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Immersive Technology Alliance formed by Oculus VR, EA, Avegant, CastAR others

The Immersive Technology Alliance has been formed from The Stereoscopic 3D Gaming Alliance and inlcudes companies such as EA, CastAR’s Technical Illusions, Oculus VR, Epson, and Panasonic.


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  • Immersive Technology Alliance formed by Oculus VR, EA, Avegant, CastAR others

    The Immersive Technology Alliance has been formed from The Stereoscopic 3D Gaming Alliance and inlcudes companies such as EA, CastAR’s Technical Illusions, Oculus VR, Epson, and Panasonic.

  • Titanfall 360 delay is about managing higher preorders, not polishing game

    Pre-orders are likely over 3.5 million for Titanfall, meaning EA can afford to hold back the 360 build of mech shooter and still meet sales targets.

  • EA drops gun licensing deals – but keeps the guns

    Electronic Arts has revealed plans to ditch gun licensing deals from its games – but will continue to feature well-known weaponry in their titles without paying gun manufacturers.

  • FIFA 13: Club-specific cover sleeves head onto the pitch

    FIFA 13 is finally out across the globe. To celebrate its UK launch, EA has released a number of club-specific cover sleeves for download.

  • FIFA 13 Matchday replicates the drama of football

    David Rutter showed the Matchday feature by replicating Sergio Aguero’s dramatic winner in last season’s Premier League.

  • Battlefield 4 will take place in “the modern day”

    Battlefield 4 will be set in modern times, according to DICE general manager Karl Magnus Troedsson.

  • Battlefield series turns 10 today: over 50 million served

    DICE general manager Karl Magnus Troedsson celebrated the 10-year anniversary of Battlefield at GDC Europe today.

  • Battlefield 3 Premium Edition spotted on Amazon Canada

    In a year without a new Battlefield game, it appears DICE may be cashing in with a complete collection of Battlefield 3 content.

  • Burnout Crash coming to iPhone later this year

    When Burnout Crash launched, more than a few people noticed that it seemed more like a low-rent iPhone game than a full XBLA release. It seems EA agreed.

  • Grasshopper selling Shadows of the Damned soundtrack

    Shadows of the Damned didn’t perform very well at retail, but its developers are still hoping there’s some interest in the game’s Akira Yamaoka composed soundtrack.

  • EA releases Battlefield 3 Physical Warfare trailer

    It’s barely even September and the war between Battlefield and Call of Duty is already heating up. Just as we’re expecting a load of information to come in from the CoD: Elite event, EA has released a new trailer for BF3.

  • SSX developer video shows off Elise’s character evolution

    Electronic Arts’ latest developer video for the upcoming snowboarding game SSX concentrates on designing the game’s characters, with the spotlight on Elise.

  • Battlefield 360 DLC on sale this week

    Get ready to save some money this week if you own the 360 version of Battlefield Bad Company 2. Nelson’s revealed that from now until April 11, players of the DICE FPS will be able to save 50 percent off various bits of DLC.

  • Battlefield Play4Free officially launches with new trailer

    Battlefield Play4Free, the next game in Electronic Arts’ move into the free-to-play space, has now launched into open beta.

  • Interview – Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Daniel Erickson (part two)

    The Star Wars films have always had a nasty habit of making you wait years between sequels. What’s up with that? Us though, we’re not like mean old George Lucas. Waiting’s not our style. Yesterday: part one. Today: part two. Jump past the break to hear Star Wars: The Old Republic writing director Daniel Erickson’s […]

  • Rumor: Ye olde Sims on the way?

    Dung festering in the streets. Lack of proper plumbing. Plague. Nearly non-existent life-expectancy. Unending torrents of played-out Monty Python and The Holy Grail jokes. Those are the medieval times for you. Sounds like a pretty great place for a Sims game, huh?

  • EA FY2010 financials – everything in one place

    Recently, for a lot of videogame companies, we have to imagine that getting on the horn for a financial call has been akin to watching crowds gather at the gallows for your own hanging. Only problem is, execs actually survive financial calls, ensuring that they’ll have to shout “Abandon ship!” as their stocks plummet yet […]

  • EA Sports Online Pass required if you want to play future EA Sports games online

    Like some of the athletes its game depict, EA’s Project Ten Dollar appears to have gone on ‘roids.

