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  • New weapons, perk revealed for Mothership Zeta

    If you’d rather Mothership Zeta’s mysterious alien culture remain, well, mysterious, you should probably go ahead and plug your ears and avert your eyes. If not, though, MTV Multiplayer‘s new info on the DLC is right up your alley. “Mothership Zeta is full of the most high tech weaponry in the game. It includes a […]

  • Level increase for Fallout 3 would throw it out of balance, says Bethesda

    Bethesda’s Jeff Gardiner has said that a level cap increase for Fallout 3 would throw the game out of balance, therefore, one will not see their character higher than a level 30 any time soon. “I know from the outside this seems like a fairly simple proposition [for a level increase], but doing this could […]

  • Mothership Zeta DLC for Fallout 3 landing August 3

    Bethesda has announced that the Mothership Zeta DLC for Fallout 3 will land on August 3. In it, your character finds a crashed alien ship over in the Capitol Wastelands and because of your morbid curiosity, the orbiting mothership decides to beam you up. To escape, you must find command central and blast the aliens […]

  • PS3 Fallout 3 DLC delayed, reordered

    PS3 owners got a VATS readout of 95% on a June launch for their long-awaited Fallout 3 DLC, but somehow, it still missed. Now, Bethesda’s finally pinned down something of a solid release date for the tardy content, though with a bit of a twist. Instead of rolling out the mini-expansions in proper order, Broken […]

  • Bethesda promises status update on Fallout 3 DLC for PS3 "next week"

    Bethesda bossman Pete Hines has told G4 that a status update on the DLC for Fallout 3 PS3 will arrive next week. “[We'll] have [an] update for folks on that next week,” he told the site via email. The first bit of DLC for PS3 will be Operation: Anchorage with the rest to follow in […]

  • Russian Fallout 3 cosplay is properly frightening

    Russian cosplayers have taken the entire concept to a ludicrous level yet again, this time “doing” Fallout 3 with an OCD-level of dedication. Check out a ton of shots of the Brotherhood of Steel and other people that should have stayed in a videogame walking round abandoned eastern locales on English Russia. The last game […]

  • Fallout 3 is 50% off this weekend on Steam

    Those still on the fence regarding Fallout 3 for PC may get a push in the other direction with the sale going on. Steam has it 50 percent off this weekend, so it will cost you $24.99 instead of the normal $49.99. You can get all the gory details here through the official website.

  • Bethesda almost finished with PS3's Fallout 3 DLC

    Bethesda’s Pete Hines says that the Operation: Anchorage DLC for Fallout 3 on PS3 is almost finished. “It’s a different platform with a different way of doing things and it requires special attention and plenty of testing before it’s released,” he told Eurogamer. “We are trying to put the finishing touches on it now, but […]

  • Fallout 3's Point Lookout available now

    Bethesda’s released Point Lookout, the next bit of Fallout 3′s DLC. More here. It costs 800 MS Points. And it’s set in a swamp. Irresistible.

  • Point Lookout to give Fallout 3 players "several hours" of play

    Jeff Gardiner, lead producer on upcoming Fallout 3 DLC Point Lookout, has told Platform Nation that the content will last for “several hours”. You’d hope so, really. Gardiner said Lookout wouldn’t be “substantive” specifically “in terms of new gameplay features such as additional levels,” but, “there are however lots of new creatures, items, armor, weapons […]

  • Fallout 3: Point Lookout screens show a creepy Bayou

    Bethesda has released six new screens for Fallout 3 DLC, Point Outlook. It’s scheduled to be released on Tuesday, June 23 for PC and Xbox 360. We have the gallery posted after the break.

  • GameStop breaks Fallout 3: Point Lookout street date

    GameStop has started selling Fallout 3′s new DLC Point Outlook, which was supposedly not to be released until Tuesday, June 23 when it launches on Xbox Live. The retail packaged version contains codes to download the content, and Bethesda says that the codes will not work until Tuesday. However, some buyers are reporting that upon […]

  • Fallout 3's Point Lookout - first video

    The E3 media torrent continues this morning with the first video of 460 and PC Fallout 3 DLC Point Lookout. After the break. It’s out on June 23. If you’re after something that allows you to shoot mutants in a swamp, you’re in the right place.

