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  • Facebook game revenues up 12 % but Zynga down 37%

    Facebook gaming showed positive growth in the first quarter, but long term partner Zynga wasn’t a contributor to this success.

  • EA to shutter The Sims Social and other Facebook games

    The Sims Social, SimCity Social and Pet Society are all facing the chop, developer and publisher EA has confirmed. The company intends to close down all three games due to slumping player activity.

  • Plants vs Zombies Adventures now in closed beta

    PopCap has quietly unveiled Plants vs Zombies Adventures, a social adaptation of its much-loved tower defence effort now in beta on Facebook. Only a few players are onboard, with wider availability expected during northern spring. The “highly accessible” social spin-off promises exclusive new plants and zombie and all-new forms of combat, sending players on road […]

  • Facebook no longer required for

    Well well well, what have we here? Zynga has relaunched its online gaming portal and removed a requirement to login via Facebook. You can still use your social network ID if you like, but its yet another sign of the casual, mobile and social publisher’s decreasing reliance on Facebook. Reuters reports the relaunch hasn’t impressed […]

  • Facebook redirects affect multiple sites

    Log out of Facebook to read the rest of this artic- oh, you’ve gone.

  • Worms now open to all on Facebook

    After a lengthy closed beta, Team 17′s classic turn-based strategy game Worms is now freely available on Facebook. In case you’ve somehow never played it, this is the perfect chance to go hands-on with the lighthearted battler, which has been the heart and violent end of many a gaming friendship. Screens and trailer through the […]

  • Facebook: 10 major titles coming in 2013, ChronoBlade helmed by GTA creator

    Facebook is home to a growing number of games, but the social network company is going megaton on game development this year, starting with the announcement of ChronoBlade, an RPG with a whiff of Diablo about it. It’s being helmed by GTA creator Dave Jones, also of APB/Crackdown fame. See it in action below.

  • Stratego now available on iPad, Facebook

    Classic board game Stratego has made the digital transition. You can pick it up from the App Store for $7 or rope your friends in for free-to-play matches on Facebook. Both a classic 40 token mode and a stripped-down 10 token mode are available; multiplayer is cross-platform; and you can customise your playing pieces. Thanks, […]

  • FarmVille 2 stats: 40 million MAU, 8 million DAU, 350 million crops harvested daily

    Despite Zynag’s prevailing issues with closures, financials, and exiting executives, the firm’s FarmVille 2 is doing rather well. According to an inforgraphic released by the firm, the social farming simulation game – which launched in September – has 40 million monthly active users and 8 million daily users.

  • Zynga closure tally now at 11 titles

    Zynga closed at least six social games in December, bringing its list of the fallen to 11 casualties.

  • Angry Birds Star Wars now available on Facebook

    Like it says on the box; Angry Birds Star Wars is now available on Facebook. You can indulge your sci fi and avian obsession in a number of places now – Android, iDevice, Mac and PC as well as the new in-browser social network option. The licensed title was recently updated with 20 new levels.

  • Coasterville is Zynga’s latest

    Coastervilla is the latest game from Zynga’s Los Angeles development team, which also produced the popular Empires & Allies. Players are tasked with building the ultimate amusement park including laying out roller coasters which, to get real for a second, sounds almost exactly like Theme Park. If that’s your bag (whose isn’t it?) take a […]

  • Mafia Wars 2 to shutter at year’s end

    Zynga has announced the closure of Mafia Wars 21 on December 30. A follow-up to one of the social publisher’s earliest major successes, the Facebook title has failed to capture long lasting interest from punters, and is the latest victim of Zynga’s belt-tightening as it struggles to transition away from social gaming’s apparent decline. […]

  • Zynga and Facebook sign new, less co-dependent contract

    Zynga and Facebook have re-negotiated their mutual contract to better reflect a new world where neither company is as central to the other as five years ago.

