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  • SimCity leads leave Maxis to form Jellygrade Studio

    SimCity creative director Ocean Quigley has left Maxis along with lead architect Andrew Willmott and lead gameplay engineer Dan Moskowitz to set up a new studio called Jellygrade.

  • Darkspore reinstated on Steam

    Darkspore is once more available on Steam. The action RPG returned to Valve’s digital distribution service overnight. EA has not explained its temporary absence, which added fuel to speculation that support for the game had ended. EA has pish-poshed such talk, noting that Maxis recently corrected a nasty error.

  • Darkspore support has not ended - EA

    EA has confirmed that Darkspore is still being supported by Maxis.

  • Darkspore plagued by DRM errors, unavailable on Steam

    Amid widespread complaints of issues connecting to Darkspore, the EA Maxis title has been withdrawn from sale on Steam.

  • SimCity Mac release delayed into August, PC update inbound

    EA Maxis has pushed back the OS-X port of SimCity, saying it needs a little more time in the oven. Meanwhile, the PC version still seems to be in the mixing bowl, with the next update addressing a bunch of issues and features.

  • The Sims 3: Dragon Valley DLC out now

    The Sims 3 has gained a new piece of DLC called Dragon Valley, available via the in-game store. The $25 pack adds a new storyline about rival families and includes baby dragons as well as a slew of medieval-themed costumes and the like. Hmm. If you’re keen to recreate Game of Thrones – even after […]

  • SimCity patch to address traffic issues - again

    Maxis has prepared a slew of new SimCity fixes, once more hoping to correct the sandbox game’s transport woes.

  • SimCity server issues "inexcusable", says series creator

    Will Wright, the original creator of SimCity, is not at all impressed with the launch woes which plagued the most recent release, although he did have praise for the game itself.

  • SimCity to receive "additional fixes" post Update 2.0

    Maxis is in the process of fixing issues stemming from SimCity update 2.0 which upon applying, causes some cities to experience overflowing sewers, and other hilarious – though rage inducing- bugs which weren’t there before. The developer has listed several items it intends to fix in the coming weeks, such as a reducing the “need […]

  • SimCity promotion offers DLC with dental products

    EA has bundled a piece of SimCity DLC with specially-marked Crest and Oral-B products.

  • SimCity is cross-play enabled

    The Mac and PC versions of SimCity are multiplayer compatible, according to PCGamesN. Since anybody who owns the PC version will also have free access to a Mac copy, this means you can merrily migrate your account back and forth between the two platforms, which just goes to show there’s at least one upside to […]

  • SimCity cheetah speed enabled on all servers

    The SimCity Facebook page confirms that cheetah speed is now available in-game. Some servers have been lucky enough to have the fastest speed available for quite some time, but even those of you in the busiest regions should now have access. Maxis also noted that update 2.0 is on the way. Thanks, Blue’s News.

  • SimCity releases free but ad-supported DLC

    If you can stomach looking at the word “Nissan” from time to time, head over to Origin to grab the Leaf Station, a free piece of DLC bearing the car manufacturer’s brand. The charging station gives a one-time boost to business happiness in surrounding areas, boosts happiness for each sim that uses it, requires no […]

  • SimCity gets promised traffic congestion patch

    Maxis has issued a new patch for SimCity with some much-discussed fixes for traffic congestion. As well as helping clear your streets, the patch helps emergency vehicles make it to their targets, ensures all buildings can be demolished, and adds some performance improvements for ageing rigs. Plus, a new server – Asia 2 – launches […]

  • SimCity sells 1.1 million copies, breaks Origin concurrency records

    SimCity’s everyone’s favourite whipping boy at the moment, but that hasn’t stopped it selling like tasty Canadian hotcakes and attracting more users to Origin than ever before.

  • SimCity traffic congestion fixes detailed

    As discussed in a previous update, EA Maxis will patch SimCity to do something about the currently unavoidable and nonsensical traffic jams which ruin everything, forever.

  • SimCity: am I doing this right?

    Mayor Brenna reigns over one bustling metropolis and a few more more half-developed shells serving only as fodder for the people of SpecDraqular. This is city-building at its finest, apparently.

  • SimCity server page gives at-a-glance updates

    EA Maxis has launched an official SimCity server status page, showing the current condition of all regional servers. Go ahead and bookmark it, but maybe hold off visiting just yet because at time of writing it’s returning looping errors rather than useful information. Possibly this is because everyone’s trying to look at it at once, […]

  • SimCity issues "almost behind us", crashes down 92%

    SimCity is close to farewelling its persistent launch issues, EA Maxis boss Lucy Bradshaw has said.

  • SimCity "situation is good, but not good enough", says Maxis

    SimCity developer EA Maxis claims to have improved server response time by a factor of 40, and warned of rolling downtimes as it applies fixes to each server.


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