  • Next Fallout 3 DLC due on June 23

    Bethesda will release the next bit of Fallout 3 DLC, Fallout 3: Point Lookout, will release on June 23, the company said at E3 yesterday. This is the swampy episode. IGN’s got impressions of it here. Screens there, too.

  • Screens for Fallout 3: Point Lookout show swamp dwellers

    The forth expansion to Fallout 3 has been screened. Point Lookout hasn’t been dated yet, but we do know that it’s a massive new swampland area filled with new quests and content. Looks very bayouish and full of slack-jawed yokels. Two more over on IGN.

  • Bethesda did not actively seek Bill Clinton for Fallout 3

    Bethesda has said that it did not actively seek out Bill Clinton to play the president in Fallout 3. Variety decided to give the developers a shout regarding yesterday’s news that Blindlight had courted the former US president for the RPG. In response, Bethesda’s VP told the site that it never requested him in the […]

  • Former President Bill Clinton turned down Fallout 3 role

    Former US president Bill Clinton was offered a role in Fallout 3, but turned it down. According to an interview with Lev Chapelsky, the general manager of Hollywood-based Blindlight, the firm tried to get Clinton for voice work in Fallout 3 as – what else – the president. “Celebrity acquisition applies not just to celebrity […]

  • All Fallout 3 DLC to be published on PS3, two more episodes confirmed for PS3, 360 and PC

    All Fallout 3 DLC is to be released for PS3, Bethesda said today, including the three previously released episodes and two more upcoming chapters. “Operation: Anchorage will be released for PS3 in June, followed by the release of The Pitt and Broken Steel 4-6 weeks apart,” said the company in a statement. “Release dates will […]

  • Fallout 3 DLC has been "hugely successful," more may come, says Bethesda

    Broken Steel may have been the last scheduled bit of Fallout 3 DLC, but there may be more, Bethesda’s Peter Hines has told OXM. “Whether it’s the absolute last one remains to be seen, because it’s been hugely successful,” he said. “Operation Anchorage vastly exceeded our expectation. It was like, ‘Holy shit, we did how […]

  • Xbox Live Activity for the week of May 4, Halo 3 tops once more

    Halo 3 isn’t going anywhere. The past four weeks have proved it. Differences this week include FIFA 09 taking the seven spot away from Left 4 Dead, and the Bionic Commando demo falling off the chart and being replaced by Fallout 3. Xbox 360 Top Live Titles Halo 3 Call of Duty: WaW Call of […]


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Fallout 3 Latest

  • Fallout 3 Broken Steel DLC restored for PC

    Fallout 3′s Broken Steel DLC has been restored and is once again available for purchase on the Games for Windows Live Marketplace. Looks like the Windows Live DRM install error was fixed. Thank goodness. Via Shacknews.

  • Bethesda: Games for Windows DRM breaking PC Broken Steel, new Achievements bagging 360 version

    In a statement just sent to VG247, Bethesda’s confirmed a Games For Windows Live DRM issue is causing problems with the PC version of Fallout 3 DLC, Broken Steel “We’re seeing the same error, which is a Games for Windows Live DRM Install error,” said a spokesperson for the firm. “Microsoft is working on fixing […]

  • Whoops: Broken Steel PC is broken [Update]

    Update: A Bethesda rep in the UK’s just told us that comment’s being chased now. Update 2: The Beth devs are getting the same issue. Thanks, The Reticule. Update 3: Bethesda’s issued a statement. According to multiple reports, the PC version of Fallout 3 DLC Broken Steel isn’t working as it should. The download throws […]

  • Fallout 3: Broken Steel trailer released

    After the break. This is the last piece of Fallout 3 DLC, after which we’ll probably start looking forward to more on New Vegas. E3 for that, or we’re Dutch. And we’re not. Be warned. There’s a monster spoiler in this trailer. The content’s out on PC and 360 on May 5.

