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  • Halo Wars release date and demo solidified

    By far the most popular piece of news to emerge from last night’s CES 09 Microsoft Keynote was that Ensemble’s 360 exclusive RTS, Halo Wars, will be released on February 28 with a demo scheduled to hit Live on on the 5th of the same month. Microsoft told the world last year that the US […]

  • Halo Wars - 46 new screens

    On CVG. Expect a promotional blitz on the Ensemble RTS in the coming weeks: it’s due for release on February 27.

  • Microsoft confirms Halo Wars release dates

    Microsoft’s confirmed RTS Halo Wars for release on February 27 in Europe and March 3 in the US. Apparently, if you pre-order, you can get some flame decals for your Warthog, which is as good a reason as any to do so, we reckon. This will be Esemble’s last title as Microsoft intends to close […]

  • Get Microsoft to ask Ensemble things about Halo Wars

    Gamerscoreblog’s asking for reader questions on Ensemble’s Halo Wars, so if there’s an issue burning a hole in your mind about the 360 RTS, now’s your time to pour water on it. Or something. There’s no news, OK? Thanks, X3F.

  • Yet more from Halo Wars preview events

    Just making sure you don’t miss the rest of the stuff from last week’s Halo Wars preview events in the US and Europe, following yesterday’s cavalcade. Hands on (IGN) Graeme Devine video interview (Gamespot, after the break) Graeme Devine interview (Kikizo) Halo Wars DLC already done (CVG) Game’s out next February.

  • Halo Wars: Hands ons, new screens, interviews, disbelief at Ensemble closure

    An embargo lifted on Halo Wars preview coverage this afternoon, unleashing a ton of new previews and interviews on the Ensemble 360 RTS. And here they are. New shots and art (IGN) “Even Ensemble Doesn’t Understand Their Closure” (Blue, via Shack) Ensemble: Microsoft made a mistake (D-Pad) Ensemble will have a successor (Videogamer) Hands on […]

  • Halo Wars to hit in February, CE to include Mythic map pack

    Microsoft’s confirmed that Halo Wars is to release in February. The Collector’s Edition will include the Halo 3 Mythic map pack, featuring three maps, a badge to sew on you knapsack and some other stuff you probably shouldn’t care about. More on Joystiq.

  • New Halo Wars trailer shows proper gameplay

    Well, lookie here. Ensemble 360 RTS Halo Wars is seen playable in proper direct-feed footage after the break, showing base-building, unit selection and some of your heavier weapons in action against the Covenant, such as carpet bombing and a freeze bomb thing. It does look cool, no question. There’s a bit of video right at […]

  • Halo Wars and voice comms wouldn't be a good mix, says EndWar boss

    Voice controls wouldn’t work with Ensemble RTS Halo Wars, EndWar boss Michael de Plater has told VG247, as it’s too complex a game. “I don’t even know that voice command would even be a very good solution for that style of game because the complexity of what you have to do is so much higher, […]

  • Ensemble would have survived if Microsoft had confidence in PC sales, says de Plater

    Ubisoft Shanghai creative director Michael de Plater has said he believes Microsoft would have kept Ensemble Studios running if the firm has real confidence in PC games sales. “I think it’s terrible, really a shame that Ensemble’s been shut,” he told VG247. “It’s really a bit of a shock… It just speaks of the problems […]

  • TGS: Halo Wars off-screen gameplay videoalised

    IGN’s posted up three off-screen videos of Halo Wars being played at Tokyo Game Show today. You should watch them. They’re good quality and show the RTS’s controls as well as plenty of gameplay. A few new shots here for you as well. Out in the first quarter of next year.

  • Ensemble shows Halo Wars' back-story

    GTTV’s published a back-story trailer to RTS Halo Wars, showing some snowy goings on in the up-run to Ensemble’s swansong. Some phenomenal CGI, there, as you’d expect. Game’s out in the first quarter. After the break.

  • First Halo Wars footage releases this Saturday

    GameTrailers TV is to show the first proper in-game footage on Saturday morning, at 1am EST. Apparently there’s going to be an interview with the Ensemble chaps about the fact the sudio’s going to be shut down after the game ships, so there’s two reasons to watch it. More on X3F.

  • Ensemble closure won't stop Halo Wars "kicking ass," says Devine

    Halo Wars writer Graeme Devine has told MTV that Ensemble’s closure won’t effect Halo Wars’ quality. Just so you know. “We will finish Halo Wars and it continues to be a kick ass game,” he said. “The reaction at PAX was something else to see, it was the first time I’d seen a fan response […]

  • Microsoft to close Ensemble after Halo Wars' completion

    Update: There a copy of an email sent round to MGS staff this morning from Phil Spencer here. Microsoft has confirmed it is to close Age of Empires developer Ensemble Studios following the completion of Halo Wars. Shacknews originally broke the story as a rumour, but Microsoft released a statement confirming the move overnight. And […]

  • Halo Wars box-shot and new screens released

    Leipzig’s the show that keeps on giving. Microsoft’s put out the pack-shot and a few new screens of Ensemble’s Halo Wars, as you can see on Joystiq, in celebration that Games Convention happened last week. That’s it. Get strategising. In space. Game’s out early next year.

