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  • Burnout Paradise Cops and Robbers pack coming April 30

    Criterion has revealed that the Cops and Robbers pack for Burnout Paradise is set to land April 30. The latest paid content for Burnout Paradise is rumored to compliment Marked Man, Road Rage and Stunt Run. No word yet on pricing so check back with us.

  • Another Burnout Paradise Cops and Robbers video posted

    Criterion’s released another video showing some of the police cars included in Burnout Paradise’s Cops and Robbers update. Watch the 15 new black and whites screech through the streets below. Still no word on a release date.

  • Save game analysis tool launched for Burnout Paradise PS3 [Update]

    Update – This is mega-old, apparently. Sorry. But we’re going to leave it here because it’s cool. Criterion’s launched a save game analysis tool for the PS3 version of Burnout Paradise, which “allows you to upload your Burnout Paradise PlayStation 3 save game file and display your discovery items on a map of Paradise City.” […]

  • Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box heading to Steam

    Steam will soon add Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box to its ever growing library of titles. The PC version contains all downloadable content released for consoles by February. Two paid downloadable packs, Cops and Robbers and Big Surf Island, are coming soon, and the PC version will see it eventually too. Hit the link for […]

  • Burnout Paradise Toys Pack to cost $12.99/€12.99/£9.99/1000 MS

    Criterion’s priced its Burnout Paradise Toys Pack DLC at $12.99/€12.99/£9.99/1000 MS, as you can see here. That’s the price for all the content available. “This collection gets you ALL 9 Toy Vehicles,” said the firm on its site. “That’s the 8 cars and the amazing Toy Nakamura Firehawk motorcycle. This represents the best possible value […]

  • XBL gets Burnout Paradise DLC details by mistake

    Criterion and EA managed a major snafu this morning when XBL Marketplace received Burnout Paradise DLC complete with secret details on the Boost Specials and Toy Car packs. Text on three previously unannounced Toy Cars and a second car for the Boost Specials has since been pulled. Thanks, Kotaku

  • Cops and Robbers Pack announced for Burnout Paradise

    The rumours were true. Criterion’s gone live with confirmation of a Cops and Robbers Pack for Burnout Paradise. See here. Details, such as they are, have only been released in-game. And here they are, courtesy of Slotting in soon after the Party pack, Legendary Cars, Toy Cars and Boost Specials, comes another premium pack […]

  • PC Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box out now, demo available

    The PC version of Burnout Paradise The Ultimate Box is at US retail now, EA’s confirmed. A demo’s up on the EA Store. In addition, the Burnout Paradise Party Pack’s out today for 360 and PS3 as a download for $10. Full details after the break.

  • Police coming to Burnout Paradise?

    D-Pad has noticed that within the new Burnout Paradise: Ultimate Box trailer is proof the police are coming to Paradise City. On 19 seconds you can see a police car (pictured above), and on 60 seconds you can see the new Burnout Store you can see a mouse hovering over a PCPD Badge (Paradise City […]

  • Criterion and Bright Light safe from EA lay-offs

    Develop reports that both Criterion and EA’s Bright Light studios in Guildford have been spared from any lay-offs the company is to make. This information supports the information we provided you with last week, although Bright Light was admittedly off our radar. Skate 2 developers Black Box got axed last week as EA looks to […]

  • Criterion details free Burnout Paradise update for Feb 6

    Criterion’s posted up details of a free Burnout Paradise patch slated to release on February 6, including news of an in-game browser, an in-game store and a “vehicle dynamics overhaul”. “We’ve tweaked the handling on the first available cars, like the Hunter Cavalry, to make the game easier and more accessible,” said the developer in […]

  • Source: Criterion will not face redundancies

    VG247 has just been informed for a solid source that UK-based Criterion will not face redundancies as part of global EA restructuring. Behind the scenes talk this morning put the outfit in the firing line for staff cuts, following large scale job losses in North America last night. Heavy rumour is suggesting, however, that EA […]

