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Wii Street U gets the “Iwata Asks” treatment, reveals Google Maps’s insane attention to detail

Wii Street U is the incoming Google Maps app for Nintendo’s console. It’s the subject of this week’s edition of “Iwata Asks”, a panel session featuring developers and Nintendo president Satoru Iwata himself. The session has revealed Google’s incredible level of detail. They’ve even mapped the sky this time.


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  • TVii: Google Maps and TiVo apps delayed in US

    Wii U’s television service TVii was supposed to launch with TiVo functionality when it went live across America in December. Both TiVo and Google Maps were supposed to have launched in January, but Nintendo has now confirmed that they have both slipped.

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  • Liberty City Google-mapped

    IGN’s put up a Google Maps version of Liberty City, just in case you get lost. This does kind of ruin the game if you look hard enough, so you may not want to. Or you may. What do we know?