Develop Indie Showcase winners revealed, PS3′s Ibb & Obb takes top prize

Develop’s Indie Showcase contest has announced this year’s winners, which saw PS3 puzzle-platformer ibb & obb take the top prize.


Gunpoint headlines

  • Gunpoint creator discusses leap from game journalist to developer

    Gunpoint creator and former PC Gamer journalist Tom Francis has shed light on his jump from game critic to developer in a new interview, and what it’s like to see both sides of the industry from each side of the fence.

  • Develop Indie Showcase 2013: meet the finalists

    Develop in Brighton will host its yearly Indie Showcase next week. VG247′s Dave Cook spoke with each of the ten finalists about their games, and to learn more about the teams behind them.

  • Gunpoint recovered development costs in 64 seconds

    Gunpoint developer Tom Francis has quit his job because he suddenly has an enormous pile of money and plenty of ideas of what to do with it.

  • Gunpoint due next week, pre-orders now open

    Tom Francis’s IGF award-nominated Gunpoint is now available for pre-order ahead of its freshly-announced June 3 release date.

  • IGF-nominated Gunpoint heading to Steam

    Gunpoint, the Independent Games Festival nominated 2D stealth game with puzzles, will be heading to Steam soon. You can see how the game plays in the video below, which is hosted by the game’s lead designer, Tom Francis. Enjoy. Thanks, Polygon.

  • Watch 8 minutes of Gunpoint, prepare to raise eyebrows

    Journo-turned-dev Tom Francis has released a new video for Gunpoint, his PC spy-puzzler. It’s eight minutes long and explains how to use a “crosslink” to rewire buildings, obfuscate guards and exit high windows. It looks brilliant, to be blunt. There’s no release date: it’s just been pushed past its expected Christmas launch. Watch it below.