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  • Sony lists best selling PSone titles on PSN

    Sony has released a list of best selling PSone titles available on PSN since the service opened in 2006. Here’s the rundown: Street Fighter Alpha – released 2008 Castlevania: Symphony of the Night – released 2007 Crash Bandicoot – released 2006 Twisted Metal 2 – released 2007 Spyro the Dragon – released 2007 Crash Bandicoot […]

  • New Castlevania game teased at TGS

    Accoring to this ITmedia story – Englishified by Joystiq – Konami’s showing off a teaser for an new Castlevania title at its TGS booth. The game’s a PS3 and 360 release, apparently. Nothing’s know of the title so far, other than it features a man with a flaming red sword. Obviously. More through the link.

  • Fourth Tenchu could be Wii-exclusive

    According to the latest issue of Famitsu, Tenchu 4′s been announced for Wii. No other platforms have been mentioned for the From Software game at all, which is apparently looking at an October 23 release date in Japan. The new arrives after another action stalwart, Castlevania, was apparently confirmed for Wii last night. Looks like […]

  • Castlevania movie gets deal

    According to this Variety report, Crystal Sky Pictures has put up $200 to make five movies, one of which is based on Castlevania, another of which is Pac-Man. Paul Anderson’s directing Castlevania, apparently. Make it like Event Horizon, Paul. But in a castle. More through the link.