  • Bethesda has “no announced plans” for fourth Fallout 3 DLC

    Earlier today, retailers Bountii, eStarland, and MSN Shopping showed pre-order listings for Fallout 3′s upcoming Broken Steel expansion and something called “Point Lookout”. Rumors started circulating that this was a possible fourth expansion for the title, but Bethesda VP Pete Hines has brushed it off saying there isn’t a fourth expansion. “We have said there […]

  • Fallout 3 images of Broken Steel look dashing

    Bethesda wants you to get excited about the new Fallout 3 DLC pack, Broken Steel, arriving on PC and Xbox 360 May 5. So much so, the developers sent out five new screens giving you a quick peak at what to expect. Looks post-apocalyptic to be sure. Head on over to CVG and see for […]

  • Fallout 3 gets title update for PC and Xbox 360

    Bethesda has released a patch for Fallout 3 on PC and Xbox 360. Version 1.5 is being released to prepare for next week’s release of Broken Steel DLC . New Features New achievements for Broken Steel Bug Fixes Fixed issue with VATS calculations not appearing properly for perks (PC) Fixed crash related to altered references […]

  • Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage and The Pitt getting disced

    Fallout 3′s downloadable content, Operation Anchorage and The Pitt, are heading to retail on disc for PC and Xbox 360. Titled Fallout 3 Downloadable Content: The Pitt and Operation Anchorage, the cover warns that a storage unit is required for play. This means your 360 must have a hard drive or you must possess those […]

  • Fallout 3: Broken Steel – first screens, release date

    First screens of the last bit of DLC for the 360 and PC versions of Fallout 3 came out of Bethesda today. Get them after the break. The content’s out on May 5, and this bit changes the end of the game, apparently, to make it “never-ending,” as we were just told by a Bethesda […]

  • Bethesda applies for Fallout TV and movie rights

    Bethesda has applied for trademarks for, “Entertainment services in the nature of an on-going television program” and “motion picture films about a post-nuclear apocalyptic world” in relation to Fallout 3. A Fallout TV show? We’re not sure what to think about that. Via 1UP and DwellOnIt.

  • Bethesda’s Pete Hines says DLC works better in smaller doses

    Bethesda’s Peter Hines has said that the Fallout 3 developer has learned the hard way that smaller doses of DLC are best. Speaking with Gamasutra, Hines explained: “We did the entire spectrum for the most part. We did small things and then we did the really huge thing [with The Shivering Isles for Oblivion]. We […]

  • Awesome Games and Bethesda settle lawsuit over stolen copies of Fallout 3

    Awesome Games has settled out of court with Bethseda over allegedly selling stolen copies of Fallout 3. Last year, the British retailer purchased the game from an unknown seller, with owner Ahnes Qureshi claiming he thought the games were imported stock. Bethesda went ahead with the court proceedings despite the explanation, as it felt Qureshi […]

  • The Pitt still broken, being fixed

    Despite being pulled, fixed and put back up onto Live, Fallout 3 DLC is still broken, Bethesda’s admitted. From the BethBlog: Since The Pitt went back up on Xbox LIVE last Wednesday, we’ve received feedback that some folks were experiencing freezing issues while trying to access The Pitt. We’re working with Microsoft to get a […]

  • GDC: Bethesda at work on more Fallout 3 DLC

    Fallout 3 lead designer Emil Pagliarulo has said that Bethesda is working on more DLC for the game. “I can say we’re working on lots of DLC,” he said during a panel at GDC. “Lots of stuff brewing up here. God only knows where that may go. What famous landmarks can we destroy next?” Bethesda’s […]

  • The Pitt back up on Live

    Nelson’s confirmed that Fallout 3 DLC The Pitt is now back up on Live. The content was pulled yesterday after a corrupted file caused all sorts of nastiness. Nelson’s added some notes: The Pitt is has returned to the service! If you purchased and downloaded The Pitt yesterday, you’ll need to delete that version from […]

  • The Pitt should be fixed today, says Bethesda

    Bethesda’s Peter Hines has told Kotaku that a new, unbroken version of Fallout 3 DLC The Pitt should be available today. The update was removed yesterday after gamers complained of floating exclamation marks in the add-on, graphical glitches and freeze issues. Bethesa eventually said there was a problem with a corrupted file and pulled the […]

  • Bethesda looking into Pitt bug “situation”

    A spokesperson for Bethesda has told VG247 that the company is currently investigating alleged bugs in Fallout 3 DLC, The Pitt. “Bethesda is still looking into the situation,” we were told this afternoon. The Pitt’s 360 version was released this morning, after which reports instantly appeared of huge floating exclamation marks in the add-on, as […]

  • Gamers claim The Pitt is “completely broken,” speak of “giant floating exclamation points”

