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  • Warframe studio would "be silly not to consider" the game for Xbox One since self-publishing reversal

    Warframe developer Digital Extremes said last week it would like to released its shooter on Xbox One, but it would depend on the firm’s indie publishing policy. OXM followed up its original chat with the firm after Microsoft announced self-publishing on the console, and VP of publishing Meridith Braun said the firm is “happy to […]

  • Warframe: Xbox One release depends on Microsoft's indie policy

    Warframe developer Digital Extremes has expressed interest in getting the free shooter on Xbox One. It all hinges on Microsoft’s indie publishing policy however.

  • Warframe: from PC to PS4 in three months

    It took Warframe developer Digital Extremes just three months to get its free online shooter running on PS4. VG247′s Dave Cook speaks with the team about the flexibility of Sony’s next-gen console.

  • Warframe dev praises PS4 tech, says DualShock 4 is best controller yet

    Warframe developer Digital Extremes is bringing its free-to-play ninja shooter to PS4 at launch, and in an interview with VG247, has discussed the console’s technical power and PC-like architecture. The studio also championed the DualShock 4 controller as the best console pad they’ve ever held.

  • Warframe developer feels it's riskier for a mid-size firm to go mobile than free-to-play

    Digital Extremes creative director Steve Sinclair has said that while most mod-sized studios would rather play the safe card by developing a mobile title, to them, it’s just as risky as going free-to-play – like with Warframe.

  • Warframe has been an "idea" of Digital Extremes' since launch of current-gen

    Warframe is coming to PlayStation 4 as a launch title, and below you will find a video featuring Digital Extremes’ creative director Steve Sinclair discussing the game with the PS Blog. Have a watch. Apparently the team behind the game wasn’t too pleased with the final name of the game – but they are okay […]

  • Warframe trailer celebrates PlayStation 4 launch

    Warframe is coming to PlayStation 4 as a launch title, with Digital Extremes describing the porting process and hardware as “awesome”. See how the worked-over co-op shooter looks with the new console’s grunt behind it in the debut trailer through the break.

  • Warframe coming to PlayStation 4

    Digital Extremes’ free-to-play sci-fi action effort Warframe is on the way to the PlayStation 4, which is a bit of a turn up for the books.

  • Star Trek: The Video Game reviews arrive, scores inside

    Star Trek: The Video Game came our in North America on Tuesday to no reviews. But now they’ve started to appear online, and the news isn’t good.

  • Star Trek: The Video Game launch trailer is go

    Star Trek: The Video Game publisher Namco Bandai has unleashed Digital Extreme’s launch trailer into the wild, in time for the game’s launch across North America today.

  • Star Trek: The Video Game's story creation discussed in latest video

    Star Trek: The Video Game is out soon, like, next week soon. In it, you can co-op as Spock and Kirk as they fight off the Gorn – who are more than just B-movie style monsters wearing evening dresses this time out. The game has a storyline original to it, and you can hear all […]

  • Star Trek: The Video Game talent video is full familiar faces

    Star Trek: The Video Game is out next week, and today, Paramount Pictures released a video featuring film actors Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, John Cho, Simon Pegg, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban and Anton Yelchin which lent their voices to the game. Check it out below. Star Trek: The Video Game is out on PC, PS3 […]

  • Star Trek gets a trio of gameplay videos showing early missions

    Star Trek: The Video Game has been showcased in a trio of IGN commentary videos, showing off the first few stages in action.

  • Warframe has over one million registered users

    Warframe, the cooperative online free-to-play third-person shooter with randomly-generated missions from Digital Extremes, has over one million registered players participating in the open beta – which has only been live for around 14 days. The beta for the space-ninja’ action game is available through Steam and you can register for it through here if you […]

  • Star Trek trailer reunites Shatner with the Gorn

    William Shatner, the original face of James T Kirk, returns to facedown an old foe in this new trailer for Digital Extremes’ Star Trek, a tie in to the rebooted film series. This is pretty much the best thing. Star Trek is due on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on April 23 in the […]

  • Warframe PhysX trailer shows off some very pretty effects

    Most developers use PhysX to ensure that when their incredibly boring assets are destroyed, at least the animations are interesting to look at. Not Digital Extremes; the developer has taken Nvidia’s middleware and done some absolutely dreamy things with it, adding gorgeous colourful particle effects to the spectacular special skills in Warframe. Take a peek […]

  • Star Trek features two new Vulcan characters

    Much has been made of the fact that Star Trek’s actors volunteered their services for the upcoming Digital Extremes game, but the stand-alone adventure also introduces two brand-new characters.

  • Star Trek wouldn't have been green lit without film cast

    The Star Trek reboot wouldn’t have been licensed for a game adaptation if the cast hadn’t agreed to participate in the project.

  • Star Trek: Paramount keen to avoid stigma of movie licenses

    Star Trek: The Video game launches in April, and license-holder Paramount has stressed that it won’t be another shoddy cash-in. The company has said it learned a great deal from previous licensed disasters.

  • Star Trek: new images are highly logical

    Star Trek has received a new batch of screens from publisher Namco Bandai. There’s not that much lens flare either, you can stop squinting now.

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