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Happy Wars is hosting a Castle Crashers collaborative event

Happy Wars will be the recipient of a Castle Crashers collaborative event, where players participating in Bounty Hunters mode can don equipment styled after the Blue Knight and the Barbarian. Also, if you have at least one unlocked Achievement from Castle Crashers, you will get one Barbarian item right away. The Castle Crashers collaboration event […]


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  • Happy Wars is hosting a Castle Crashers collaborative event

    Happy Wars will be the recipient of a Castle Crashers collaborative event, where players participating in Bounty Hunters mode can don equipment styled after the Blue Knight and the Barbarian. Also, if you have at least one unlocked Achievement from Castle Crashers, you will get one Barbarian item right away. The Castle Crashers collaboration event […]

  • Happy Wars update adds new mode, Castle Crashers costumes

    The latest patch for Happy Wars adds a whole new mode to the free-to-play Xbox Live Arcade title.

  • BattleBlock Theater, Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers offer crossover bonuses

    The Behemoth is ofering its most faithful fans a sweet little bonus. If you own one of its existing games – Castle Crashers and Alien Hominid – you’ll unlock some extra content in BattleBlock Theater, which should hit the Xbox Live Marketplace in a few hours.

  • Castle Crashers dev: “indie console community would not exist as it does” without XBLA

    Castle Crashers developer The Behemoth is one studio that knows the taste of indie console success. Studio member John Baez has championed Microsoft’s marketplace for shaping the indie console scene as it exists today. Find out why below.

  • Castle Crashers is now available on Steam

    Haven’t played Castle Crashers yet? The perfect opportunity to put that right has arrived. Four years after the original release on Xbox 360, In-House’s title finally arrives on Steam.

  • Castle Crashers Steam release date announced

    Castle Crashers will wend its way to your Steam-equipped PC or Mac by the end of the month.

  • Castle Crashers coming to PC

    Castle Crashers is headed to PC at last, Kotaku reports, and we’ll have to take its word for it since The Behemoth’s own website has fallen down crying in a puddle of emo somewhere. The Newgrounds-grown favourite has proved a hit on both the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade and will presumably be just […]

  • Castle Crashers prizes up for grabs in official fan fiction contest

    Independent developer The Behemoth has launched a competition asking fans to pen fan fiction for its downloadable hit, Castle Crashers. Only two entries per person are allowed, with a strict 450-550 word limit, and a deadline of 5:00 PM PST May 1. Copies of the game and t-shirts are on offer for successful entries. Go […]

  • Saturday Shorts: Castle Crashers, Warlock, Bit.Trip Saga, Homefront, StarCraft 2

    There’s a large batch of shorts for you below the break. Some of it PAX Prime related, some of it not. Read it anyway. Don’t make me have to punish you.

  • Microsoft Game Studio one-day sale: 50% off Limbo, Trials HD, Shadow Complex and others

    Mr Major Nelson has detailed some special, one-day-only offers.

  • Saturday shorts: Dead Space 2 ad trouble, Angry Birds Super Bowl thing

    Saturday is supposed to be a “day off”. Not in the world of relatively minor videogames news, it isn’t.

  • Castle Crashers bringing the pink to PSN

    Castle Crashes is about to see one of its most exciting updates yet: the oft-requested, much anticipated, genuinely hotly desired Pink Knight. Grab your delicately hued warrior from the PlayStation Network, and The Behemoth will drop all revenue in the coffers of breast cancer research charities.

  • Castle Crashers tourney grand prize is a gold plated Xbox 360

    Behemoth has a question – Who is the best Castle Crashers Arena Fighter in all the world? The answer will be found during the Tournament of Champions, and the newly identified king of the castle will walk away with a 24-karat gold-plated Xbox 360. It works, too.

  • Castle Crashers hits 2 million players

    The Behemoth has announced that Castle Crashers has now reached the 2 million player mark.

  • Sony announces Western Game Buyer Selection for PSN users in Japan

    Sony has announced a category is being added to PSN in Japan called the Western Game Buyer Selection, which will include games released on PSN in the US and UK.

  • Castle Crashers finally dated for PSN

    Castle Crashers has at last been dated for PSN, and it’s only a few weeks away.

