Game Boy

Mega Man 2-5 release on 3DS Virtual Console may take a while, says Capcom

Capcom plans to releases Mega Man Game Boy titles through 3DS Virtual Console, and today, the firm’s senior online and community manager Brett Elston noted on Capcom Unity it will be a while before the titles are released.


Game Boy headlines

  • Hacker plays god: combines WiiMote, Game Boy and Android phone into one console

    In a display of Frankenstein-grade scientific quackery, a hacker has created a portable console that emulates retro games on an old school Game Boy using a WiiMote controller. It’s alive! Aliiiiive!

  • Mystical Ninja: Game Boy classic confirmed for 3DS eShop

    3DS eSHop is getting more Game Boy treats this month, with the release of classic top-down brawler/RPG Mystical Ninja.

  • Nintendo secures handheld emulation patent

    The US Patents and Trademarks Office has granted Nintendo a patent it applied for in 2003 regarding the emulation of hardware bearing a built-in screen and accompanying software. The patent specifically mentions Game Boy titles, and the examiner took a good look at existing emulators before granting the patent. There’s nothing to suggest Nintendo will […]

  • Tuesday Shorts - Deus Ex clothes, Driver PSN, Portal 2 proposal

    Awesome merchandise! Day and date digital releases! Marriage! Many other delightful things! Enter the world of brevity.

  • 3DS to have its own Virtual Console with Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles [Updated]

    Update: For the time being, Game Boy Advance titles are a no-go. Iwata only specifically mentioned Game Boy and Game Boy Color games. And, surprisingly, when we write something, it doesn’t magically become fact. Shame, huh? Our bad. Original article: Final hardware? Saw it coming. Release date? Duh. Who calls a press conference without one […]

  • LtD Nintendo DS hardware numbers surpass Game Boy sales

    Life-to-date DS sales numbers are now beyond those of Game Boy.

  • Game Boy is 20 this month

    It’s true. The original Game Boy launched on April 21, 1989, meaning you – yes, you – are officially old. The 8-bit Game Boy family dominated portable gaming from launch until its 32-bit successor, GBA, came along in 2001. The system was discontinued in 2003, giving it a 14-year lifespan. It sold 60 million units. […]

  • Rumour: DSi to get Virtual Console for Game Boy games

    Kombo’s rumouring that DSi’s to get a Virtual Console system for downloading Game Boy and GBA games. Apparently this has come from Nintendo reps at a US pre-launch DSi event. The games will be saved to DSi’s SD card and will be limited to first-party Nintendo games, at least initially. There’s no official word on […]

  • Bombed Game Boy goes on display in NY

    See here. The console still works after being bombed in a barracks in Iraq. It’s playing Tetris, as you can see. Nintendo must be very pleased. The obvious question: what happened to whoever owned it? Maybe they weren’t so explosion-resistant.