Donkey Kong Country

Cranky Kong works out that new-fangled Twitter thing

To promote tomorrow’s release of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Cranky Kong has taken over Nintendo of America’s Twitter account.

Donkey Kong Country headlines

  • Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D has multiplayer, easy mode, new content

    When Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D hits the Nintendo eShop for 3DS, players will be able to partake in an optional easy mode and hit up other players through multiplayer if they so choose. Local multiplayer was also an option in the original Wii version, and instead of only having two hearts for health, easy […]

  • Donkey Kong Country titles to be removed from European Wii shop next week

    Donkey Kong Country titles will no longer be available through the Wii shop in Europe as of next week. According to a message on the shop, as of November 25, the titles Donkey Kong Country, Diddy’s Kong Quest and Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble will be removed from Virtual Console. Best nab it before it’s gone […]