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  • Game Informer lists its top 50 games of 2009

    In the latest issue of Game Informer, the mag has put up a list of its top 50 games of 2009. Read below the break to see if your favorite made the list. We bet it did.

  • Halo: Reach is next Game Informer cover

    Game Informer’s confirmed that Bungie’s Halo: Reach is its next cover, ending speculation on the matter this week.

  • Game Informer ed scotches Fallout: New Vegas cover rumour

    Game Informer executive editor Andrew Reiner just confirmed that Fallout: New Vegas is not the magazine’s next cover. A forum post on Gamespot today dropped what appeared to be a wealth of detail on the game, as well as saying the semi-sequel was GI’s next pin-up.

  • Info splurge: Dead Space 2 set three years after original, multiplayer confirmed

    RelyOnHorror’s posted up a ton of detail on Dead Space 2 from a subs issue from the latest Game Informer, apparently confirming that the sequel’s set three years after the first game on a large space station named Sprawl. The second title’s to push the horror element more, with Isaac facing seemingly impossible situations and […]

  • The Legend of Zelda is the best game ever according to Game Informer

    Game Informer celebrated passing 200 issues recently, so to celebrate, they compiled a list of 200 games, which they think are the best games of all time. The Legend of Zelda for the NES was the winner, followed then by Super Mario Bros, Tetris, Grand Theft Auto III and Half Life 2. We’re absolutely sickened […]

  • Game Informer seriously not impressed with Tony Hawk RIDE

    Game Informer’s published a list of quotes uttered by a man in the Game Informer offices while testing Tony Hawk RIDE. The game’s out in the US today. If you’re a Tony fan, you might want to look away now: “Wait, that’s not… d*** it. Seriously? I didn’t even do that trick!” “Oh god! A […]

  • Epic Mickey is definitely a Wii exclusive, says GI

    Game Informer’s gone on the record to confirm Epic Mickey as a Wii exclusive. Confusion arose after the mag said the game was only coming to Wii in an online teaser for its next cover, then altered its article to remove the claim. Apparently, the team was trying to save the info for the mag’s […]

  • Game Informer removes Wii-exclusive claim from Epic Mickey teaser

    Here we go. As noticed by GoNintendo and Wired, Game Informer has altered its Epic Mickey teaser page to remove a claim that the game is a Wii exclusive. The original claim of Wii exclusivity for the Junction Point project raised more than a few eyebrows, especially given the incoming spring release of Sony’s PS3 […]

  • Confirmed – Epic Mickey formally revealed, in next GI

    The rumours are true – Epic Mickey exists. Game Informer just took the wraps of it’s next issue: the game’s on the cover. It’s also confirmed it is a Wii exclusive. And Disney’s just sent out invites to a press event happening in London on October 28 for the “announcement of an iconic new game”, […]

  • November Game Informer cover tease is Mickey Mouse

    Game Informer has put up a shot of its November cover on its website, and it looks suspiciously like Mickey Mouse. Looking at the image properties, it clearly states “mickey-cover-spash.jpg”, so the suspicions are correct. So far, all that is known about the new Mouse game is its codename, Epic Mickey, and the hint that […]

  • Game Informer has exclusive preview of Max Payne 3

    Game Informer has posted its exclusive preview of Max Payne 3 over on its site. It has many, many pages to it, but within the contents you will find out why the former NYPD detective is in Sao Paulo, and how it still has noir feel to it. Art director Rob Nelson was also on […]

  • Ninja Theory’s Enslaved – first GI images’s posted the first images of Ninja Theory’s Enslaved. It’s 150 years in the future and features a muscular man fighting robots. Obviously. These are photos of a Game Informer article, but they’re good enough for now. Watch for decent scans later in the day.

  • Game Informer cover exclusive is Crackdown 2, new Ninja Theory game inside

    Game Informer’s lifted the lid on its next cover – it’s Crackdown 2. The mag’s second eclusive is a first look at Enslaved, Ninja Theory’s new game. The ed guys were heavily teasing this earlier this week. Someone had better get busy with the scanner. Do want.

  • Game Informer teases cover and contents for next issue

    Over on Twitter, the guys from Game Informer are teasing folks with hints about the new issue’s cover story. So far, what we know is that the game is a sequel, Xbox 360 fans will be thrilled, there will be two exclusives inside – one announced, and one unannounced which is a multi-system title. Here […]

  • Beatles: Rock Band set list revealed in latest GI

    The latest issue of Game Informer‘s dropped what appears to be a near-complete set-list for The Beatles: Rock Band. Back In the USSR and Taxman are both on it. This may mean we’ll have to buy it. Get the lot from Joystiq. The game’s out on September 9.

