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  • Latest Blizzard Insider talks a bit about Diablo III’s upcoming beta

    In the latest issue of Blizzard Insider, Blizzard has let lose on a few Diablo III beta details, most of which are already known thanks to a press event not long ago, but there’s some interesting bits in there as well. Pity these interesting tidbits don’t announce a date for the beta. It’s rumored to […]

  • Blizzard “surprised” at reaction to online requirements for Diablo 3

    Robert Bridenbecker, Blizzard’s VP of online technologies, has said he’s “surprised” by the reaction of Diablo fans over the always online requirement to play Diablo 3.

  • Blizzard to publish Diablo lore book

    Blizzard told Comic Con attendees it will release an official Diablo source book alongside Diablo III.

  • Blizzard’s looking for best fan fiction, again

    Blizzard’s second annual writing contest is nigh, and the lucky winner this year not only gets invited to company headquarters in California, but their choice of either the Diablo III “Overthrown” barbarian diorama or a Frostmourne sword. We’d pick the sword, obviously.

  • Diablo II turns 10, still being played on

    Diablo II turned 10 years-old yesterday, believe it or not, and Blizzard is celebrating with a bit of a retrospective on the Diablo III website.

  • BlizzCon 2010 tickets up for grabs June 2 and June 5

    Blizzard has announced that BlizzCon tickets will go on sale in two batches beginning with the first one on Wednesday, June 2 at 7.00pm PST (10.00pm EST).

  • Blizzard teases Diablo III information with image

    Blizzard is being a tease regarding information on Diablo III. How so you ask? Why, with a segment of a picture image is how.

  • Male Wizard gets animated over on Diablo III website

    Blizzard has updated the Diablo 3 website with a look at the male wizard, and thankfully, his animated form looks a lot less emo/S&M than the artist rendering of him above.

  • Blizzard’s Rob Pardo to give lecture at GDC

    Think Services has announced that during GDC next month, Blizzard’s Rob Pardo will give a lecture on design philosophies.

  • Diablo III – Artwork reveals female Monk

    Some artwork for Diablo III was panned across the screen on the the latest Jace Hall show, and it showed the female version of the Monk class.

  • Diablo II patch 1.13 now live on the test server

    It’s hard to believe that Diablo II is nine years-old, isn’t it? But what is not hard to believe is that Blizzard is still supporting the title, and continues to release patches and content for the super dungeon game. Today’s a prime example of this support, as patch 1.13 has been released on the public […]

  • First batch of BlizzCon tickets sold out, no shocker really

    The first batch of BlizzCon 09 tickets sold out within minutes of going up for sale. Not really surprising, is it? The second batch is set to go up May 30. If you didn’t get yours today, you can always try again then. Best of luck.

  • Reminder: BlizzCon 09 tickets go on sale today

    This is just a friendly reminder, to those planning on attending BlizzCon this year, that tickets go on sale today at 10:00am PST (1:00pm EST). The event takes place at Anaheim Convention Center in Los Angeles on August 21, and of you haven’t set up a account, you need to do so now. Should […]

  • Bill Roper likes the look of original Diablo better than Diablo III

    Bill Roper, design director for Cryptic, says that he prefers the “darker, more realistic” Diablo to the “Blizzard interpretation” of Diablo III. Speaking in an interview with, the ex-Blizzard North exec said he does not think that the new Diablo looks bad as such, just that he liked the more gritty version better. “You […]

  • Blizzard contest will hand out awards for best fan fiction

    Blizzard’s first ever global writing contest has gone into effect, with the lucky winner getting invited to the company’s headquarters in California. If you’re feeling creative, write up a piece of fan fiction up to 10,000 words long pertaining to one of Blizzard’s three main franchises, submit it and cross your fingers. “Whether you conjure […]

  • US PC charts: February’s top 20 best-sellers

    NPD has compiled a list of America’s top 20 best-selling PC games during February: Lich King won out. Not much changed month over month, the debuts of Dawn of War II and F.E.A.R. 2 the only real exceptions. World Of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King The Sims 2 Double Deluxe Warhammer 40K: Dawn of […]

  • Blizzard wants your input on upcoming Diablo II patch

    Blizzard is planning on patching Diablo II again, and this time it wants to know what players want addressed. The forums over at Blizzard are waiting for your suggestions for v1.13, and the game maker’s goal is to “get an overall sense of the single most important request from every member of the community.” So […]

  • AT&T and Blizzard renew hosting vows

    AT&T has renewed its contract to host Blizzard’s online titles – including Diablo II, StarCraft and World of Warcraft – for the next two years. The company’s hosted WoW and the service for Blizzard for the past nine years. “We’ve been pleased with AT&T’s service over the years, and we’re confident in their ability […]