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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 was the best-selling game of 2015 – full NPD report

Call of Duty rules the roost, PS4 reclaims the top of the charts, and new-gen hardware goes from strength to strength in the NPD’s 2015 report.

December Npd headlines

  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, PS4 were the top-sellers in the US in 2014

    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare was the best-selling game of 2014, to absolutely nobody’s surprise.

  • Xbox One wins December, price returns to $349

    Xbox One has a record breaking holiday period. To celebrate, Microsoft is keeping the price low.

  • NPD December: 3DS bestselling hardware of 2013, GTA 5 top game

    Xbox One was the best-selling console of its generation in the US in December 2013, but the 3DS won the year overall.

  • NPD December: Industry sales decline 21%; MW3, 360 tops

    NPD December 2011 report has shown US industry sales at $3.99 billion, a 21% year-over-year decline.

  • Pachter: Kinect bundles outsold Move bundles by 5:1 during December

    Industry analyst Michael Pachter has stated that during the month of December, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 bundles with Kinect outsold Sony’s PS3 Move bundles 5:1.

  • December NPD: Sales for LBP, MGS4 hits 1 million, and more

    Gama has gotten hold of some NPD software sales data showing that Media Molecule’s LittleBigPlanet sold 611k units whilst Konami’s Metal Gear Solid 4 crept past the million mark: 1.076m to be precise. Resistance 2 sold 598k whilst Tomb Raider Underworld only sold 246,000 copies on three platforms – no wonder Eidos lowered its fiscal […]

  • Wii Play tops 2008 multi-format NPD software charts

    It won the single formats and it’s narrowly won the multis. Yes, the game that gives you the extra Wii-Mote plus a Duck Hunt clone and a few other mini games, reigned supreme in the US last year. The combined console sales of Madden NFL were just 300k copies shy of the top spot with […]

  • December NPD: Canadians spend a record $2.09 billion on consoles

    According to Canadian news site CBC, December’s NPD figures showed Canadians spent a record $2.09 billion on consoles last year. Nintendo Wii dominated 44.1 percent of the market compared with Xbox 360’s 25.5 percent and PlayStation 3’s 21.7 percent. “We believe the Wii has really hit a great price point in the market,” said Matthew […]

  • Sony may not be able to cut as early as April, Wii sales to level out in '09, says Pachter

    Commenting on December’s NPD figures and looking at the months ahead, Wedbush Morgan’s Michael Pachter has told videogaming247 that he now believes that Sony may not be able to cut the price of PlayStation 3 as early as April. However, when Sony finally does reduce the cost, he believes the console will go toe to […]

  • December NPD: All the news in one place

    We’ve done it again. Not only have we brought you every conceivable piece of important information from last night’s annual and monthly NPD report, we’re also going to put all the new in one extremely convenient place. This one. So, as with our CES 09 coverage, after the break you can read or indeed re-read […]

  • December NPD: 360 surpasses 28 million sold worldwide, says Microsoft

    Following December’s NPD results, Microsoft has revealed that the Xbox 360 has now sold 28 million units worldwide which the company says puts it ahead of the PlayStation 3 by 8 million units. “Our goal for 2008 was to reach new audiences by bringing ground-breaking games and entertainment to Xbox 360,” said Don Mattrick, Microsoft’s […]

  • December NPD: "Wii figures are not any indication that is demand slowing down," says EEDAR

    EEDAR issued a statement post NPD statement proclaiming that although Wii figures didn’t hit the expected 3 million mark, it doesn’t mean to say that demand for Nintendo’s family console is slowing down. “These Wii figures are not any indication that is demand slowing down,” said the PR mail. “The Nintendo Wii is going through […]

  • December NPD: The year in graphs

    Edge has published what can only be described as a veritable graph-orama. There are fat graphs, thin graphs, multicoloured graphs: it’s all about the graphs. Hit the link for NPD 2008 in graph format. By Mike Bowden

  • December NPD: Sony's PlayStation brand showing continued sales momentum, software up 116% Y-o-Y

    Sony has issued a statement focusing on all aspects of its business, saying that last night’s NPD figures showed “continued momentum” for the PlayStation brand with 3.6 million units sold for the year. “PS3 also generated one of its strongest months in software unit sales in the U.S., with almost 6 million units sold in […]

  • December NPD: Nintendo we offered "offer consumers an expanded definition of what a video game can be"

    In the wake December’s NPD results, NoA exec VP of sales and marketing, Cammie Dunaway has said that the company’s yearly Wii sales of 10.17m – a feat matched by no other company in US history – is down to the fact that Nintendo expanded the “definition of what a video game can be.” “Our […]

  • December NPD: Microsoft boasts "biggest month in Xbox 360 in history"

    In response to last night’s NPD results, Microsoft has issued a statement whereby the company says December 2008 was “the biggest month for Xbox 360 in history.” The firm also added that that sales were up 38 percent on the previous month, and offered that it outperformed PS3 2:1 for the third month in a […]

  • December NPD: PS3 sales up 40% Y-o-Y - holiday season sales decline

    December’s NPD figures show that PlayStation 3 sales have risen 90 percent from November 2008 and total sales for the year are up 40 percent compared with 2007. However, although the console has seen steady growth throughout the year, combined sales for the holiday season (November and December) are down from 1.26 million in 2007, […]

  • December NPD: GTA IV 360 sales almost double that of PS3 for 2008

    According to the NPD annual software charts for 2008, Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto IV 360 outsold GTA IV PS3 by nearly 2:1. The open world action title sold 3.29 million copies on 360 and just 1.89 million on Sony’s console where GTA games have traditionally resided. In fact, last year’s release was the first simultaneous […]

  • December NPD: December NDS sales head record breaking year for US games industry

    NPD industry analyst Anita Frazier has said in light of the latest NPD hardware numbers, Nintendo DS has broken a record by being the first console in history to break 3 million unit sales in one month. “The NDS captures the top-spot for hardware sales this month, marking the first time that any hardware system […]

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