David Hayter

Hayter’s gonna hate: the voice of Solid Snake wouldn’t answer my Metal Gear question

Voice actor and Hollywood writer David Hayter discusses the differences between movies and games. And politely declines my leading question.

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  • It seems David Hayter isn't in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain after all

    Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain director Hideo Kojima decided to ditch the long-standing voice of Snake David Hayter in favour of Keifer Sutherland. Since then, games have asked Hayter if he’s really just playing innocent with a sly nudge and a wink. Turns out he’s probably not in it.

  • Ex-Snatcher devs announce steampunk adventure game Blackmore on Kickstarter

    Blackmore is the new adventure games from the former Snatcher developers at Japanese indie studio Iqioi Co. It’s set in steampunk London and is now accepting backers over on Kickstarter.

  • The Long Dark adds Solid Snake actor to vocal cast

    David Hayter, best known to gamers as the voice of Snake in all Metal Gear Solid Games prior to The Phantom Pain, has signed onto Hinterland’s first-person survival sandbox adventure The Long Dark. Hinterland announced the news in a Kickstarter update, and also provided a new video showing off some of the choices you’ll have […]

  • MGS5 voice actor reveal teased, David Hayter seems in on the joke

    Konami has promised to reveal who will voice Snake in Metal Gear Solid 5, and if you like jumping to conclusions, you may be interested in a cryptic response from David Hayter on the subject.

  • Hollywood actor to have a role in MGS 5 - rumour

    An actor is going to appear in Metal Gear Solid 5 as “the one you thought I would be from the start”, apparently. If this were any other game, I’d probably bury this story in so much salt just looking at it would close your arteries.

  • Metal Gear voice actor feels "a little ill" over casting snub

    David Hayter has become almost synonymous with Metal Gear’s Snake character, and he’s just as unhappy about his exclusion from Metal Gear Solid 5 as you are.

  • David Hayter says he was not asked to be in Metal Gear Solid 5

    Well, this is certainly interesting. After watching the trailer and gameplay demo for Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain earlier today, I thought it was strange that Snake (Big Boss, it would appear) did not speak at all. David Hayter, previous voice for Snakes both Solid and Naked, went to Twitter to say he […]

  • MGS Ground Zeroes: Snake actor David Hayter asks fans how they'd feel if he didn't return

    Metal Gear Solid voice actor David Hayter has conducted a very weird Twitter poll, asking fans how they’d feel if he didn’t return as the voice of Solid Snake. Is he just trolling the world, or is there a slight chance he may not be returning? Judge for yourself.

  • inFamous actor confirms role in All-Stars Battle Royale along with Snake and Nathan Drake

    A couple of weeks ago, Eric Ladin, the voice and mocap actor for Cole McGrath, tweeted he would be reprising his role as the inFamous hero in an unnamed project. Today, he has tweeted that project is PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, and he even said that Uncharted’s Nathan Drake and Metal Gear’s Snake will be […]

  • David Hayter and Jennifer Hale join the cast of République

    David Hayter and Jennifer Hale will lend their voices to République, according to developer, Camouflaj.

  • Friday shorts: Epic Mickey, Monolithsoft, GameCity, Resident Evil

    You did it. You made it to Friday. High five the nearest person and woop around the area you’re in now. And then read these shorts after the breaks. And then woop some more. Because there is never wrong with wooping.

  • David Hayter not signed up for Metal Gear Solid: Rising

    Metal Gear Solid: Rising maybe heading for an E3 re-reveal and all that, but it looks like someone won’t be part of the celebrations. A certain David Hayter.

  • Solid Snake's voice actor explains what happened to Metal Gear movie

    Featuring a gruff, macho main character, over-the-top action, sabotage, and more twists than a bag of Twizzlers, all Metal Gear needs is a few blue people and it’s pure Hollywood gold. So, what’s the deal? Why hasn’t Hideo Kojima’s stealth-action odyssey infiltrated movie theaters yet? While guest-blogging over at MTV’s Movies Blog, Solid Snake voice […]

  • Lost Planet movie is "completely different from the game"

    According to Capcom, the storyline for the movie based on Lost Planet will be “completely different from the game”. “[There] probably [won’t be] so much of a reference to this particular title [Lost Planet 2],” Lost Planet producer Jun Takeuchi told G4. “However, the only thing I know is those people working on the project […]

  • David Hayter forms Dark Hero Studios

    Solid Snake voice actor and Watchmen co-writer David Hayter has formed Dark Hero Studios, “a company that will generate film, TV, Internet and vidgame projects in the action, sci-fi and horror genres,” according to this Variety report. The company will set up graphic novels, comics, game properties and original genre scripts for movie treatment. Dark […]

  • Warner Bros and Capcom confirm Hayter-written Lost Planet movie

    According to this Variety story, Warner Bros and Capcom have now confirmed that a Lost Planet movie will definitely be made, and that David Hayter will write the script. Apparently Capcom’s going to co-finance the project. No date yet. More through the link.

  • Hayter wants Sony to let him write MGS4 film script

    File this one under hilarious! David Hayter, the grizzly voice behind Solid Snake, has told fans on IMDB’s message boards that if they want him to write the script for the Metal Gear Solid film, then they should petition Sony Pictures. “As for me writing the MGS movie, tell everyone on-line to write to Matt […]

  • Lost Planet movie on the way?

    According to this Evil Avatar post, David “Solid Snake” Hayter has revealed he is in talks with Warner Bros to write a movie based on Capcom’s Lost Planet. The tidbit came in an episode of EvAv Radio, the full reocrding of which is promised today.