  • EA to Green Day: Rock Band: The show must go on

    Rock Band’s future with EA may be on borrowed time at this point – especially with EA’s recent announcement that, for now, it’s narrowing its focus to internally developed titles – but that hasn’t stopped the publishing giant from hitting the road one last time with Green Day: Rock Band.

  • EA plans to “revitalize” Medal of Honor, other “core IP”

    During today’s EA Q2 conference call, EA Games label president Frank Gibeau confirmed that, while Activision’s Call of Duty franchise may have won a few battles here and there, it certainly hasn’t won the war of the war shooters. Medal of Honor, as it turns out, is gearing up for a comeback. “In the months […]

  • EA’s Q2 earnings: $391 million net loss, 1500 laid-off

    EA released its Q2 earnings report today, and – as you can probably guess – it wasn’t exactly written on gilded paper. Net losses continue to pile up, now sitting at $391 million – a fairly substantial increase over last year’s $310 million. As the stinging cross in this bank-breaking combo, sales are also down […]

  • EA job listings hint at “next-gen” Boom Blox

    A recent EA job listing uncovered by Internet super sleuth Superannuation has “next-gen” and “Boom Blox” written all over it. Literally! “Our last two titles were Wii-based, but our next titles will be for the next generation,” says a listing by EA’s Boom Blox team. Previous listings have searched for the conspicuous mix of PS3 […]

  • Dragon Age: Origins dated for PS3

    Back when Dragon Age was delayed into November, the PS3 version was curiously banished into the month’s furthest reaches. However, no specific date or reason was given. Now, though, EA’s seen fit to spill the beans. It’s coming on November 17, EA’s David Silverman told Joystiq. Why? Apparently, BioWare “wanted more time to get [the] […]

  • Classic Bullfrog remakes on the way?

    In the beginning, there was Bullfrog. And it was good. Then it got dissected and assimilated into the EA biomass, and Peter Molyneux ran off to form Lionhead Studios. The result? Bullfrog kicked the bucket, and gamers have been clamoring for series revivals ever since. Fortunately for those gamers, comments from EA’s Harvey Elliot would […]

  • Star Wars: TOR trailer shows rise of Mandalorians

    The latest Star Wars: The Old Republic trailer has been commandeered by the Mandalorians. Apparently, they like combat, fighting the Jedi Order, and long walks on the beach. Find out more by watching the trailer, which is after the break.

  • EA: Wii games can’t be ports, must have “own unique designs”

    Speaking with Gamespot, EA Games president Frank Gibeau set the course for EA’s Wii games to come, and warned against the choppy waters ports tend to bring. “These need to be stand-alone, high-quality games that are profitable,” he said. “Our operating assumption is that ports on the Nintendo Wii don’t sell very well, and we […]

  • PSP and PS3 versions of Rock Band will not make beautiful music together

    Or any sort of music, for that matter. Speaking with 1UP, Harmonix said that the upcoming pint-sized version of Rock Band won’t be able to interact with its bigger, more plastic-intensive brother. Does this mean we’ll have to buy new songs twice — once on each platform? That sounds a bit like highway robbery, if […]

  • EA’s NASCAR sim series “on hold,” kid-friendly kart racer in its place

    It’s official: simulation racing is old news. EA said so, and – to be honest – knows oodles more about turning left and occasionally exploding than we do, so we’re deferring to the mega-publisher’s opinion. As such, EA told Joystiq that its NASCAR sim racing series has stalled out for now, but that there are […]

  • Source: Battlefield 1943 real, will be shown in Europe this week

    VG247 has learned from a European source that the rumored Battlefield 1943: Pacific is “real, but still under wraps.” The game will be shown in Europe this week, so we should know more very soon. It was speculated overnight that the title will be shown this weekend at New York Comic Con. We’ll let you […]

  • Rumor: Battlefield 1943: Pacific en route to New York Comic Con

    More WWII? Possibly, if EA’s handing out postcards at this year’s New York Comic Con – and not cruel jokes. According to EA’s NYCC schedule, Battlefield 1943: Pacific postcards will be delivered unto EA faithful at some point during the show. As expected, EA recently removed that listing from the Internet, but a Google Cache […]