Codemasters F1 license good through 2016

Codemasters has at least one more F1 game in it.

F1 headlines

  • Codemasters signs new multi-year Formula One deal

    Codemasters has announced its signed a new, multi-year deal that sees it extend its current existing contract as the exclusive rights holder to the Formula One games.

  • Codemasters hiring staff for new F1 browser game

    Codemasters is hiring for its new browser-based Formula One game.

  • F1 can be Codmasters' FIFA, says CEO

    Codemasters CEO Rod Cousens has told MCV its F1 series can easily have their own yearly-iterations in a similar fashion to EA’s FIFA.

  • Codemaster's F1 game will be a sim not arcade

    Posting under the alias Uncle Chewy in a post on the Codemasters forums, the exec producer of the arcade racer GRID has assured fans that its up and coming F1 game will be a proper sim. Right, I haven’t read every post in this thread, but I get the jist and just to stop you […]

  • Codemasters grabs F1 license, new game next year

    Codemasters has acquired the F1 license, with the first game based on the franchise shipping for 360 and PS3 in the new year. “Formula One is ambitious in expanding its reach with more circuits planned beyond recent additions in the Middle East and China. It is also ambitious in expanding its reach via technology,” said […]