Bungie Aerospace

Up, up, and away: Bungie’s Yee on embracing indies

From Halo developer to indie publisher. What’s that all about? Nathan Grayson talks to Bungie’s Bernie Yee about Bungie Aerospace.

Bungie Aerospace headlines

  • First Bungie Aerospace game arrives next week

    Crimson: Steam Pirates, the first indie game to be published under Halo developer Bungie’s Aerospace scheme, arrives on iPad on September 1.

  • Bungie Aerospace revealed as small developer initiative

    Bungie Aerospace is an initiative to partner with small developers to help them make mobile and social games – and to let those in the Bungie.net community know about some Bungie-approved games worth playing, according to Kotaku.

  • Beat Bungie at Halo, earn yourself a steak

    Bungie is conducting all sorts of festivities for its 20th anniversary celebration. Though the most enticing challenge for Halo fans is Bungie’s steak challenge. Beat the developers at Halo Reach during their 24-hour Halo marathon and they’ll mail you a pair of steaks. That’s right, steaks.

  • Bungie Aerospace reveal coming soon

    Bungie’s confirmed that a full announcement on what Bungie Aerospace is will finally arrive within the next couple of weeks.