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  • Microsoft: Gay Tony is different than expressing sexual orientation

    Microsoft has said that it’s still working on ways for gamers to express their sexual orientation without it being taken “overboard”. While speaking with Kotaku, VP of Xbox Live, John Schappert, told the site that while GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony was okay to use in its sexual context, gay gamer tags are […]

  • GTA IV PC patch fixes graphics issues

    Rockstar’s patched the PC version of GTA IV to version 1.0.3. Notable features include graphical optimization; greater user control over graphic settings, including a new “OFF” option for reflection and shadow quality; and the elimination of remapping restrictions for keyboard and mouse, allowing for user-custom control schemes. The update will be installed automatically through Windows […]

  • May NPD: Sony statement focuses on beating 360

    Sony, unsurprisingly, focused on hardware sales in its post-NPD statement last night, after PS3 sales were shown to have moved past 360′s by an eyebrow-raising amount in May. In fact, the first line of the company’s press release stated: “PS3 Eclipses Xbox 360 Hardware Sales; PS3 Hardware Sales Growth Exceeds 155 Percent Year-Over-Year”. “PS3 continued […]

  • May NPD: Microsoft's statement keeps attention on "blistering GTA"

    Microsoft’s post-NPD press release last night stayed firmly on GTA IV sales, while sticking with the now familiar line that Xbox 360 is the best selling console for third-party software sales. “With 871,000 total unit sales in May, Grand Theft Auto IV on Xbox 360 outsold the other platform’s version 2:1,” said the statement. “With […]

  • May NPD: Lack of GTA hardware boost is a "surprise," says Frazier

    NPD analyst Anita Frazier said last night that the lack of a US hardware sales boost thanks to GTA IV has come as a “surprise”. “I was surprised by this month’s hardware sales because I did believe we’d see a boost in May,” she said. “GTA IV sales remained very strong so you can’t point […]

  • May NPD: GTA IV beats Mario Kart to top spot

    May’s NPD data has put GTA IV firmly at the top of US sales, with the 360 version alone being the biggest selling game in America last month. With the game’s PS3 and 360 SKUs combined, the game sold more than 1.3 million units in the US in May. List below. GTA IV – Xbox […]

  • Viral GTA IV marketing hits NY

    Rockstar’s started billing “wanted” posters for GTA IV’s lead character Niko Bellic in New York. The poster advises the public that he’s wanted for assault with a deadly weapon and should be shot on sight. The bit saying, “We’re going to take all your money and launch one of the biggest games in history so […]


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