guns a’ blazing. You can watch all the carnage for yourself below. Hitman is due in 2012 on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

  • Hitman: Absolution has stealthy "hardcore" mode

    Hitman: Absolution producer Hakan Abrak has said the game will feature a hardcore difficulty mode for fans of the series, and and it’s a stealth-based mode.

  • "An open world game needs to feel alive," says Hitman devs

    Hitman: Absolution’s game director Tore Blystad and gameplay director Christian Eleverdam, have said that when it comes to an open world game, the atmosphere and non-playable characters need to “feel alive.”

  • Hitman: Absolution preview describes instincts and player choice

    Hitman: Absolution was on display at E3, and GameFront got some hands-on time with the title, and has described Agent 47′s new Instinct ability as an “umbrella” feature, that provides the player an “idea of the way a highly trained super-assassin sees the world.”

  • Hitman: Absolution most expensive Danish game ever, loads of gameplay footage shown

    The Danish National News did a feature on IO Interactive this evening, more specifically, on Hitman 5, and how it is the most expensive Danish game in history.

  • Hitman: Absolution to be "more accessible" to the masses, still for the core

    Io Interactive has said it plans to make Hitman: Absolution more accessible to a wider audience while remaining true to the core.

  • Square Enix announces Hitman Absolution with teaser

    Square Enix just announced and released the first teaser trailer for Hitman Absolution. Watch it below.

  • IO Interactive promising "incoming shrapnel" for next week

    IO Interactive’s said that next week will be a big one for fans of the studio.

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