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Rand Miller, creator of Myst teases new Kickstarted project at Cyan Worlds

Speaking about the history of the beloved adventure series at Indiecade, Rand Miller (who co-created Myst alongside his brother Robyn) mentioned that Cyan Worlds are putting together a “larger project” to take advantage of the “awesome opportunity” that is Kickstarter. Alongside this announcement, an ARG has been running for some days on Cyan’s forums, hopefully […]

Cyan Worlds headlines

  • Riven for iPad just a few weeks from submission

    Riven, the sequel for Myst, is likely to arrive on iDevice within a month.

  • Myst arriving on PSP in US July 16

    Hoplite Research has confirmed that Myst will arrive on PSP in the US July 16 as part of a publishing agreement with Cyan Worlds. It’s the same adventure as the original, full of mazes, a dramatic storyline, lavish environments and puzzles with the addition of the New Rime Age – which was planned for the […]