Desert Bus For Hope

Desert Bus for Hope 9 underway – watch people suffer for charity

It’s that time again: the Desert Bus for Hope is on the road.

Desert Bus For Hope headlines

  • Child's Play raised $5 million for charity in 2012

    Child’s Play, the charity geared towards raising money to buy games and toys for children’s hospitals and domestic violence relief centres has revealed it raised some $5 million throughout 2012. The charity has responded to the news by issuing its thanks to those who donated.

  • Desert Bus for Hope now accepting donations

    The annual Desert Bus for Hope marathon, which has a troop of staunch soldiers playing the worst video game ever made for days on end to raise money for Child’s Play, is now taking donations. The more you give, the longer the poor players have to stick with the famously boring sim. With ten days […]

  • Desert Bus now available on iOS, Android - all proceeds to Child's Play

    The notorious Desert Bus, Penn and Teller’s incredibly boring and unrewarding parody simulation, is now available on both iOS and Android. It’s worth owning just to say you’ve experienced it, but all proceeds from the 99 cent app go straight to penny Arcade’s charity Child’s Play, which provides toys and games for hospitalised kids. In […]

  • Fourth annual Desert Bus for Hope kicks off, people marathon worst game of all time for charity

    Want to see good people play a really, really bad game to help other good people? Then take a gander at this.