  • EA details and dates Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box

    EA has just announced that the Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box will be released on February 5 in North America for the first time on PC. The Ultimate Box will contain the previously-released Cagney and Bikes DLC plus something called the Burnout Paradise Party pack. The Party pack is an offline multiplayer mode where players […]

  • Unity Technologies appoints former Criterion CEO as chairman

    Unity Technologies has announced the appointment of former president and CEO of Criterion, David Lau-Kee, as its new non-executive chairman. From the official release: David Lau-Kee brings 15 years of experience in the games industry to Unity, drawing upon roles as co-founder, President and CEO of Criterion Software Group, the world’s largest games middleware company […]

  • Burnout Paradise Legendary Cars to include Ecto-1, General Lee and KITT

    Criterion has revealed that cars resembling Ghostbusters’ Ecto-1, General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard and Knight Rider’s KITT will also feature in the Burnout Paradise DLC, the Legendary Cars Pack. The vehicles join the Back to the Future DeLorean in what we reckon is some of the best after-care a console developer has delivered […]

  • Criterion working on Black sequel? [Update]

    Update: A very “well-informed source” has just told us this is “not true”. Sadomasochistic car porn not doing it for you anymore? Browser bookmarks filled with pictures of shiny, curvaceous guns? Well then, Criterion’s come-hither looks are finally flying your way again, because it seems that a sequel to point, click, and shoot adventure Black […]

  • Burnout Paradise PC to be free... ish

    This Criterion post details that the Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box is to allow PC owners to play the full game for nothing for an unspecified period of time. The pack includes the game and all the DLC released this year, of which there’s been much. It’s out in February. The demo will be available from […]

  • Criterion reveals Surf Island as premium Burnout content

    Criterion’s shown off Big Surf Island, a large piece of premium DLC for Burnout Paradise, saying the “location is all about massive jumps”. Amen to that. The company reasoned why it expects you to pay for the download. “We never expected to create anything this ambitious for the island, but as it progressed we got […]

  • Burnout Paradise's Carson Extreme Hotrod has blue flames, is fast

    Criterion’s unveiled yet more Burnout Paradise DLC on the US PS Blog, this time in the form of the Carson Extreme Hotrod, “a stripped down, ultra low, overpowered straight line monster.” Apparently, this is “the first of a pack of two cars designed to re-imagine Burnout Boost. Which explains the blue exhaust flames.” What’s not […]

  • Burnout Paradise to get Toy Cars Pack

    Posting on the PS Blog, Criterion’s Simon Phipps has announced a Toy Cars Pack for Burnout Paradise. The DLC will be available to in early ’09, about the same time Legendary Cars Pack announced last week. With regards to future content, there’s also a little teaser in there for “regular readers”: And regular readers and […]


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  • Burnout Paradise’s motorbikes playtested, all about “speed”

    MTV’s had a play with the upcoming motorbikes in Burnout Paradise, giving a heap of information about how bikes don’t smash into bits, riders simply vanish when you plough into walls and how wheelie length is measured. “The point of bikes in Burnout isn’t crashing,” says the author. “It’s speed.” Interesting stuff, so have a […]

  • Burnout Paradise Cagney delayed for 360 again

    According to this post on Criterion’s site, the 360 version of the Burnout Paradise Cagney update has been pushed back again. ill The PS3 patch was released nearly a month ago. Criterion’s saying now that August 4 is the earliest 360 gamers can expect to get all their new free stuff. That’s “free.” So stop […]

  • Cagney update released for Burnout Paradise

    As confirmed by this US PlayStation blog post, the Cagney update for Burnout Paradise is now live for the racer’s PS3 version. The update includes new modes, vehicles and an events calendar. There’s a ton of information through the link, so look if you need to.