    Gamers are claiming that Fallout 3 DLC the Pitt – released this morning – is suffering from some serious bugs. “It’s completely broken,” said one, posted in this Nelson thread. “Textures and graphics are glitchy and bugged. There are these box exclamation points all over The Pitt map. I think someone screwed up because it’s […]

  • Fallout 3′s The Pitt available now

    Microsoft just confirmed that Fallout 3 DLC The Pitt is now available for download. The second piece of extra content for Bethesda’s RPG will set you back 800 MS Points and contains around four hours of play. Blurb from Nelson: Pittsburgh was once the industrial center of the pre-war world. The city was spared the […]

  • Fallout 3 takes home two OXM awards

    The OXM Awards went down last night, with GTA IV winning Best Action Adventure and Gears of War 2 got best shooter. No surprises there. Fallout 3 took home two gongs, one for Best RPG and the other for Game of the Year. The awards were chosen by readers. More over at the OXM website.

  • The Pitt is for both Fallout 3 “completists” and “casual” players, says Bethesda

    Fallout 3 DLC The Pitt will appeal to both obsessives and casual players just looking for fun and story, Bethesda’s told VG247. “The content works well for both camps,” said Jeff Gardiner, lead producer on the 360 and PC content. “If you’re a ‘completist,’ you’ll find not only new Raider Armor, weapons like the AutoAxe, […]

  • First look at The Pitt shows mutated city held hostage

    GameTrailers has posted the first video of Fallout 3 DLC, The Pitt. Shows loads of shooting, a baddie getting hit in the face with a flamethrower: nice stuff really. It lands on March 24. Hit the jump to watch.

  • The Pitt adds four hours play, new Achievements, to Fallout 3

    The Pitt will add roughly four hours of play to Fallout 3, Jeff Gardiner, lead producer on the download, has told VG247. “The Pitt comprises of around four hours of playtime,” said the developer. “You can always re-visit it for its unique vendors and repeatable quests as well.” Gardiner added: “There are also four new […]

  • Fallout 3′s The Pitt – three steamy new screens

    Bethesda just put out three new shots of The Pitt, the second piece of Fallout 3′s 360 and PC DLC. Get them after the break. As you can see, “brown” is a prevalent theme in future-disaster Pittsburgh, as is “steam”. The content’s been confirmed for a March 24 launch.

  • The Pitt gets first video tomorrow morning

    The second bit of Fallout 3 DLC, the Pitt, is to be shown in video for the first time on GTTV tomorrow morning. The show will also include a boss reveal from Ghostbusters and a new video of Obsidian RPG, Alpha Protocol. The episode airs on Spike at 1.00am PST tomorrow, which is 9.00am GMT, […]

  • The Pitt confirmed for March 24, three new shots

    Bethesda just confirmed Fallout 3 DLC The Pitt for an March 24 release. Find new screens after the break. There’s going to be a bunch of editorial going live on the content this afternoon. An embargo’s just gone up.

  • Fallout 3 patch boosts 360 graphics

    The never-sleeping Digital Foundry has posted unequivocal proof that the latest Fallout 3 patch has made the 360 version look better. Specular maps have been added to the 360 SKU by the update. There’s some screens of radroaches through there to illustrate. Don’t argue. DF’s never wrong. Hit the link.

  • Fallout Pitt DLC gets first screens

    Bethesda’s put out the first shots of The Pitt, the second piece of Fallout 3 DLC. Get them on Shacknews. A summary of the content’s also been released. Below: The Pitt opens with a desperate radio message, and a meeting with its sender, an escaped slave named Wernher. Wernher claims that the leader of “The […]

  • OXM has the goods on new Fallout 3 DLC, The Pitt

    The latest OXM UK has the first details on the second DLC expansion for Fallout 3, titled The Pitt, which is scheduled to arrive in March. Set in Pittsburgh’s steel-making district, OXM describes the industrial area as a “stunning dystopia that’s unlike any other area in Fallout 3′s world,” complete with a large dungeon, abandoned […]

  • No level cap in next Fallout?

    Bethesda has hinted MTV that the next Fallout might not have have a level cap. When executive producer Todd Howard was asked what the greatest lesson the company had learned from Fallout 3 he repsonded: “Greatest lesson? Don’t let the game end, and don’t have a level cap.” Of course, this isn’t 100% confirmation of […]