  • Castle Crashers priced for PSN, coming soon

    The Behemoth has confirmed the price for its PSN version of Castle Crashers, while also reassuring fans it’s “coming to planet earth like a speeding train ready to fly off the tracks and crash into a village.” The village is your PS3.

  • The Behemoth sends Castle Crashers PS3 off to final testing, releases screenshots and video to celebrate

    It’s been a behemoth of a wait, but if all goes according to plan, PS3 gamers will soon have their own slice of hacking, slashing, curiously poop joke-obsessed bliss.

  • Microsoft releases 2009 Xbox Live figures for Japan

    Microsoft has released figures on how Xbox Live did in Japan in 2009: Virtual On Oratorio Tangram (VOOT) came in as the best selling Arcade game of last year, while Castle Crashers was declared the best selling Arcade game of all time in the country.

  • Castle Crashers getting Necromantic DLC pack [UPDATE]

    Update: The Behemoth has confirmed that the new Castle Crashers DLC will cost 160 MS Points ($2.00/£1.36/€1.86) and will be available on August 26. Original Story: The Behemoth has announced that the upcoming DLC for Castle Crahers is called Necromantic. It will add the chainsaw weapon and provides access to two new characters which are […]

  • Castle Crashers coming to PS3

    According to this Gamespot report, Behemoth’s Castle Crashers will be launching on PS3 later this year. The game, a hugely successful Live affair, has been 360-exclusive so far. No date. It’s on show at Comic Con this week. Thanks, 1UP.

  • Castle Crashers hits 1 million players

    The Behemoth just announced that more than 1 million players are now listed on the Castle Crashers leaderboards. Someone very excitedly just posted on the developer’s blog: “This is really big news! Thanks to you guys Castle Crashers has become the fastest growing XBLA game in history!” We saw some revenue figures for castle Crasher […]

  • Castle Crashers hits 900,000 players

    More than 900,000 people have now played Castle Crashers, the Behemoth’s confirmed on its blog. Approximately 3,532,940 princesses have now been saved with around 112,478,313,017 swings of a sword. The developer’s launched a competition to guess the time and date of the millionth player. Hit the links for rules. Bonkers. Someone, somewhere, is laughing all […]

  • Castle Crashers wins XBLA Game of the Year award

    Castle Crashers has won this year’s XBLA Game of the Year award, shocking less than no people. Hit the link for the full results.

  • Castle Crashers ‘King Pack’ DLC releases today

    The Major tells us that we now have to wait a week for Twisted Pixel’s The Maw, but to tide us all over, there’s some Castle Crashers DLC called the ‘King Pack’ that will be available to download from XBLA today. It will cost you 160 MS Points and according to the GamerscoreBlog the will […]

  • After three months, Castle Crashers networking patch reaching “end of the process”

    This is waiting. After claiming that XBLA title Castle Crashers would be patched up and good to go “as soon as possible” back in September, The Behemoth is finally nearing the end of its residence under the hood. “We’re working with Microsoft to get the title update out as quickly as we can. Sadly, we […]

  • Castle Crashers patch on the way, DLC planned

    Speaking in this interview with Joystiq, Behemoth art director Dan Paladin has conceded that there are problems with daftly popular XBLA game Castle Crashers, but has assured that help is on the way. “Yeah, there are certain network settings where, if you’re in a very specific network environment, it won’t work with another person’s connection […]

  • Castle Crashers up on Live

    The Major sends word that Castle Crashers is now up on Live for 1,200 MS Points. Blurb: Local Multiplayer 2-4, Xbox LIVE Multiplayer 2-4, HD (High Definition). Unlock the full version of Castle Crashers and start your journey into a world of magic and mystery! Battle your way across frozen tundra’s, deadly lava fields, and […]

  • Castle Crashers to cost 1,200 MS Points

    According to this Destructoid story – ripped from this NeoGAF thread – Castle Crashers is to be priced at 1,200 MS Points on XBLA. “The price for Castle Crashers will be 1,200 Microsoft points,” said developer Dan Paladin. “This month’s only online multiplayer XLA game launches on Wednesday, August 27th, 2008, so get ready to […]