  • Burnout Paradise Cagney update delayed by four days for 360

    Criterion has announced that the Burnout Paradise Cagney update for 360 has been put back by four days. The PS3 version however, is still on track. Xbox 360 Codename: Cagney We’re sorry to announce that the Codename: Cagney update for Xbox 360 has been delayed by 4 days. The update is currently with Microsoft and […]

  • Trophies for Burnout Paradise soon, says Criterion

    Speaking on the official US PlayStation blog, Criterion’s confirmed that the PS3 version of Burnout Paradise will be getting Trophy support in the not to distant future. “We’d like to confirm here that Criterion will be supporting PlayStation Trophies in a future update of Burnout Paradise,” said the update. “It won’t be the Codename: Cagney […]

  • Criterion shows bikes in Burnout Paradise

    Criterion’s shown the first footage of Burnout Paradise motorbikes in its Crash TV podcast and, fair play, it looks awesome. Here’s an iTunes link. There’s a heap of information there on Cagney, the first major update for the game, due to release on July 10. Bikes will be included in Davis, the August update, as […]

  • Criterion posts stunning Burnout PC screens

    Criterion’s posted up another couple of PC Burnout Paradise shots, and you’d be a liar if you said they didn’t look hot. One shows the implementation of ambient occlusion, the other a bike for the hell of it. As far as we’re aware, no date’s been put on the racer’s PC version as yet, but […]

  • Burnout Paradise Cagney update for July 10

    Criterion’s announced that its Burnout Paradise Cagney update will go live at 9am UK time on July 10. It’s a biggie, including three new Freeburn modes, new liveries, new cars and plenty more. The full feature list’s after the link.

  • First Burnout Paradise Davis island screens

    On Criterion’s site. Looks sunny. The Davis update releases for Burnout Paradise in August, and it looks as though the developer isn’t messing about when it said it was going to do DLC properly. Take a look. There’s a movie after the break as well.

  • Bogart live for Burnout Paradise 360

    The Burnout Paradise Bogart patch is now live for the 360 version, Criterion’s confirmed. The update released for the PS3 version at the end of April. Hit this for a full list of fixes.

  • First PC Burnout Paradise movie released

    It’s on the downloads page on Criterion’s site. The game was announced for PC only yesterday. Check out these enormous screenshots while you’re at it.

  • Burnout Paradise confirmed for PC

    EA’s confirmed that Burnout Paradise is to release on PC. Apparently, the new version will be “customized with expanded multiplayer, enhanced online features, and community driven content.” Criterion’s webcast today at 4pm BST is going to carry more info, apparently. There’s a press release after the link.

  • PS3 Burnout Paradise players get tp analyse game data

    According to this post in Criterion’s site, PS3 Burnout Paradise players will soon be able to upload their save file and have it analysed. PS3 players with the recently-released Bogart software update will be able to import their save game via USB drive or Memory Stick and analyse it on! Based on that, we […]

  • Bikes and planes confirmed for Burnout Paradise

    Update: There’s a movie of the bikes and plane stuff on Criterion’s site. Criterion is to release bikes into Burnout Paradise in its forthcoming Davis patch, scheduled for late July. The developer also showed off a plan flying around Paradise city this afternoon in its live podcast, which “might” make it into the game this […]

  • Three new game modes announced for Burnout Paradise

    Update: We actually got this wrong. The new modes are going to be released in 1.3 (“Cagney”) not 1.2 (“Bogart”). Cagney hasn’t been dated yet, but we’ll let you know as soon as we have more info. Criterion has revealed that there are three new game modes to look forward when Burnout Paradise’s next update […]

  • Major Burnout Paradise update for April 24

    According to Criterion’s site, a huge update to Burnout Paradise will be made available on April 24. Codenamed “Bogart”, the update’s a pretty serious patch, addressing the top ten bugs reported by users so far and fixing a bunch of other audio, visual and gameplay issues. Click through for the full list.

  • Burnout Paradise hits 1 million, series hits 15 million

    According to Criterion’s site, Burnout Paradise has now passed the 1 million sales mark. The developer reckons this now takes entire series sales passed 15 million. That’s an awful lot of millions. To put it into perspective, GTA to date has sold 66 million units. Big up the Criterion massive.

