Get a PS4 for $330 right now on eBay

NewEgg is offering PlayStation 4 consoles for just $330 through its eBay outlet.


Ebay headlines

  • Someone is offering their video game collection for $164,000

    A video game collector is offering their sizeable collection for sale for $164,000. The collection includes over 5,700 Games and over 50 systems, according to the listing.

  • iPhone with pre-installed Flappy Bird app sitting at $99,900 on eBay right now

    Flappy Bird has been removed from iTunes by creator Dong Nguyen and the whole world seems to have become a little bit more crazy. Someone’s selling an iPhone 5S with the game pre-installed on eBay right now, and the current bid is $99,900.

  • Call of Duty: Ghosts fan-made dog and soldier figures sell on eBay for $90

    Call of Duty: Ghosts doesn’t have a toy line yet, but someone has taken matters into their own hands with these custom Riley and Hesh figures. They recently sold on eBay for $90.

  • PS4: 10,000 consoles sold through eBay on first weekend

    PlayStation 4 has proved pretty damn popular with online shoppers, likely netting a pretty penny for those willing to on-sell their launch day consoles to those who couldn’t secure a pre-order.

  • Gamer selling 30-year game collection for $500,000 on eBay

    Over on eBay, a seller called’’ is auctioning all of the games, console and controllers amassed over a 30-year period for half a million dollars.

  • Wii U resellers exploiting demand, charging up to $1,550 for console

    Wii U pre-orders have been selling out all over the globe, but re-sellers have reportedly started to take the piss by charging desperate gamers as much as $1,550 for a console.

  • Final Fantasy 2: Rare NES cart selling on eBay for $50,000

    Final Fantasy 2 launched on NES in 1988 but never came out in the West. Until now that is. Someone is selling what could be the world’s only American FInal Fantasy 2 cartridge, but it’ll cost you. A lot.

  • €1 million games collection sold on eBay

    Just so you know what the cool kids are talking about: somebody offered their simply enormous games collection on eBay and sold it for a whopping €1 million. The listing included 22 fullsets – complete collections of games released over a system’s lifespan – as well as massive piles of accessories and oddities. It’s worth […]

  • Street Fighter X Tekken event ticket auction opens at midnight, benefits charity

    Capcom is offering folks a chance to bid on tickets to the Ultimate Showdown, and the funds will support Street Fighter X Tekken’s official charity partner, Campaign Against Living Miserably.

  • Rumour - Truckload of Modern Warfare 3 highjacked as eBay prices soar

    French media reports 6,000 copies of Modern Warfare 3 have been stolen in transit, as pre-release copies of the highly anticipated shooter pull massive eBay prices.

  • BioShock 2 wine bottles already up on eBay

    Looks like a couple of those Acadia wine bottles 2K buried on beaches around the globe have already hit eBay. Didn’t take long did it? Three different listings have been posted so far – and as of this post, auctions are currently at $49.00, $76.00, and $86.00. Surely each will be in the hundreds before […]

  • eBay "Deal of the Day' is Xbox Live Gold Membership for $27.99

    Yeah, you read the headline right. eBay’s Deal of the Day is a good one. Twelve months of Xbox Live Gold membership for $27.99 compared to $49.99. The deal ends on June 28, has a limit of two per customer, and you must have a US PayPal account. We just got two ourselves. They make […]

  • Analyst expects rush of retailers to join used game market

    Lazard analyst Colin Sebastian expects more retailers to start selling used games now Amazon has entered into the market, says a Gamsutra report. “According to our industry checks, one large consumer electronics retail chain is rekindling efforts to sell used video games, while another general merchandise ‘big box’ store is in trials to buy back […]

  • LittleBigPlanet changing hands for $140 on eBay

    Amazing what a bit of religious controversy can do. As you can see here, LittleBigPlanet is now changing hands on eBay for up to $140 following Sony’s decision to recall the game. Media Molecule’s platformer had already shipped to retailers before a problem with lines from the Qur’an being included in one of the title’s […]

  • Used 60Gb PS3s selling for more than new 80Gb in UK

    UK retailer GAME is selling a handful of used 60Gb Playstation3s for the princely sum of £349.99 and upwards. This is £50 more than the new 80Gb model which is heavily rumoured to be hitting UK shores this Friday. In fact, 60Gb models have been selling for around £400 on Amazon, which, combined with GAME’s […]

  • PS3 laptop auctioned for charity

    You can now bid for Ben Heck’s PS3 laptop in an eBay charity auction hosted by Engadget. We thought we’d pick up on this, as it’s all for a good cause and all that. However, bidding has reached an astronomical $16,100USD (at the time of writing) and there’s still a week to go. Head over […]

  • Man sells every Dreamcast game ever made in eBay auction

    Here. All 606 games, all sealed. He wants $20,000 for the lot. We’re prepared to take odds-on bets that no one buys this.

  • Using Virtual Console saves you "$1,200"

    This lot have painstakingly worked out how much you save if you buy all Virtual Console games through your Wii as opposed to buying the real things second hand on eBay. Everyone needs a hobby. Turns out if you buy everything from VC – all 196 games in the US – it’ll cost you $1,325, […]