The limited edition GayStation raised over $4,000

The limited edition PlayStation being auctioned for a LGBT charity has raised over $4,000.

Charity headlines

  • This 'GayStation' PS4 can be yours - if you're feeling very charitable

    This very limited edition ‘GayStation’ PS4 paint job is being auctioned off for charity.

  • Extra Life site knocked out by hackers

    The Extra Life video game streaming marathons for charity began this morning, but a few hours ago the event’s main site went offline. The event’s director Jeromy Adams has now said on the Extra Life facebook page that the downtime occurred because the site was DDoSed.

  • GamesAid announces successful charities for 2012

    UK video games charity GamesAid has revealed the winners for its 2012 funding prize. Action For Kids, Jigsaw4U, Small Steps, Special Effect and The Willow Foundation received the plaudits and £36,000 in funding.

  • Guild Wars 2-sponsored bike ride enters final leg

    NCSoft PR head Cat Channon, Mark Allen (Kalypso), David Priestman (Future), James Beaven (Indigo Pearl), Nick Haywood (Kuoda), Graeme Struthers (GetGamesGo), Nathan Ditum (Future) and Sarah Ditum (freelance) are cycling back to the UK from gamescom in an effort to raise money for the GamesAid charity. They’re going to be back in Britain tomorrow after […]

  • Plants vs Zombies' Crazy Dave releases hip hop song for charity

    You might remember this video from way back in September. PopCap originally released this video during TGS for no apparent reason at all. Today we’re getting word that PopCap has made the song available for download on iTunes with all of the profits going to charity. The charity involved is called Concern Worldwide and works […]

  • SEGA USA auctions rare stuff for Japanese earthquake relief

    SEGA of America is auctioning a ton of memorabilia – some of it rare, some not so rare – and donating all the profits to the Red Cross for the Japanese earthquake aid effort.

  • Japan quake: Sony delays Motorstorm Apocalypse in UK

    Sony’s confirmed it’s to delay the UK release of Evolution racer Motorstorm Apocalypse following last week’s earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

  • Fourth annual Desert Bus for Hope kicks off, people marathon worst game of all time for charity

    Want to see good people play a really, really bad game to help other good people? Then take a gander at this.

  • GamesAid charity scaling mountains to raise money for good cause

    GamesAid, a game industry charity that aims primarily to help children, has finally figured out a way to make raising money X-treme: by scaling large rocks in dangerously small amounts of time. Rad. Martyn Northall, Richard Slater, Matt West-Robinson and Dermot Stapleton, employees of Just Flight and Mastertronic, are set to tackle the aptly named […]

  • Ubisoft releases Handigo, says subtitles to be as standard

    With the proviso to make video games more accessible, Ubisoft has released Handigo The Game: a “serious game” created in conjunction with Handicap International as part of the Ability Together campaign. Ubisoft has also announced that from now on, all its in-house titles will include subtitles. Handigo consists of three mini-games “that each represent a […]