This week’s best game deals: Madden 17, XCOM, The Last of Us and more

Join us as we take a look at the best of this week’s deals.

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  • This week’s best games deals: Zelda, Bioshock, Uncharted 4, Doom and more

    Got a lot of good things on sale, stranger! Savings ahoy:

  • Ubisoft confirms E3 media briefing date

    Assassin’s Creed publisher Ubisoft has invited press to its E3 Media Briefing, taking place Monday June 9.

  • Sony announces bevy of PSP and mini titles releasing through PS Vita Store

    Sony has posted a massive list of games which will be available through the PS Vita store starting today. Below the break you will find minis as well as PSP Titles with Sony promising more “soon.”

  • GDC: Wii SD cards hold up to 240 games

    Nintendo just announced that SD cards working in collaboration with its brand new SD storage solution can store up to 240 games. That’s a large number. Nintendo’s been liking the large numbers pretty well lately. Do you even have 240 games? We don’t. And no, those cheap NES rip-off collections don’t count. Get the full […]

  • Paddington Academy officially opened today

    The UK’s Princess Anne formally opened the Paddington Academy today. The specialist school for performing arts, media, business and enterprise was co-funded by the United Learning Trust and GamesAid. Official classes started in 2007, but the ribbon cutting did not occur until today, with a ceremony attended by volunteers and philanthropists. “The Academy has been […]

  • Microsoft: UK ratings could make games more expensive

    Not only could UK ratings make games appear later than everywhere else, but now Neil Thompson, Microsoft’s senior regional director for EDD in the UK and Ireland, says that it could make games more expensive. “We’re in the business of providing great games to a broad audience of gamers, and we need to be able […]

  • Brits prefer games to shagging, says survey

    In a poll of 2,000 Britons, gaming has emerged as a preferable bedroom activity to sex. According to this, the top ten bedroom pastimes in UK household, by minutes spent doing them per week, are: Sleep (3,150) Talking (193) TV (132) Net surfing (122) Reading (114) Listening to music (105) Using phone (81) Work (77) […]

  • Videogames reward men more than women, says study

    Stanford University School of Medicine researchers have shown that the reason men get turned on by games more than women is that, for some reason, hey find the whole process more rewarding. The part of the brain that generates feeling of reward is more active in men men playing a game than it is in […]