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  • Tribes: Ascend GoTY single purchase option releases this week

    Hi-Rez Studios has announced its single-purchase Game of the Year Edition for Tribes: Ascend will be released on February 15. Along with all the content noted yesterday, it also comes with weapon and perk DLC from all previous expansions as well as a new weapon called the Shocklance. The upcoming patch will also include six […]

  • Tribes: Ascend Single Purchase option to be made available with next update

    Tribes: Ascend will have a Single Purchase option available, Hi-Rez Studios has announced. The one-time purchase comes with all weapon unlock, along with perks and classes minus the extra cosmetic items. The Single Purchase option will be rolled out with Friday’s scheduled update, which will also introduce new maps. A price was not provided for […]

  • Smite - MOBA from Hi-Rez goes into open beta

    Smite, the upcoming free-to-play online game from Hi-Rez Studios, has gone into open beta. In order to participate, all you have to do is register and download the client. Everything you accomplish in the open beta will be carried over into the core game when it launches in March. Have at it.

  • Tribes: Ascend dev cuts XP cost of unlocks by 50%

    Tribes: Ascend developer Hi-Rez Studios has responded to suggestions from its community that the shooter would be more fun if the XP store’s unlocks weren’t so expensive. The studio has now slashed XP unlock prices by 50% to speed things up a little. Now, if only Marks & Spencers could do the same with its […]

  • Smite video shows gods battling each other to MANOWAR metal

    Smite, the upcoming free-to-play online game from Hi-Rez Studios has a new video available featuring god vs. god gameplay footage – and it’s full of metal. MANOWAR metal to be exact.

  • Tribes: Ascend released in Germany alongside Marksman content update

    Tribes: Ascend has been released in Germany, Hi-Rez Studios has announced. The free-to-play multiplayer shooter includes a translated game client – excluding voice-overs – and German-speaking community support. Further localizations of the game are scheduled for the latter half of the year.

  • Tribes: Ascend is now available on Steam

    Hi-Rez Studios has announced Tribes: Ascend is now available on Steam. The updated version of the game includes the new Stonehenge capture the flag mode, and the team deathmatch map. There’s also a first-person spectator mode for the community as well. The game is also being localized to support German, Russian and Brazilian Portuguese, and […]

  • Tribes: Ascend "Stonehenge" update 6 adds maps and more

    Catch up on what’s new in the latest Tribes: Ascend update in the trailer through the break.

  • Tribes: Ascend Accelerate update to speed unlocks

    Accelerate – the fifth major patch for free-to-play shooter Tribes: Ascend – adds 27 new weapon variants, two new Capture and Hold maps, “significant balance adjustments” and seriously faster unlocks. But why read my boring, boring words when you can look on a trailer detailing the changes to a chorus of explosions and jetpacks?

  • Tribes: Ascend has 800K users, no console plans

    Free-to-play shooter Tribes: Ascend is generating serious buzz, as an impressive early player base shows.

  • Players killed 153 million times during Tribes: Ascend beta

    Hi-Rez Studios has released an infographic detailing some pretty impressive Tribes: Ascend statistics complied during the shooter’s beta. Looking over the graphic, it states more than 153 million kills were pulled off, with over 9 million resulting in revenge from other players. Close to 3 million flags were captured and over 8 million players manages […]

  • Tribes: Ascend has over 800,000 registered accounts

    Tribes: Ascend has over 800,000 registered accounts, Hi-Rez Studios COO Todd Harris told Gamasutra.The free-to-play shooter just received a new update called Raid & Pillage which added new items, weapons and skins.  The game available to play for free now.

  • Tribes: Ascend Raid & Pillage update drops tomorrow

    Free to play shooter Tribes: Ascend is drawing quite a lot of buzz; check out the three new weapons dropping in tomorrow’s update and see if you’re not tempted.

  • Tribes: Ascend now available for download

    Hi-Rez Studios has announced the release of Tribes: Ascend, its sci-fi multiplayer shooter for PC. The game is now available for digital download and the release build includes nine playable classes, five game-modes, and 16 maps. Recent additions include the CTF map Raindance, as well as a new game-mode called Capture and Hold. The Release […]

  • Tribes Ascend trailer shows off upcoming stealth update

    Check out the new gadgets and goodies in the upcoming Cloak & Dagger update for free to play shooter Tribes Ascend.

  • New map and servers added for Tribes: Ascend open beta

    Hi-Rez Studios has updated the open beta for its free-to-play fast-action multiplayer shooter Tribes: Ascend.

  • Tribes: Ascend to release on April 12, new movie hits

    Hi-Rez has confirmed that Tribes: Ascend will release on April 12.

  • Tribes Ascend update includes new map, introduces badges

    A new update for the Tribes Ascend beta has launched, introducing a new badges system for the game. Badges will be rewarded whenever you hit certain milestones in it. A new multiplayer map, Outskirts, has also been introduced alongside two new perks: rage and sonic punch. Get the rest of the details here.

  • Hi-Rez: Tribes Universe on hold, priority for now is Ascend

    Hi-Rez Studios has indicated that MMO Tribes Universe is on hold, noting the main focus for the IP right now is shooter Ascend.

  • Tribes: Ascend to enter beta November 4

    The free-to-play rejigging of a classic shooter IP, Tribes: Ascend goes into beta next month.

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