Xbox One launch in China delayed until the “end of this year,” reports Microsoft

After announcing plans to officially launch the Xbox One in China on September 23, Microsoft has pushed back that date to an incredibly vague “end of this year” in a recent press release.

China headlines

  • Sony gains PS3 certification in China

    Chinese gamers may be one step closer to using consoles today, as Sony has been awarded the China Compulsory Certificate for its PlayStation 3 in the country.

  • Nintendo investigating Wii U manfacturer after Foxconn admits illegal child labour

    Wii U manufacturer Foxconn is being investigated by Nintendo for using child workers in a Chinese factory.

  • Multiple China-related Call of Duty domains registered by Activision

    Activision registered several new domains this week tying the Call of Duty series to China, including the likes of and

  • Study - 64% of China's 180 million gamers pay to play each month

    A study polling 500 people conducted by Niko Partners had found that 64% of China’s 180 million casual and core gamers pay for their pleasure each month, and the country is outpacing other countries in terms of money spent. The age of those playing games each month is up as well, with those ages 40 […]

  • Nintendo files 301 in US over piracy

    Hot on the heels of ESA’s 301 filing to the US government, pleading for help in the international war on pirates, Nintendo’s jumped on board and done the same thing. This one’s not quite as mad as ESA’s, which called for trade sanctions against Canada, but does include, according that reports, assistance from the US […]

  • Chinese fear games "breakdown traditional community life"

    Very interesting article here, in which MIT professor Henry Jenkins argues that China’s concern over the impact of games centres on addiction as opposed to the western political obsession with morality and violence. “The Chinese had little interest in the argument that games violence causing real world violence,” he said, speaking from the International Games […]