  • Bungie "very excited" about Halo Wars

    Bungie told Eurogamer at Develop today that Ensemble 360 RTS Halo Wars is coming on well, thank you very much. “Everything we’ve seen has been very, very encouraging – we’re very excited about it. And of course, [Halo Wars is] also getting right the basics, the general roles – even fictionally,” said Bungie AI man […]

  • IGN goes hands-on with Halo Wars

    IGN – or “” as it’s now known – has posted up hands-on impressions of Halo Wars, the first to do so as far as we know. Snip: Take the level we played through. It’s a Forerunner-inspired battlefield with the UNSC camped in one corner of the map and the Covenant hiding in the other. […]

  • Halo Wars slips to 09, new screenshots and video released

    1UP is reporting that Halo Wars has slipped until the first half of 2009, which is a shame. However, X3F has got some rather tart looking screenshots of the game and here’s a link to a brand new trailer. We were looking forward to that, too. Oh well. By Mike Bowden

  • New Halo Wars trailer shows five years of hell

    After the break. Ensemble RTS Halo Wars was a complete no-show in the Microsoft E3 press conference last night, so hopefully we’ll get to see more from the showfloor later today. This trailer’s CG-only.


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  • Microsoft’s E3 press release: all the games in one place

    Microsoft has put out a press release detailing all the game we can look forward to this year and next. You saw most of them this evening but there are a couple that didn’t make it. After the drop, if you please. By Mike Bowden

  • New Halo Wars screens and art released

    On X3F. The Ensemble RTS will almost certainly make an appearance in the Microsoft conference tonight, so whet your appetite with this lot.

  • Halo Wars looks “a hell of a lot better” than it did last year

    Speaking to 1UP, Ensemble lead designer Dave Pottinger has made no bones about the fact that the Halo RTS we’re going to see at E3 next week has had a major visual boost compared to the movie shown off last year. “I think it would look a hell of a lot better,” he said when […]

  • “Several” Halo Wars demo stations at E3, says Ensemble

    Ensemble’s said today that Halo Wars will have “several” demo stations at E3, which is a good thing. We think. This hopefully means it’s playable. The studio’s been flaky on whether or not the game will be in proper action at the show in the past few weeks, so this is a the sign we’ve […]

  • Four new Halo Wars shots released

    On GamersHell. All of sudden this looks much better, and it looked good before, so that’s double good. Do want. It’s being shown at E3, out next year. Take a look.

  • The UNSC Firebase and Warthog shown in Halo Wars

    As this X3F story reports, Ensembles shown off a few new Halo Wars units tonight, namely the UNSC Firebase and the Warthog. The RTS is going to be making at appearance at E3 is some shape or form, so you shouldn’t have too long to wait to see Master Chief’s moon buggy in action.

  • Ensemble not sure if Halo Wars will be playable at E3

    Is Halo Wars good? Is Halo Wars bad? Will it be coming out this year? No one knows. And come E3, we may still be in the dark. In the latest Halo Wars Monthly Update, Ensemble couldn’t come up with a definitive answer on the state of the game’s Californian showing next month. Said Ensemble’s […]

  • Heap of Halo Wars shots released

    On GamePro. There’s about 40 there, all unwatermarked. You may want to look into that, American website. The Ensemble 360 RTS is out next year.

  • GamePro gets hands-on with Halo Wars

    And here it is. The actual impressions are here. This quote from Ensemble producer Harter Ryan pretty much sums it up: “If Halo Wars is successful, it won’t only be viewed as a great Halo game,” Ensemble Studios executive producer Harter Ryan explains. “We’re looking for a bigger success — to establish the strategy genre […]

  • Halo Wars will ship “when it’s ready”

    Speaking to Halo Wars Addict, Ensemble Studios’ Graham Somers has toted a familiar line about when we can expect to see the RTS. “We’re going to ship Halo Wars when it’s ready,” he said. The game is now confirmed as not releasing this year, and failed to make an appearance at the recent Xbox 360 […]

  • New Halo Wars shots, co-op confirmation

    GamePro’s posted four of its new Halo Wars screens, a set taken from its latest cover issue. Unfortunately, the publication’s stuck the most ridiculous watermarks on them so we cxan’t make our site look pretty. So selfish. In addition, TeamXbox is reporting that the Halo Wars feature from the mag confirms two-player co-op and six-way […]

  • New Halo Wars shots and info in GamePro this month

    According to this Kotaku report, the latest issue of GamePro contains new screens and information on upcoming Ensemble RTS, Halo Wars. Apparently play’s been speeded up to breakneck, and the only provision you have to worry about is “supplies”. There’s a partial list of units in the issue as well. Below: UNSC Forces Marines Flamethrower […]

  • Halo Wars: new screens

    Three new shots of Halo Wars popped up on GameCenterOnline last night, and very nice they look too. The Ensemble RTS wasn’t shown at the Microsoft Gamer’s Day this week, so it’s nice to see it’s still alive. We’re not going to see it this year, but them’s the breaks. Take a look.

  • MS Gamer’s Day: New Halo Wars shots released

    They’re on GamersHell. No idea if this is going to be shown at the Microsoft Gamer’s Day today, but it’s not on the list. Heading for 2009? Take a look at the screens. Update: Apparently these were released in January. Still, pretty, aren’t they?

  • Ensemble would “love” to include user-mods in Halo Wars

    Speaking to Australian site GamePlayer, Ensemble’s Graeme Devine has said that the company would “love” to include a map editor in upcoming RTS Halo Wars for the purpose of allowing users to share self-created levels. ”We’ve got a very powerful map editor, so we’ve talked about whether we could release that with the game or […]

  • No space combat in Halo Wars, says Ensemble

    In its weekly update, Ensemble Studios has confirmed that all the action in upcoming RTS Halo Wars will take place firmly on terra firma and won’t be venturing off-planet. “The fact is that these sorts of conflicts are not going to be part of Halo Wars,” said the report’s author. “We’ve chosen to keep our […]

  • “No plans” for PC Halo Wars

    Never saw this coming. Microsoft has issued a statement stamping on persistent rumours that a Vista version of Ensemble-developed action-RTS Halo Wars is in the works to compliment the Xbox 360 game. “Halo Wars is being developed from the bottom up for the Xbox 360 and its control scheme to ensure that we deliver a […]