Yes, you will be able to sing in Guitar Hero Live

Those who prefer to sing instead of playing instruments in music games will be pleased to know vocals are included with Guitar Hero Live.

Freestylegames headlines

  • Guitar Hero Live's E3 trailer introduces GHTV

    It’s “the world’s first playable music video network”.

  • Queen, Alice in Chains, Weezer among new Guitar Hero Live track reveals

    Guitar Hero Live will include a number of tracks which by gamer law must be included in every music game.

  • DJ Hero 2 gets DJ Hero 1 compatibility patch

    Activision’s release a promised compatibility update for DJ Hero 2, allowing music from the original to be played in the sequel.

  • DJ Hero 2 and Warriors of Rock demos hit Xbox Live

    Activision has released demos for both DJ Hero 2 and Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock on Xbox Live.

  • DJ Hero 2 gets RZA

    RZA is to feature in DJ Hero 2, Activision said today.

  • DJ Hero 2 video explains how tracks are created

    FreeStyleStudios is busy working on DJ Hero 2, and if you’ve ever wondered how those music mashups were created, hit the break and see for yourself.

  • DJ Hero DLC and sequel to contain most "incredible musicians on the planet"

    FreestyleGames has said that it’s chatting to some “incredible musicians” for an appearance in future DJ Hero DLC and the recently announced DJ Hero 2.

  • First bit of DLC for DJ Hero releases today

    FreeStyleGames’ Chris Lee has revealed to IGN that the first bit of DLC for DJ Hero will be released today. Both tracks are set to land on Xbox Live and PSN today, and feature “All of Me” by 50 Cent (featuring Mary J. Blige) mixed with Queen’s “Radio Ga Ga”, and Gorrilaz’ “Dare” mixed with […]

  • DJ Hero Shows Daft Punk TV slots, in-game action

    Activision’s released tons of footage of Daft Punk mixes from DJ Hero, as well as two new TV ads featuring the helmeted cyberists. Get three of them after the break, and the rest from the game’s official YouTube channel. It’s out October 30. Thanks, GoNintendo.

  • DJ Hero controller doesn't work with other games

    If you were assuming DJ Hero’s controller was going to be an investment eventually usable across multiple games, think again. It isn’t. “No,” FreeStyle’s Jamie Jackson told Destructoid when asked if the hardware will work with other titles. “DJ Hero is DJ Hero. If someone needed to use our controller, then they would basically have […]

  • Neversoft thinks turntable integration for Guitar Hero would be swell

    Neversoft has told Eurogamer that it would like to see turntable integration with Guitar Hero in the future. Apparently, the DJ Hero turntable becoming compatible with the game is not too far-fetched, nor is bringing drums to DJ Hero now that you can use little plastic guitars with DJ Hero. “When we started putting guitar […]

  • DJ Hero and Guitar Hero 5 being demoed live on stage - video

    Activision showed off its music games at a star-studded demo in LA last night – which included performances from Kay-Z and Eminem – and played DJ Hero and Guitar Hero 5 live on stage. As you can see in the movies after the break. There’s some music going on, there. Some DJing, too. They’re both […]

  • FreeStyle is working on new IP, will play "big part" in Acti-Bliz Euro Guitar Hero strategy

    In the wake of selling to Activision, FreeStyleGames boss Chris Lee has told VG247 that the English developer is currently working on a brand new IP for the publisher, and that the studio is to play a major role in the expansion of Guitar Hero throughout Europe. “A big part of Activision’s growth strategy for […]

  • Activision buys FreeStyleGames

    FreeStyleGames has sold out to Activision, the publisher confirmed this morning. The UK studio developed B-Boy for PS2 and PSP. It is currently working on Guitar Hero content for Acti-Blizz. “Activision Publishing is the undisputed leader in the music-based games and we see tremendous opportunity for continued growth, particularly in Europe,” said Activision boss Mike […]