  • Zynga CFO takes up new role at Facebook

    Zynga’s chief financial officer Dave Wehner has left the company to take up a “senior finance role” at Facebook, Zynga announced today. BusinessInsider reports former incumbent Mark Vranesh will take over Wehner’s duties in addition to his own as chief accounting officer. Wehner is the latest in a string of highly-placed departures from the social […]

  • Outernauts to ditch viral gimmickry for gameplay

    Making the conceptual shift from console action games to the social casual scene isn’t as easy as many think. Insomniac talks about their growing pains as they further refine their online title Outernauts.

  • Ghost Recon: Commander shelved, dev team laid off

    Tactical social effort Ghost Recon: Commander has been axed, with developer Loot Drop laying off its the entire team as a result.

  • Facebook gaming not “doing as well as” Zuckerberg would like

    Facebook’s third quarter financial review included some telling comments from CEO Mark Zuckerberg on the state of social gaming in general and Zynga in particular.

  • Street Fighter x Tekken Facebook battler is live, destroy your friends

    Street Fighter x Tekkenis out on PS Vita in the States, and to celebrate Capcom has launched a Facebook game that lets you battle your friends based on criteria such as how many likes you have, how much you trash talk, and how big a poser you are. Get fighting your loved ones now.

  • Fail whale – Zynga’s over-reliance on broken business

    Zynga quietly laid off 5% of its staff during Apple’s conference yesterday, reminding us yet again that social gaming on the mega-publisher scale has the long term prospects of a terminally ill mayfly.

  • Microsoft confirms it’s “retiring” Facebook and Twitter apps on Xbox 360

    Microsoft has confirmed it’s retiring the Facebook and Twitter apps on the Xbox Live dashboard. The news was confirmed to IGN, with the firm stating the apps will no longer be present when the mandatory Xbox 360 dashboard update launches in an effort to “streamline” app functionality. The update is expected around October 23.

  • Zynga settles Pyramidville trademark dispute

    Zynga and French social developer Koboko have settled a trademark dispute over the “Ville” suffix, which Zynga attaches to a range of games. Gamasutra reports that the terms of the agreement have been kept confidential, but Kobojo said no money changed hands. Pyramidville was recently renamed PyramidValley, though.

  • Facebook and Twitter apps removed with Xbox 360 dashboard update – report

    Microsoft has removed Facebook and Twitter apps with the latest Xbox 360 dashboard update, and sources close to the matter claim it’s so users will use the Internet Explorer browser on the console instead.

  • 85% of social players give up after one day

    Playnomics has released a report on user engagement with social games. The audience management firm discovered that 85% of players in the US didn’t return to a social game after their first day of play.

  • Farmville 2 is the top app on Facebook

    Farmville 2 has nearly 50 million users and is Facebook’s most popular app.

  • Jagex opens US studio, announces Carnage Racing for Facebook

    Jagex has opened a new studio in California with staff consisting of Rockstar’s Midnight Club developers.

  • Zynga games bleed fans as Facebook purges fake accounts

    A number of Zynga games have noted significant drops in Like totals following a crackdown on fake accounts – sometimes used by scurrilous types to run “pay-per-Like” schemes. You can see the carnage on AppData, and TechCrunch has gathered some interesting before and after comparisons and charts. Texas Hold’em Poker was the worst struck, losing […]

  • Resident Evil 6 Facebook trailer kills off your friends and family

    Resident Evil 6′s No Hope Left trailer posits that you are a person with large hands, and everyone you love is dead.

  • Garriott’s Ultimate Collector will launch on the Zynga Platform

    Ultimate Collector, Portalarium’s collecting game from the mind of Ultima Online’s Richard Garriott, will be backed by Zynga. The social game which has users running all over the place to collect items to display in their virtual homes will launch on the Zynga Platform. Ultimate Collector is currently in limited beta on Facebook. Thanks, Massively.

  • Puzzle Chasers – Konami’s Facebook game hits 1 million MAUs

    Puzzle Chasers, the free-to-play Facebook game, has 1,000,000 monthly active users, Konami has announced.