  • Rage is Game Informer’s August cover story

    Game Informer’s lifted the lid on its August issue, revealing a world exclusive Rage cover. “We’ve got tons of exclusive dirt on the post-apocalyptic title, including plenty of gameplay details and loads of screens,” says the mag’s blurb. It’s worth noting that EA made a big play with Rage in Leipzig last year, so the […]

  • Game Informer promises two “huge exclusives” today

    Game Informer’s going to drop two “huge” exclusives today, the magazine’s promised on its Twitter. Nothing could be bigger than Bony Tony’s plastic skateboard, and we can therefore only assume that this is somehow incorrect. A plastic scooter with no wheels? Warm the edge of your seat right now.

  • Modern Warfare 2 on next Game Informer cover

    Game Informer’s next cover is Modern Warfare 2, as you can see here. The mag’s got ten pages of it, as well as six pages of DJ Hero. Acti-tastic. There’s a nice bit of art through there. No date on when the issue’s actually out, though.

  • Assassin’s Creed 2 GI feature – proper scans

    Goonl!ne’s posted up proper scans of the Assassin’s Creed II cover feature from the latest Game Informer. The images are fully readable, showing that 240 people are working on the game and confirming that all previously leaked info from the piece was true. Fill your boots.

  • Assassin’s Creed 2 – rumoured details from Game Informer

    ScrewAttack’s posted up a bunch of supposed details on Assassin’s Creed 2 from the next issue of Game Informer. Get it all after the break. Obviously, there’s a ton of spoiler detail here, so don’t look if you want to be in any way surprised when the game releases later this year. Oh, and take […]

  • Entire BioShock 2 Game Informer article scanned

    Someone’s posted the entire Game Informer cover article on BioShock 2 as high quality scans. It’s a bit sticky to load, but it’s all there. Obviously, for the slow people in the audience, there are spoilers through that link.

  • BioShock 2 – You play as a Big Daddy

    Yes, finally, we can tell you that you play as a Big Daddy in BioShock 2. Subs issues of Game Informer have hit, confirming that you take control of the first gigantic walking chap thing, have changeable weapons for your arm and new, mutated plasmids. You can now adopt Little Sisters, as well as either […]

  • Rumour – BioShock 2′s beans spilled

    A ton of apparent BioShock 2 information’s popped up on the 2K forums, supposedly taken from subs issues of Game Informer. CVG’s done a precis. Be warned: if this lot’s true, there are some huge spoilers here.

  • BioShock 2: “Female” Big Daddy shown on Game Informer cover

    Game Informer’s put up the cover of its latest issue, showing the female Big Daddy suit rumoured over the weekend. Go see. Looks pretty cool, to be fair.

  • Game Informer’s God of War III feature scanned to death

    Inevitably, all the God of War III media embargoed until this Friday has been leaked in form of scans. Here. It’s all taken from the next issue of Game Informer, most of the detail of which was already summarised this morning. “We want this to be the game that shows people what the PS3 can […]

  • God of War III screens in next week’s Game Informer

    Game Informer’s shown off the cover of its next issue, resplendent as it is with some fantastic God of War III art. The game’s the magazine’s main feature, with a ten-page preview. Kratos’s latest is to be shown to online press in LA on February 10, with assets embargoed until February 13, so expect plenty […]

  • Halo 3 Recon detailed in next issue of Game Informer

    If you live in North America and pop into GameStop at least once a year, you’ve probably had some 100 opportunities to spend your hard-earned money on a subscription to Game Informer magazine. And if you’ve somehow resisted the collar-dragging allure until now, you’re missing out, because the mag has the first scoop on Halo […]

  • Dragon Age gets console release in Q4 2009

    According to this Gamespot story, Game Informer magazine is listing BioWare’s Dragon Age as a fourth quarter release for 360 and PS3 next year. The Canadian developer has refused to comment on the news. The PC version of the EA-published RPG is scheduled to ship early next year. More through the link.

  • PS3 owners think Live is best

    A Game Informer poll has shown that 74.7 percent of PS3 owners think Xbox Live to be the online service with the best features in comparison with PSN and WiiConnect24. In other stat results, 71.4 percent of 360 owners think that Live is worth the subscription fee, although only 63 percent of those of you […]

  • Rein on Gears 2: Game Informer article was “a tidbit”

    Epic boss Mark Rein has told videogaming247 that the Game Informer Gears of War 2 article that hit the web yesterday is just a “tidbit”, and that the best is very much to come. “Awesome,” said Rein when asked how excited he was about the title. “I’ve had a chance to read the Game Informer […]