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  • Metal Gear Rising boss trailer isn't for the fainthearted

    Konami has ramped up its Metal Gear Solid: Revengeance promotion across the last couple of weeks. Keeping with recent tradition, the publisher has released a trailer focusing on boss battles.

  • Tomb Raider doesn't feature an Online or Season Pass, no demo on the horizon

    Crystal Dynamics has confirmed a Tomb Raider demo isn’t on the cards, nor is the inclusion of a Season or Online Pass when the full game hits.

  • Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance demo due next week

    Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is like no Metal Gear game before it, but check out this new trailer and the upcoming demo, and you may just find yourself looking at that as a good thing.

  • Ni No Kuni demo features two bosses, hits Europe on Wednesday

    No No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch arrives in demo form this week, the highlight of a pretty packed US PlayStation Store update. Destructoid reports the demo also arrives on the European PlayStation Network this week, on Wednesday December 5. The taster feature two environments and allows you to tackle two bosses, the Guardian […]

  • God of War: Ascension demo bundled with Total Recall Blu-ray

    A God of War: Ascension demo will be available for a limited time to those who purchase Total Recall on Blu-ray. The featured demo is the single player material from E3 2012. Total Recall goes on sale on December 18; God of War: Ascension isn’t expected till March 2013. More details on the PS Blog.

  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 second PC demo out now

    A second Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 demo has been prepared for the PC Elite’s assessment.

  • New Resident Evil 6 demo shuffles onto Xbox Live and US PSN

    Capcom has released an original Resident Evil 6 demo. XBL Gold Members and US PSN users will get another look at the upcoming zombie title after the first snippet was a little short on inspiration.

  • FIFA 13 demo sets series record: 1.99 million downloads so far

    FIFA 13’s demo was released on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 this week, and EA has just revealed that the trial has set a series record, with over 1.99 million people downloads so far.

  • FIFA 13 demo hits Xbox 360 tomorrow, teams revealed

    FIFA 13 will receive a European demo from EA Sports between 10am-2pm tomorrow on Xbox Live, and on PS3 at some point on Wednesday. The publisher has also revealed what teams will be playable in the demo.

  • Madden 13 demo live on PS3 & Xbox 360

    Madden 13 demos have launched on PS3 and Xbox 360. Satisfy your urge to throw balls and hit large men today.

  • Asylum demo available on PC, Mac, Ubuntu

    Senscape has released a playable teaser for Asylum, its creepy adventure set within the Hanwell Institute.

  • Madden NFL 13 demo drops next week

    With just a few more weeks to wait for the full thing, EA Sports has prepared a Madden NFL 13 demo. Check out a teaser video and get the details through the break.

  • New Bravely Default demo hits JP eShop August 1

    In case one baffling moon-language taster wasn’t enough for you, Square Enix will release a new Bravely Default demo this week. The new sampling includes five jobs – the Knight, Red Mage, Mystic Knight, Freelancer and Super Star – and according to Andriasang will allow you to try some customisation, like job changing, too. The […]

  • PES 2013 demo out now on PC and 360, PS3 version later

    Konami’s released the PES 2013 demo on both 360 and PC.

  • Escape Plan Vita demo returns to PS Store

    Fun Bits Interactive team lead, Chris Millar, has taken to the EU PS blog to report that a demo for stylised Vita puzzler, Escape Plan, has returned to PSN. Millar took time to assure people that any technical issues that they may have experienced with previous versions of the demo have been squished out of […]

  • Quantum Conundrum demo out now on Steam

    A demo of Kim Swift’s reality-defying puzzler Quantum Conundrum is now available for download via Steam. This is a great chance to get hands-on time if you’re in two minds about making a purchase. The Airtight Games-developed puzzler had Kim Swift as its lead designer, who formerly served as lead designer on Valve’s Portal. The […]

  • Risen 2: Dark Waters PC demo now available

    Arrr me hearties, shiver me timbers, and other clich├ęd piratical utterings: set sail for Steam to grab a PC demo for Risen 2: Dark Waters, the naughtily nautical RPG sequel from Piranha Bytes. Risen 2 hoisted its mainsail in April but critics didn’t much like the cut of its jib; it docks on PlayStation 3 […]

  • Gravity Rush demo arrives on EU, US Vitas this week

    This week’s PlayStation Network will bring all sorts of goodies no doubt, but few as anticipated as the Gravity Rush demo. The Vita exclusive has been triggering waves af covetousness since its cel-shaded beauty first surfaced, and finally arrives in early June at retail and via the PlayStation Network. Thanks, Siliconera.

  • Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Demo out now on Xbox Live

    The demo for Capcom’s upcoming Kinect-based, mech-controlling, World War II-styled shooter Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor has been quietly placed online for download on Xbox Live.

  • Video - Spec Ops: The Line demo welcomes you to Dubai

    With today’s release of the Spec Ops: The Line demo on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Sam Clay takes to the desert storm of Dubai and brings back HD gameplay footage.

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