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  • Turn 10 chats about developing something other than a racer

    Turn 10′s Dan Greenawalt has chatted a bit about what sorts of games the developer would make should it deviate away from racing. Speaking with Joystiq, Greenawalt states that while the teams likes other games, for the time being, cars are where it’s at for ‘em. “You know, we’ve actually looked at quite a few […]

  • Turn 10 “running out of improvements” to make on Forza

    Forza 3′s almost as good as it possibly can be, franchise director Dan Greenawalt has told VideoGamer. “Basically we’ve proven ourselves, that we can deliver a simulator no-one else can touch. For this version we made improvements but we’re actually running out of improvements to make because no-one else is doing the stuff we’re doing. […]