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  • Guild Wars 2: Shadow of the Mad King goes live later this month

    Guild Wars 2 is getting its first major content update with Shadow of the Mad King later this month.

  • Team Fortress 2: Valve want you to design Halloween-themed items for next update

    Team Fortress 2 developer Valve is calling on its fans to create Halloween-themed items for its October game update.

  • Costume Quest coming to PC

    The critically acclaimed XBLA and PSN RPG from Tim Schafer’s Double Fine will now be arriving on the PC, Double Fine announced today.

  • Guild Wars announces their annual Halloween Contest

    Halloween might be a month away, but the guys at ArenaNet and NCSoft are already looking towards that particular holiday with a competition to celebrate the season.

  • Angry Birds gets crackling Halloween trailer

    Rovio, maker of hit mobile game Angry Birds, has released footage and details of a Halloween-themed edition.

  • Splatterhouse hitting shelves this Halloween

    Candy? Costumes? Family friendly fun? Please. Halloween’s about gore, killing, and paganism. Seriously, people. Satan is so disappointed. Hopefully, Namco Bandai’s Splatterhouse will be a sinew-snapping step in the right direction when it releases this Halloween.

  • Have an MMO Halloween: List of games with spooky or fun events

    Most MMOs either had a Halloween-themed celebration, or are currently in the midst of one, and so you don’t get left out, Massively has complied a convenient list of games hosting events. Here’s the full thing: Final Fantasy XI – Harvest Festival City of Heroes – The Deadly Apocalypse EverQuest II – Nights of the […]

  • Halloween: Game inspired pumpkins are awesome

    Jack-o-lanterns with a gaming spin popped up over on Joystiq and Kotaku – and surely elsewhere – over the past few days, and since today is Halloween, we thought we’d give you links to pictures of what your gaming brethren created. Our favorites so far have to be the Borderlands pumpkin over on Joystiq, and […]

  • PlayStation Home Update: Halloween for everybody

    This week’s PS Home update celebrates all things Halloween with all sorts of goodies for the ghoul inside us all. In Europe, there’s a new Burn Zombie Burn space, five costumes ranging from a werewolf to Frankenstein’s monster, skull earrings, jackets and loads of other stuff you can view on the EU PS Blog, including […]

  • NCsoft goes Hallowe'en bonkers in its MMOs

    NCsoft’s announced a ton of in-game Hallowe’en events for its MMOs, bringing seasonal quests, costumes and contests across across Aion, City of Heroes, Guild Wars, Lineage, Lineage II and Exteel. It’s all very spooky. All details, including dates, are listed after the break.

  • Get your spook on with these Halloween Avatar costumes

    Microsoft has put up some costumes for your Avatars on the XBL Marketplace. You can be anything from a wizard to an alien, a king and queen to a vampire. We like the werewolf costume, and will probably shell out the 240 MS Points ($3.00/£2.04/€2.79) for it, which will be a first on our end. […]

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