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  • GT Academy 2012 in full swing; qualifying track screened, promo calls revheads to arms

    GT Academy 2012 is under way, and you don’t even need to own Gran Turismo 5 to qualify. Study the curves of the track included the free downloadable qualifier, and be inspired by a stirring trailer.

  • GT Academy 2012 demo dropping on May 2

    Sony will release the standalone GT Academy 2012 demo for participants in this year’s competition on May 2. There’s no word on what content will be included into the taster, such as what car or track, though. Thanks, Andriasang.

  • GT Academy 2012 to start on May 1

    Sony’s announced it’ll beginning GT Academy 2012 on May 1, kicking off with the release of a special Gran Turismo demo just for the event.

  • Rumour - Bathurst to be featured in Gran Turismo

    One Gran Turismo fan claims to have spotted a group of Polyphony Digital staffers taking reference photos at an Australian track.

  • PSP bundle with MLB 11 The Show and Gran Turismo hitting next month

    Sony is releasing a Limited Edition PSP Entertainment Pack which includes the handheld along with two games.

  • Thursday shorts: Don't Take It Personally, Gran Turismo clothing, Galaga Legions

    Here’s everything short-based for Thursday. Read it.

  • GT5 ships 5.5 million units worldwide, series surpasses 60 million units shipped

    Sony’s just announced Gran Turismo 5 has shipped 5.5 million units as of this past Monday, with the series as a whole passing 60 million units shipped.

  • Full list of games for PSPgo deal revealed

    According to this, this is the full list of titles that you’ll be able to choose from for the upcoming PSPgo deal for anyone who bought it after April 1.

  • SCEE extends PSPgo game voucher promotion

    Adam Grant, European product manager for PSP, has announced on the EU PS Blog that Sony has extended its PSPgo Promotion, which allows you to download a free game when you buy the handheld.

  • Modern Warfare 2, FIFA 10 were biggest UK PlayStation games in 2009

    ELSPA’s confirmed that Modern Warfare 2 was the biggest selling game for PlayStation 3, and FIFA 10 for PSP, in the UK last year.

  • Germans grab GT5 demo, take big screens and video’s posted up 1080p screens and HD video from the imminent GT5 Academy Time Trial track. Take a look. The track’s going to be available for download on December 17. Truth be told, there’s not a huge amount to look at here. Unless what you want to look at is a track and a car. […]

  • GT Academy winner: "The whole thing is tough"

    One of the first GT Academy winners, Lucas Ordonez, has told the EU PS Blog how hard the entire experience has been for him, speaking before the release of the GT5 time trial demo to find new drivers on December 17. “The whole thing is tough,” he said. “But for me racing cars was my […]

  • Sony: Gran Turismo "only possible" on PSP and PSPgo

    The spectre of ‘possibilities’ reared its ugly head again today, as Sony claimed that GT PSP, readying to launch tomorrow, could only work on its handheld offerings. “Gran Turismo – only possible on PSP and PSPgo,” it says at the end of this video ad. Is GT PSP impossible on other platforms? Do its 800 […]

  • GT PSP free with PSPgo for 10 days only

    If you’re looking to take advantage of the free GT PSP-PSPgo offer Sony announced at GamesCom – a promo that gives new PSPgo owners a complimentary copy of the game – you’re going to have to be quick: it only lasts until October 10. If you don’t buy a PSPgo between October 1-10 and download […]

  • Polyphony Digital + camera = this gallery

    IGN’s posted up photos from a tour of Gran Turismo developer Polyphony Digital, showing TVs, helmets, a pale corridor and much more besides. Do you dream of standing in this building? This is sort of like it. Although not at all. But still.

  • PSPgo will launch with 16K bits of DLC in the US

    Sony has sent over a bit of PSPgo launch information to IGN that you may find interesting. On October 1, 16,000 pieces of digital content will be available for the PSPgo in the US which includes: 225 games (combination of full PSP titles, PSN exclusives, UMD legacy titles and Minis) 2,300 movies 13,300 television episodes […]

  • New GT PSP shots are live‘s put live several new gameplay shots of GT PSP, as well as renders of cars in the game. Va-va voom, as Thierry Henry once said. Go get them through the link. It’s out on October 1st to coincide with the PSPgo launch.

  • Report - GT PSP box art revealed

    The reliable’s posted up what it reckons is final box art for GT PSP. No confirmation, but looks rosy to us. It’s out on October 1.

  • Kazunori Yamauchi talks Gran Turismo PSP, GT5

    Kazunori Yamauchi was on hand at E3 to talk about not only Gran Turismo coming to PSP, but GT5 as well, and it seems there were a few challenges concerning the PSP version. Yamauchi said the reason the racer took so long coming to PSP was for a variety of reasons, but mainly the CPU […]

  • Koller - New Metal Gear heading to PSP

    SCEA’s John Koller has apparently announced a PSP version of Metal Gear Solid in a movie of PSP Go that hit the web today. Gran Turismo, LittleBigPlanet, Jak & Daxter and Metal Gear games are all mentioned in the video, which includes footage of the machine interspersed with Koller being interviewed. Watch it, quick.

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