Endless Space

A sequel to turn-based strategy game Endless Space is in the works

Amplitude Studios has announced a sequel to its space-based 4X strategy Endless Space.

Endless Space headlines

  • Endless Space: Disharmony getting The Search for Auriga add-on next month

    Amplitude Studios’ sci-fi strategy game Endless Space is getting a free major update in November. The Search for Auriga follows 4 post-launch free add-ons, and promises a great deal of new content. “‘The Search for Auriga’ will include new heroes, a special wonder, a unique planet, in addition to new features such as Rally Points […]

  • Unity Awards 2013 crown Endless Space with the golden cube

    Unity Technologies has announced the winners of its yearly Unity awards, and Endless Space has walked away with the top gong.

  • Endless Space expansion Disharmony out next week, new screens released

    Amplitude Studios has entered the final stage of development for Disharmony, the first official expansion to Endless Space. To celebrate, the developer has released some screenshots for the content.

  • Endless Space's first expansion pack Disharmony releasing this summer

    Iceberg Interactive has announced Disharmony, the first expansion pack for Endless Space, will be released on Steam and at retails this summer for $9.99. The DLC comes with a new faction called The Harmony, new fighters and bombers, battle formations, enhanced invasion mechanics, a new targeting system, and a redesigned weapon system. Enemy AI will […]

  • Endless Space passes 300,000 sales, celebrates with discount, free DLC

    Science fiction 4X Endless Space has totted up 300,000 sales, so developer Amplitude Studios has announced a free content update and week-long sale.

  • Endless Space: free Light of Polaris update hitting Steam today

    Endless Space developer Amplitude Studios has announced the third free update for its space strategy title. Light of Polaris will hit Steam at some point today, and adds new features, Steam Cloud support and achievements into the mix. Get a content break-down after the cut.

  • Endless Space DLC Rise of the Automatons hits Steam today

    Endless Space DLC Rise of the Automatons will release today on Steam for free, Iceberg Interactive and Amplitude Studios has announced. Before applying the update, however, you’ll need to finish your current game today as the add-on is incompatible with old saves due to the many changes.

  • Endless Space trailer gets melodramatic

    Endless Space is out today, and did you know it’s not just about exploring, expanding, exploiting, and exterminating? It’s got a plot, too. Even an orchestral theme.

  • Endless Space is yours come July 4

    Iceberg Interactive has nailed down a launch date for 4X strategy, Endless Space, which will launch for PC via digital distribution on July 4. The sci-fi effort has been in beta testing, and developer Amplitude Studios seems quite pleased with the result. The studio’s debut drew plenty of engagement from the hardcore community using Amplitude’s […]