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  • Halo 5 campaign played in a fireteam of four, revives possible

    Halo 5 is all about co-op, says 343 Industries.

  • Valve's Left 4 Dead 2 Workshop is ready and waiting

    The Left 4 Dead 2 Workshop has moved out of beta and is now live, according to an announcement from Valve.

  • Insomniac reinvents the horde mode with "Echelon"

    Insomniac boss Ted Price talks about Fuse’s new co-op horde style Echelon mode. Going into details of each of the six modes in it he also points out the mode’s shift away from classic defense to a offensive style of play.

  • Ratchet & Clank All 4 One co-op trailer

    Sony has released the latest in a series of videos giving gamers a closer look at the gameplay of the latest Ratchet and Clank title. The newest videos subject is the much vaunted co-op play.

  • Torchlight II to "probably" have 4-8-player co-op, "considerably more content", PvP

    Runic co-founder Max Schaefer has told VG247 that action-RPG sequel Torchlight II will be “considerably” larger than the original indie hit, but that a party limit for online co-op – the game’s most anticipated update – is yet to be fixed.

  • Lara: Guardian of Light 360 co-op patch next week

    Crystal Dynamics just confirmed that the 360 version of Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light is about to get its co-op update.

  • First Portal 2 co-op trailer shows world's most extreme teamwork

    The first thing we thought of when we heard “two-player Portal” was “turning our partner’s every step into a living, portal-centric nightmare,” but apparently griefing isn’t all Portal 2’s good for. Crazy, right? But it’s totally true! Take a quick glimpse at how it’ll work after the break, courtesy of Gametrailers.

  • Killzone 3 4-player co-op mode info "erroneous"

    Co-op mode in Killzone 3? Not on your life. For now, at least.

  • Army of one - co-op a no-go for Black Ops' single-player campaign

    As part of an ill-defined conglomerate that addresses itself as “us” all the time, it’s difficult for us to understand the concept of single-player. Apparently, though, human beings – unlike fire-breathing communal news beasts – are able to spend time by themselves, and sometimes enjoy doing so. Treyarch understands this strange tendency of one-brained beings, […]

  • Bad Company 2 gets four-way co-op Onslaught mode

    EA said today that Bad Company 2 is to get a four-player co-op mode named “Onslaught”.

  • Lost Planet 2: Awesome co-op footage from desert and jungle

    Capcom’s passed over more footage of four-way Lost Planet 2 co-op, this time showing English and German people in the desert and French players in the jungle. Does it still look wicked? In a word, “Yes”.

  • New Splinter Cell: Conviction trailer details co-op modes, gears

    Ubi’s just dropped an awesome Splinter Cell: Conviction multiplayer trailer, showing off both a prequel co-op story mode and four Deniable Ops modes.

  • Tekken 6 getting online co-op next week

    Namco will allow co-op campaign play in Tekken 6 next week, via a patch.

  • IW dropped Modern Warfare 2 Campaign co-op as it "ruined the experience"

    Infinity Ward’s Rob Bowling’s revealed to VG247 that Modern Warfare 2 was initially supposed to have full co-op in the its main Campaign, but was dropped as it “ruined the experience” the developer was aiming for. The final game instead has Spec Ops mode – a dedicated, mission-based co-op section playable either online or locally […]

  • StarCraft II: "There is no co-op campaign"

    Those of you holding out for a co-op element to StarCraft II can start drowning yourselves now: there isn’t one. “There is no co-op campaign,” lead game designer Dustin Browder told VG247 at Blizzard’s HQ in California last month. There is, however, an enormous single-player experience in the sequel, which we got to play in […]

  • Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 SE detailed, new co-op screens released

    Tecmo just confirmed a Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Special Edition for an October 2 release for £50. It’s an HMV exclusive, and can be pre-ordered here. The pack contains, according to the PR you’ll find after the break: A copy of the game. Limited Edition 80 page ‘Ninja Gaiden Treasury’ featuring: – Ninja Gaiden Sigma […]

  • Microsoft patents drop-in/out co-op shooters

    This is a strange one, but it appears Microsoft has patented the ability to drop-in and out of co-op games – think Gears of War. Patent #7,559,834 was invented by a James York back in 2002 but it was assigned to Microsoft on July 14th 2009. It reads: Dynamic join/exit of players during play of […]

  • Dragon Quest IX doesn't have Wi-Fi co-op

    You may have been holding out for news that Dragon Quest IX has Wi-Fi co-op. You can stop. It doesn’t. “From the beginning of development, co-op play hasn’t been via Wi-Fi, but rather DS wireless play,” said a Square Enix Japan rep. Sorted? Good. The game ships in Japan on July 11. From IT Media, […]

  • New Punch Out!! shots show versus mode

    We came across one lonely screenshot for Punch Out!! yesterday, showing off the versus mode. Since it was one shot, we figured we would not bother you with it. Today though, two more have popped up and that’s reason enough to post we reckon. Head on over to Eurogamer Germany and take a look. Game’s […]

  • No Killzone 2 co-op as DLC, says Guerrilla

    Co-op would have been great in Killzone 2. Bad luck, then, arrives in the form of Guerrilla MD Hermen Hulst telling Game Informer that it’s unlikely to be added via a download. “We looked at all the different flavors of co-op early on, but decided our first priority would have to be the single-player experience […]

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