  • Criterion releases two new Burnout Paradise DLC teasers

    Criterion has released two new short movie clips showing off the first transformation Burnout Paradise will take via DLC. “We’re not wasting time on flashy edits, faked screenshots, or pre-rendered “game footage”. This is live and direct – the beginning of the transformation of Paradise,” the developer said on its website. “We’ll show you what […]

  • Criterion plans to “transform” Burnout Paradise with DLC

    Speaking on its site, Criterion has said its ambitious DLC plans for Burnout Paradise will make radical changes to the game in the coming year. “You may have noticed us referring to our future new content by codenames. Just to clarify – you’ll see them in this order ‘Cagney’, then ‘Davis’ and then ‘Eastwood’. What […]

  • Burnout Paradise custom soundtracks announcement imminent

    Here. A reader mailed Criterion asking about custom soundtracks in Burnout Paradise and got a reply saying, “We should be making an announcement in the next few days on about custom soundtracks.” Nice. Keep your eyes open for that, then.

  • PS3 1080i support working in Burnout Paradise

    According to Criterion’s site, the developer’s got 1080i support working in the PS3 version of Burnout Paradise, allowing people that own a 1080i TV that doesn’t support 720p to run the game in HD as opposed to SD. The feature is to be included in the next patch, 1.3 or “Cagney” as it’s called by […]

  • Burnout Paradise featured in Wyclef video

    Wyclef Jean’s new video, Fast Car, is basically set in the Burnout Paradise universe. “When you’re on tour, you have plenty of time, and every artist I know spends time on a tour bus with two things: PlayStation and the recording studio,” said Jean. “The PlayStation brand and Burnout Paradise fit perfectly with my vision […]

  • There will be a charge for some Burnout DLC, says Ward, but massive plans are afoot

    Criterion’s Alex Ward just got in touch to clarify some comments he made on the company forums about Burnout Paradise DLC last night. We ran a story with the headline, “Criterion confirms all Burnout Paradise DLC will be free“: it appears we jumped the gun a bit. “I stated yesterday that access to the new […]

  • Criterion confirms all Burnout Paradise DLC will be free

    Criterion’s Alex Ward has posted on the developer’s forum that all the previously announced DLC islands for Burnout Paradise will be free. Ward had previously said that the upcoming liveries would arrive without charge. In a word, awesome. Hopefully we’ll have more on this next week.

  • Criterion makes first mention of large-scale DLC for Burnout Paradise

    Criterion’s Alex Ward has confirmed that upcoming DLC for Burnout Paradise is going to be extensive stuff. “Up until today, players thought that the bridge led to Paradise Airport to be revealed in DLC,” he told videogaming247. “Today we announce that the bridge leads to one of a planned SERIES of Islands being ADDED to […]

  • New car shown for Burnout Paradise: the Dust Storm

    And here it is. It’s called the Dust Storm and it’s “coming soon”. There’s another video of it on Criterion’s site. If you get over these now you can watch the team recording a podcast on the webcam.

  • Criterion: 50,000 people have played Burnout Paradise online in the past day

    Speaking to videogaming247, Criterion’s Alex Ward has revealed some fairly startling stats about the current state of online play in smash-racer Burnout Paradise. “In the past 24 hours we’ve had 50,000 people play Burnout Paradise online on both systems,” said Ward. “If they only stayed online for one hour each on average (and most stayed […]

  • Criterion shows new Burnout Paradise car livery, confirms upcoming DLC

    Criterion’s Alex Ward’s just posted first movies of a new car livery for Burnout Paradise on the developer’s blog. We’ve put one below, but there are two more through the link. “We’re working on some incredible new content for Paradise, some of which we’ve announced, and some of which we haven’t,” said Ward. “Today, we […]

  • Burnout Paradise patch detailed

    Here. There’s a ton of info on an upcoming patch fro Criterion’s excellent open-world racer, but not date on when it’s going to be released. It looks like a deep fix for both the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions, targeting glitches from audio to not-so-random pauses. The ten biggest issues addressed by the update will […]

  • Criterion: No more Black “any time soon”

    They probably get bored of saying it, but according to Burnout Paradise lead designer Craig Sullivan in the latest edition of D-Pad, Criterion isn’t working on a sequel to shooter Black and isn’t planning one in the near future. “Sorry to disappoint you, but as we’ve mentioned many times on our podcast we’re not looking […]